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Ataraxidermist t1_iy8guzu wrote

House of Change by Daniel O'Brian.

Miranda liked the title, and that was the extend of it. The story itself was lackluster, fantasy aficionados wouldn't find much novelty, those looking to be afraid would miss the shiver down their spines.

That was for the literary criticism. Daniel was also her boyfriend, and he managed to become a published author, which in itself was a feat far beyond her personal appreciation of his book.

This, and more, she thought as she picked up the book to buy it from the store. The pile was rather low, she wasn't the first to buy, despite Daniel having no real reputation as writer to speak of.

"If I may, tell your boyfriend I adore his work," said the clerk, a young, somewhat sheepish looking man.

"Of course," she replied.

A few steps from the exit, she turned back and added, "how do you know my boyfriend wrote it?"

"I'm friends with him."

Odd. Daniel had never told her about him. Nor did she like the glint in his eyes. She left the store, forgetting the strange encounter once outside.

How long had it been since last time she sat on a bench to read a book? She couldn't remember. She decided to celebrate by rekindling this old habit. She found a lone bench in a park, sat down, well protected from the cold in her heavy coat. She smelled the book, just like new, and opened the first page.

She turned page after page. And didn't remember a thing.

Yet she had read several drafts, had encouraged Daniel to go for a bolder opening, had an idea of the general themes. So where was the story about adventure and polymorphism? Where were the sentences and style she knew to dislike?

Instead, the words flew in an alien way, she felt them worm their way under her eyes, and when she closed the book to gaze at the sky above, she still sensed how the words burrowed through her.

It was unpleasant, and incomprehensible. There was no story, she wasn't sure what she had read, only that it had an impact on her.

Passerby nodded at her, with a smile she could only describe as perfectly fake.

"Wonderful book, is it not?" said an elder woman walking with a crutch. In her bag, a copy from House of Change.

For a moment, all motion stopped in the park. Walkers and runners stood in place, gazing straight at Miranda, sporting the exact same wrong smile, carrying their copy of Daniel's book.

She rubbed her eyes. When she opened them again, movement had resumed, as if nothing had happened.

She was sick, had to be.

Against her better judgement, she opened the book again.

The words slipped down her spine, tickled her ribs, swelled her heart. The words played in her flesh like a mad spark ready to create chaos, and through the chaos, make her anew.

A gasp, someone stripped the book from her hands. She had stopped breathing, nearly passed out.

"Don't read too much into it," said the voice of the man who had taken the book.

She looked up.


No noise, no motion. They were all looking at them, without a smile, but with that glint in their eyes.

"What is this?" she asked with a trembling voice.

"It isn't a story," Daniel explained, "it's more of a guide. As a human you are both sculptor and sculpture, but I never liked the rudimentary ways we have to practice our art. So I devised... new methods."

Miranda would have told him to knock it off already. But the words still squirmed underneath her skin, eager to break free.

A young boy approached them. As he walked, his shadow distended, the audible crack of breaking bone was heard. His legs got longer with each step, muscles tearing to accommodate the new architecture, spine creaking, pulling on the nerves.

"Oh god," she whispered, as the looming child's frame hid the sun from her.

She passed out.

When she awoke, she was in bed.

What a nightmare it had been. What pleasure it was to wake up under a warm blanket, secure and cozy.

Miranda rubbed her eyes, gasped when she saw House of Change on the nightstand.

With a trembling hand, she reached for the book.

"Not you," said Daniel as he put his own hand on the book to keep it closed.

"Why not?"

"I don't want you to change."

Miranda shook her head, was about to scream, kept it in through sheer willpower.

"Enough. It's a bad joke. I'm just sick, that's all."

"You're not sick."

"I said enough," it was both an order and a plea.

Daniel sighed, and rose. She heard the already familiar crack, saw the bone splinters poke through the flesh and clothes, dragged the blanket to her as a feeble attempt to protect herself as a new set of bloody, spidery limbs protruded from Daniel's torn back.

There he stood, still, smiling, bloody, and bloodily happy.

Out of wits, Miranda asked:

"Why don't you want me to change?"

"Few things are precious enough to be kept as they are. You are one of them."

Daniel left the room with his book.


MyloRolfe t1_iy8nqgo wrote

Alright Junji Ito we get it, you're the master of horror, no need to rub it in our faces


Ataraxidermist t1_iy8rsz2 wrote

Dear lord no. I read one of his stories and never dared to pick up another.

He's in another universe when it comes to horror.


MyloRolfe t1_iy8sg6h wrote

My imagination is so vivid that this came across as really close. Same kind of body twisting that he likes to do. It looks absolutely disgusting in my head which gives the best kind of gut clenches.


Ataraxidermist t1_iy8tn0h wrote

Here's me, happy I'm not in your head. Jokes aside, a huge thank you, that's quite the compliment.


Deloptin t1_iy8v0zk wrote

I used to be so scared of horror films, games, etc... then I read mystery of amigara fault or whatever the name is (I refuse to search it up) and now I can play horror games without even flinching


Ataraxidermist t1_iy8vjzr wrote

Was it the one with the human shaped holes up in the hills?


Deloptin t1_iy8w6be wrote

Yes it was


Ataraxidermist t1_iy8xb1i wrote

My condolences, I read it too. Haven't fully recovered yet.


BrienneOfDarth t1_iy98odw wrote

With a partner and a twisted sense of humor, quote it during intimate times.


ButIDontKnowHow t1_iy99cry wrote

I mean, "This is my hole! It's made for me!" wouldn't be entirely out of place in the boudoir. Weird, maybe, but not horrific.


SweetHammond t1_iy9t9a0 wrote

Could you share that? I’m a veteran when it comes to horror and am not easily impressed, which kind off sucks sometimes. Would love to read that!


Ataraxidermist t1_iy9uel3 wrote

It's a Japanese manga called the enigma of Amigara fault. Junji ito is generally considered a modern master of horror, and he does indeed terrify me.

Edit: it's a short story, meaning one or two tomes only. So if you're curious about the reputation of master this guy has, it's an excellent way to verify for yourself.

And give up any hope for restful sleep


gabeheadman t1_iy9vhsq wrote

I read this once, like 15 years ago. I still remember it and it still gives me chills thinking about it. It's just so completely unsettling. I refuse to touch anything he's got going on.


pyrodice t1_iya765f wrote

Is that a collection of his stories? I was going to suggest "spirals" but if it's already in there…


faderjack t1_iyass88 wrote

That story was included at the end of the full published version of Gyo. I consider Gyo to be one of his weakest works, so I'd probably just find Enigma of Amigara Fault online, because it is one of his best short works. His best longform story is Uzumaki, which is def worth purchasing if you find you enjoy Amigara.


Ataraxidermist t1_iya9jmb wrote

Can't tell you, I read the e book version, I don't know how the physical manga is packaged.


Tomorrow_Is_Today1 t1_iyb89pt wrote

I was okay with the "my hole" story but the one about people having really long dreams haunts me to this day. I think it's called Nagai Yume.


MtnNerd t1_iybc4t5 wrote

I recommend also picking up Uzumaki.


Spore_Flower t1_iya67vh wrote

Thanks for the reminder. My brain worked really hard to forget that one.


cheesynougats t1_iy9iq3b wrote

I got more than a bit of In the Mouth of Madness vibe from this.


Penelopeep25 t1_iya1lju wrote

Holy fuck, I rarely take notice of the prompts and its even rarer for me to read the whole thing. I'm so glad this was the exception. This has got to be one of the best stories I've ever read on this sub. It was really fucking creepy in a way that horror rarely ever hits me. It goes up there with that story where Death becomes known as Life, the story about the Skips, and the story about not looking at the Moon, as far as impact goes. Awesome story!!! I aspire to be this good of a writer.


Ataraxidermist t1_iya582k wrote

Wow, that's one of the best compliments I got. I'm surprised my story worked so well, but damn does it make my day. Thanks a lot, glad you liked it that much, it's really encouraging for me.


Penelopeep25 t1_iyb0wk1 wrote

No sweat! Thanks for putting this out into the world, it was fun to read and honestly pretty inspiring for someone like me who really eats sleeps and breaths writing but never actually does it, BUT WANTS TO. But a good story like this in such a short space? Makes me feel like I can start small and still amount to something ^^


Ataraxidermist t1_iyccle7 wrote

I started on this sub.

If you look at my post history, you'll find a truckload of stories all written in more or less half an hour, most of which had little success. But it's a good way to get it off your chest while working on a bigger thing alongside it.

Said bigger thing being a novel called House of Change.


Penelopeep25 t1_iyco7nv wrote

Oh woah I'm so stupid I didn't even think House Of Change would be a real novel, nevertheless yours! It's funny because I wrote on this sub once, and it did pretty well actually, I was blown away by how much people liked it. But anyway, it was also a prompt related to a story and I included references to my actual aspired story in it. So hey, great minds think alike, I guess, lmao.

Maybe I should start responding to prompts myself. Gonna have a lot of free time today, if I'm actually feeling up to it I might try.

What is House Of Change about? I really liked your style in this so maybe once it's out I'll actually finally buy a new book for the first time in a million years :')


Ataraxidermist t1_iycsezn wrote

Somewhat similar themes, people who find a way to break their minds and body to bring in change. Story is told by the point of view of a recruit who changes body each chapter, and slowly comes to loathe the house. I finished the first draft, but now there's the rewriting process.

One of my earliest shorts about an abduction on this sub is pretty much the introduction.

The great thing is that I tried out a few things on this sub to see how well it went or not. The sub isn't too fond of horror, keep that in mind, but it's great even just for yourself to out it in word and see how you feel about it.


PapayaAgreeable7152 t1_iyacllx wrote

>story where Death becomes known as Life, the story about the Skips, and the story about not looking at the Moon

These sound interesting. Do you know the titles of them? Or where I can find them?


Wenchpie t1_iyaqhqk wrote

Seconded can you please post a link?


PapayaAgreeable7152 t1_iyb4ltz wrote

You are the best! Thank you so much!!


Penelopeep25 t1_iybag0d wrote

You're welcome! I love your username BTW lol now I want papaya even though I don't even really like them.


Penelopeep25 t1_iyb1046 wrote

Oh god 😭 they're on this sub, I'll try to find them... if I do I'll reply to ur comment again.


Dr_Hajime t1_iy99wjl wrote

It's quite cute. Love the story.


yancovigen t1_iy9kw11 wrote

I love the story too but that was anything but cute lmaoo


Dr_Hajime t1_iy9l775 wrote

I liked how he told her he never wanted her to change. That a monstruosity can somehow feel affection is cute, isn't it?


yancovigen t1_iy9nzxa wrote

Honestly when you put it like that I can see why it could be cute, I think I was thrown by the horror, but you’re right


tomatotomato t1_iyc3w1g wrote

He probably doesn't have human emotions (he just mimics them), so his "affection" might be of different nature. So, I'd imagine he might be saving her up for later, for more sinister purposes.


cosmic_grayblekeeper t1_iycmqi5 wrote

I mean wouldn't his affection for her have carried over from when he was human? He purposely had her reading the wrong copy of the book draft because he didn't want her to change before he became a monster.


tomatotomato t1_iydron4 wrote

Has he ever been a real human though? The story doesn’t give us any background.


lesamuen t1_iy9zid0 wrote

I'm literally torn between thinking this is wholesome or horrifying.


Ataraxidermist t1_iya4thm wrote

Personally, being kept untouched because an unfathomable being has taken a fancy in me without giving me a choice while the world outside turns into something unrecognizable sounds pretty horrible.

But since fifty shades of grey came out, I realized the definition of wholesome and romantic varies a lot more wildly than I would have expected.


Phoenix4235 t1_iy9l73b wrote

Wow - that was a wild ride! Some people may want more, but imho it can take real talent to find the right balance between enough details for closure vs. managing to be suspenseful in very short stories. Yours manages it perfectly, and leaves you with an ominous dread. Very well done!


Ataraxidermist t1_iy9rmm5 wrote

Thank you! I'm lucky with how it came out considering I wrote it in a rush, but it was a fun prompt to try out. Glad you enjoyed it.


rmczpp t1_iy9w9mr wrote

That was spectacular... Jesus christ though, I need to sit down.


Ataraxidermist t1_iy9zcvl wrote

Just grow a second pair of legs to sit on. Jokes aside, thanks a lot for the compliment.


GottJammern t1_iyaf5a3 wrote

Have you ever listened to The Magnus Archives? This has The Flesh all over it.


Ataraxidermist t1_iyaftum wrote

Never heard of it, I'll check it out


Engesa t1_iyci9gl wrote

You have to get pretty far in it before that reference makes sense, iirc.


Rareu t1_iyangth wrote

The terror is now knowing.


kyuu435 t1_iyd156j wrote

I loved the House of Change short stories i read a while ago, and i love this one too!


Hidesuru t1_iye35c8 wrote

Now that's some fucked up shit.

Absolutely phenomenal job, mate! :⁠-⁠P


tsh87 t1_iy9az9h wrote

He pleaded with me as I packed my suitcase. "It's doesn't mean anything. It's just fiction."

"Based heavily on your actual life," I spat, tossing several shirts into my luggage. "And you and I both know that's bullshit because if it was just fiction, you would've shown me the real pages you wrote. Instead of just stroking my ego to keep me quiet."

I'd been so proud of him when he'd gotten the book deal. I knew how many years he'd spent trying to make it as a writer, all the novels he'd left unfinished, all the rejection letters he'd got. I'd comforted him after every single one. Until finally an offer letter.

When I asked to read the book, he hesitated. It went over my head then, the way his eyes flooded with fear when I asked to read a couple pages. I just thought he was heady with champagne. He e-mailed them to me a few days later. Truthfully I was impressed but surprised the publishers had gone for it. His writing was beautiful, it always was. The characters were pulled straight from life. He might've changed a few names but clear as day I recognized his mother, his friends, his brothers. Even me. He'd included bits and pieces of our story, only the good parts which I was grateful for, even though deep down I felt it left the book without much conflict.

Little did I know, I'd only gotten the friends and family version.

"Did you really think, I wouldn't find out? That no one would find out?" I yelled. "That I am so easily appeased and illiterate that I wouldn't buy my own fiance's book?"

He sighed, ashamed. "I... didn't think it would matter."

I scoffed. "You didn't think it would matter that you tore me shreds in your book?"

"I changed the names!" he desperately reminded me. "It's not like anyone knows that it's you!"


I'd picked up a copy of the book yesterday, practically giddy when I saw it displayed front and center at our favorite bookstore. That giddiness turned to horror when I actually started reading it. He'd written about everything. Every single detail I shared with him in confidence. My parents, my depression, my mistakes... my assault. Raw and exaggerated, it was all out there for everyone to see.

And, see they did. Suddenly all the hushed whispers and side glances I'd been getting at work and from friends made sense.

He begged me to stay but I refused. I couldn't spend another night in the apartment, looking at his face. If I could've fit the last three years in the suitcase and taken it with me, I would've. I settled for a couple of outfits, some shoes and what was left of my dignity.

As I stood in the elevator waiting for it descend to the ground floor, I ruminated on all the times he'd kissed me on the forehead and called me his muse.

I used to think it was a compliment.


Axunujar t1_iy9gip7 wrote

You sound so convincingly pissed in first-person that it almost seems like something like this actually happened to you.


tsh87 t1_iy9gy77 wrote

I promise you it has not lol


lifeinexile42069 t1_iya9u3b wrote

Watch the "Before" trilogy. It's what I immediately thought of when I read the prompt. Shit made me cry.


yourfaceistaken t1_iyblrmy wrote

Such a succinct description! I was mad with them! Fantastic writing.


Alarae t1_iy9hafw wrote

“If I could’ve fit the last three years in the suitcase and taken it with me, I would’ve.”

When I’m sitting here questioning the future of my marriage, this hits personally.


redwingpanda t1_iybanam wrote

As someone who’s wishing they could rewind and tell their past self that she ends up being the only person I want when I end up in the hospital not long after - I’m sorry. That is the worst place to be.


alexanderpas t1_iyam3e1 wrote

I'm sorry for you, but it seems like you already know the answer.


photoshopper42 t1_iy9tf0o wrote

As I finish the book, I am confused by what I just read. I have to double check the cover a few times to make absolutely sure that I picked up the right book? Could this really be the right book? The draft that I read was a self-help book about how to organize your life and find inner peace through organization. It didn't have any mention of any dragons. And it certainly didn't have any male dragon on male dragon erotica.

I start thinking about what this could mean. Is this her way of saying that she is unsatisfied? Does she want me to dress like a dragon? If she does would I be willing to do it? I don't know, I guess I could.... Sounds like a hell of a costume. Where do I even go for such a thing.

Maybe I am overthinking it. Maybe she doesn't want me to dress up at all. Maybe it is something else. I remember how vividly she described the dragons. How they had length and girth and veins. The monstrosity and power of the size. You know what, never mind. I'm gonna go with that she wants me to dress up as a dragon. Final answer. That is definitely it and nobody is going to change my mind. And if anyone even whispers "male fragility" I swear I will go slap city on you.

Sighing, I realize that the truth is I am just going to have to talk to her. Why would she hide this from me? Why is this a completely different book from what she said she was writing? And why did the one dragon breathe fire up the other dragon's bunghole?

I hear the garage and know that she has arrived.

I approached her with a smile and held the book up signaling that I bought it.

She smiles back but questions why I bought it when I've already read it at home.

I tell her the final draft was significantly different from the version I read.

She tells me the editor probably made a few final edits.

I tell her that she should try opening it up if she hasn't already.

And she does. At first there was confusion. Then shock. Then anger.

She is on the phone with her editor, her publicist, her agent. She is yelling about the smut that ended up in her book. There is confusion all around. Nobody knows how it happened. And the main thing that I think is that I guess I painted my balls green for nothing.


MegC18 t1_iy9pmac wrote

I have to admit, seeing my partner’s novel in colourful, glossy piles in the windows of the biggest bookshop in the city felt good. He’d been working on it for more than two years, while I paid the bills, and when he’d sent it away to a big publisher, the arrival of a massive, £50,000 advance cheque had been amazing.

Bill had done most of the work, but I’d done my bit: it was one of our rituals to read a few pages together, every Sunday afternoon and discuss the character, plot, and future developments. Bill preferred it that way. I left him alone for the rest of the week as he said he could concentrate better that way. In a little office he rented. No distraction.

I’d been looking forward to getting my hands on the first copy and I’d been queuing since 8 a.m., waiting for the shop to open. Bill was going to be so surprised when he got home tonight. I have to say, I was very surprised that the publisher didn’t give him an advance copy , if only to proof read it, but what do I know about publishing? Maybe they do it all by email these days? Well they’re paying, so I guess they get to call the shots.

There’d been a big publicity campaign, telling people how good the novel is. Transformational, one called it. Bill’s been giving interviews and telling people how it’s all based on his own life experiences. There’s been so much hype that the queue to buy it snaked round the block. I’m so proud…

My heart skipped a beat as the bookshop staff unlocked the door and the crowd surged forward, which caught me by surprise. They’re so keen! Still, I’d made sure I was near the head of the queue. I had to get a copy today! Bill’s first published novel!

At twenty quid, it wasn’t cheap, but it’s all money in Bill’s pocket, and from the way the crowd were buying the copies, they would be sold out soon!

I hugged my precious copy to my chest and made my way to the checkout.

“I’ve heard it’s brilliant!!” The cashier was bubbling with enthusiasm. “Best erotic fantasy since Fifty Shades! Better, even!”

“Erotic fantasy? But I thought it was a mystery novel…”

“Oh no. It’s about a bored husband who manages to sleep with every woman under the age of 70 in his entire street! He tells his wife he’s writing a novel, but sets up a shag-pad and gets to it…

I didn’t need an imagination to know what “it” was.

I put the book back on the shelf. No point in letting Bill know that I knew. I dare say I’ll be able to pick up a copy in a few months as evidence in the divorce courts. I can wait. Half of a just published author’s assets aren’t much. But half of a multimillion selling author’s assets are something else entirely.


SARRInotSORRY t1_iy9ahzu wrote

‘We are closing this store and This is the only one that is left’ the elderly man said, adjusting his glasses with one hand, while whipping the dust off with the other. I was hesitant to buy that book. I love reading books, especially so when I travel. And I would be on a flight for the next 16 hours. Even that couldn’t convince me to buy this book. I again asked him if he was sure that this was the one that is left and pleaded him to check the stock. He let out a slight whiff out his nose and said ‘No, this is what we have, everything else is sold out and people are not buying this at even half the price’. Ouch that was painful to hear. I still didn’t wanna buy the book. Not that hated the book or the author. Quite the contrary, loved the author and was married to her. I’ve read the manuscript hundreds of time, when she was writing it.

I’d Helped proof read it and was proud of myself that I could point out some improvements in the book. Wife encouraged me and was amused at my findings like how you encourage and hype up kids doing some activity so that you can keep them occupied. I didn’t care and was living it up.

It was supposed to be her life story or should I say ‘our life story’. The book is an autobiography and transcribes the story of how she went from an extremely introverted girl with braces and pigtails to the current ultra successful boss lady, leading a startup worth a couple billions.

Of course I had a role to play, with us being very much in love since college. She did include a chapter about us and how love encouraged her to be bold and daring.

Well with my flight out of this shit hole airport departing soon and only this store being the only one open, I had to but this book else have to make conversation with fellow passengers. Yuck.

I bought it in a hurry and thought I’d read it one more time and rekindle our college romance. We are very much in love but it’s quite not the same. You see marriage has this effect on couples, the spark slowly dies and you start taking things for granted. Reminiscing the old romance would do some good to the marriage.

I waited till the flight was in the air and has reached a stable height, to open the book. I sort a breezed through the first few chapters with them being quite the same, except for some rephrasing of sentences.

I wondered at the speed in which I’m skimming through, reading half from memory, I’d be done in an hour and had to sit idly for the remainder.

But, the fifth chapter had some interesting changes. It had a few more characters in college that I don’t seem to recall. We had the same friends groups, but don’t seem to remember anyone by the name of Julian Saw. Maybe one of her acquaintances or some random passer by who used to wave at her. The character seemed to take more and more prominence in the latter chapters. ‘He taught me how to love myself’, ‘Being with him was like having a cold fire burning through my veins’. For some reason this chapter seemed to be more like a porno novel than something about inspirational leader.

When the reviews came out first, I was confused as a number of them were saying that ‘the only thing the author inspires you to do is to be incredulously and uncontrollably horny’. She said it was about our romantic angle that got criticism. I’d felt guilty for sometime, but hey it was her decision to include it.

Now I know what those reviewers really meant. I thought Saw was a figment of her imagination. But it got wilder, more and more characters got introduced and I recognised some of the names. Ian Haley. The Ian Haley, who was a prominent investor in her startup and her mentor. The way she’d written her having graphic sex with him made bike rise up my throat. He was more than Twice her age.

Oh boy, it didn’t stop there. There were others many many others. All having graphic sex with her during the years she was working hard in her startup. She’s started her company 5 years after we’d gotten married. That means all of this was her charting on me, atleast in her mind.

I was ducking pissed, wanted to confront her on these. But that’ll have to wait another 14 hours.

There was no mention of me or our college romance. The final chapter had a single mention of me. It ended on a “funny” note, saying that ‘my poor husband doesn’t know this and let’s keep it that way’.

I’d lost it and let out a loud whiff that’d woken up a few other passengers. The audacity to name me and shame me on her book. Took me for an idiot and playing me for all these years. I felt my world came crashing down.

I hurried through the baggage collection and went home with a rage in my face that should’ve gotten me arrested for looking like a homicidal maniac. There she was composed as ever in her couch, with a co-worker who she mentioned was the longest of them all and whom she’d keep as a pet forever.

She came into the kitchen to hug me. I calmed myself, picked up the knife from the kitchen. I Hugged her


TheGalator t1_iy9f3rs wrote

Didn't come here to get mad. I hate it. 10/10


Mateamargo_ t1_iy9evqn wrote

Wow that made me angry at so many levels, you are great!


NaraFox257 t1_iy9ppiq wrote

When I bought this book, I didn't know what I expected. It certainly wasn't this, though.

When Angela told me she had managed to get a publishing deal for the book she wrote and I helped edit, I was ecstatic for her. She had managed to achieve her dream, after all.

But this was... Well, it was crap. Nothing like what she wrote in the first place. I felt bad for her now, money or no money. It sure feels hollow when dreams are fulfilled in seemingly the worst way possible...

It was as if someone took her story, removed all evidence of good writing, then turned it into yet another vapid teen romance book about a vampire! The characters were renamed, story aspects that made it make sense before were removed and replaced nonsense, and many dialogs were edited heavily in a way that made the characters seem more juvenile... The only part that stayed true to form was the sex scenes, bizarrely, though they lacked the previous immaculate romantic context.

"This fucking sucks" I said to myself, finishing the first few chapters while sitting in the bookstore parking lot. "I hope Angie isn't too disappointed"

When I got home, I thought about how to ask her delicately about the travesty that was her book, but it seems my brain got ahead of me before I could think it through all the way.

"Honey, why is your book trashier than a dumpster fire now"?

I probably could have worded that better.

"Excuse me?"

Yup, judging by her sudden glare, I definitely could have worded it better.

"Yeeah, what's with the vampire nonsense and the suddenly awful dialog?“

Maybe I shouldn't have doubled down but my dumbass ADHD brain was on a roll tonight

"Vampire nonsense? What? Give me that"

Luckily, that seemed to catch her attention. I quickly handed her the book before she could try to rip it out of my hands.

After a few minutes of reading, I swear I could see the veins in her face like she was some kind of cartoon character.

"It seems I have to take another look at that publishing contract."

As she spoke through a clenched jaw, her expression was simultaneously pained and enraged like someone hit a baboon with a whiffle bat as hard as they could. I backed away a bit. This wasn't good.

"Uhh...anything I can help you with?"

I was pretty lost at how to handle this and definitely did not want to be lashed out at. I tried the safe option.

"If you could make me a drink and start dinner I'd appreciate it. I have a contract to read, a lawyer to call and an angry letter to write"

"Yes ma'am! Happy to help! Ummm... Good luck with that?“

She rubbed her temples and sighed loudly.

"...just shut up and get me that drink before you dig yourself a hole"


I smiled at her as cheerfully as possible And that was that. I stifled my private chuckle as she groaned at me again.

I really do hope she gets this works out. I forsee a looong week ahead of me.


orcthedork t1_iyba4ob wrote

"Her expression was simultaneously pained and enraged like someone hit a baboon with a whiffle bat as hard as they could."

Pure poetry.


Front_World205 t1_iy902a6 wrote

sitting on the couch, i pick the book up, flipping it over and smiling at my husband face on the back, the cover look different then I remember, but i shrug it off. I only ever saw the finished cover once. I flipped the page open and start to read but to my surprise, it was different. the sweet and kind words that my husband show me was replace with an different language, one i didn’t know. “i swore i pick up the english verison.” i look at it and stare, i could read it perfectly. “okay; weird.” i shake my head, wondering if i was daydreaming, i was suck into the book, each word flowing through my brain, i lost track of time, suddenly it was yank out of my head and i met my husband eyes.

“nonono!” my husband shirked. “we have an deal! if i write the book!-“ “we will leave your wife alone,” my body mocked, standing up. i tried to move but couldn’t. i was stuck. “we did, she still here.” my husband take an step back. “we have an deal! give me my wife back or i-“

“i’ll what?” my body mock, picking up the book before hitting my husband hard in the head. “you really thought we was going let you and your wife live on as human?”


FamousButNotReally t1_iy97wqf wrote

Interesting concept! There's a couple grammar issues like was -> were for plural but it was enjoyable


Front_World205 t1_iy9dg3i wrote

thank you! i wanted to challenge myself with an five minute writing!


Matthew-IP-7 t1_iy9hnvz wrote

I take it English isn’t your first language?

Some things I’ll point out: the first person singular subjective (“I”) is capitalized except in extremely informal situations; the first word of a sentence should be capitalized; also “a” or “an”, use “a” if the first letter of the next word is a consonant, use “an” if it’s a vowel, “h” is a special case though sometimes you’ll use “a” other times “an”.

These things will come with practice and experience. So keep practicing!😁👍


intheweebcloset t1_iyb2i8k wrote

"Regret is the bitchy older sibling of reflection."

Those words screeched from Gary's television as he lounged on his couch; cherry-flavored ice cream rested on his lap as he devoured his favorite television program, Cheaters. He sat in darkness to enhance the glare of the show, scooping greedy spoonfuls of cherries and scheming his dark secrets. The scene was so tranquil until it wasn't.

He heard it before his eyes witnessed it, the thunderous footsteps of his wife storming down the stair to disturb him. She wasted no time kicking his door open, posturing a wide grin with a thick stack of papers in her hand. He cocked his head back and held back a groan.

"Babe, guess what? Your brilliant, gorgeous, and creative wife just got published." She said. Her arms flew like an inflatable tube woman at a car dealership as she flicked on the lights.

The light's glare attacked Gary as he clapped and refocused on the television. "Great job Pani! I'm sorry, I was kind of in the middle of some-"

"I want you to read it." Pani thrust the manuscript at him, stalking him down like a predator. Then, she burst into a sprint as her prey began his escape.

"Never been much of a reader, you know that," Gary said. He jumped over the couch's ledge and paced around her, hoping to slip past her into the staircase.

Nothing doing. Pani nipped his escape attempt in the bud, cutting off his route and closing in on her prey.

"I want you to be the first to read it!" She cupped his hands together and plopped the manuscript into them. "Most men would be honored if their wife held them in such high regard."

"Most men don't hate their wives making them read as much as I."

"Me." She said.

"Exactly. You want to make me feel stupid with your fanciful words and speech."


"See? This is just your way of punishing me for no reason." He paused. "Wait. I'm not even the first to read it. Didn't the publisher have to read it to approve it?"

Pani darted her eyes to the side; she courted with several cheeky remarks before saying, "you're the first who matters to me." She rubbed his slumped shoulders and said, "don't worry, the message in my novel is so clear I know you'll get it.

"You sure? You know how everyone whispers jokes about me? If you ever want to keep a secret from him, just put it in a book. You know the man can't read."

"Yes, but if you ever had a secret for me, I'm sure it'd be on a tv show somewhere."

They both laughed, and Gary caved in, flipping to the first page of the manuscript and reading:

The green-eyes man was in a band. Stand the green-eyes man said. Cand. Is what the green-eyed man land. Hand is needed for the man to befriend. Wuh-wuh-wuh-sand.

Gary couldn't believe it. His eyes glossed over, his arms went limp, and his jaw slacked as he processed. That sounds like some shit I'd write. Oh, dear. He looked everywhere he could beside his wife's unguarded eyes as he gathered the right words, the right words to avoid an argument.

"Good." He said.

She stared at him as if he was the god of ignorance. "You've read one page."

He flipped to the end and smacked his fingers. "Mmmmm, mmm, finger-licking good story right here."

"That's cheating! You don't just go to the back of the story!"

"You know I don't like reading."

"You could be great at it if you exercised a little commitment!"

Argument unavoided.

The following two weeks were rough for poor Gary. Pani refused to speak, look at him, or even nag him. The tension in the air was ripe as a Georgia Peach. How a woman of her miniature stature could emit such animosity was the next great wonder of the world, or a great question, something like that. It was a secret she knew, and Gary had his own secret.

He adored his wife with all his heart, yet she wasn't the finest apple in the orchard. She could satisfy hunger pains from time to time, but she lacked that lushness, that utter fulfillment factor you got from biting into a juicy morsel of forbidden fruit. The peaches are always sweeter in someone else's yard, as some would say, or maybe that was just him.

Gary isn't his novelist wife, so let's be straightforward. He was cheating on her.

Almost every month, like clockwork, he'd meet his Mistress - Emma - at a hotel on the third Saturday of the month. Today was that Saturday. When his wife approached him, he was fully prepared to go on another 'purposeless drive' around town. But her words cut through that plan.

"Baby, the Galleria Mall has a 90% off sale on lotion and hand soaps. Do you think you can get some?" She asked.

The Galleria Mall was in Houston. Four hours from their home in San Antonio. A ridiculous distance for lotion, regardless of price, but a chance to get out of the dog house.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind at all! You know I love my Saturday drives anyway."

She wrinkled her nose and kissed him. "Sure do. Thanks, babe."

He hopped in his purple-coated Chevrolet Corvette and marched to the Houston mall, wishing he'd picked a better lie for his Saturday excursions. He'd always hated driving.

Shoppers crammed into the mall, making it nearly impossible to move. The lotion store's line overflew, extending past the Gamestop several stores over. Awkward conversations between image-sensitive women and men who didn't own mirrors occurred.

I'll just tell her they ran out. It wasn't much of a lie; surely they'd run out when he made it through the line. He pocketed his hands and whistled the Cheaters tune, eyes scanning the scene.

A lot of beautiful women out were in the mall. Everywhere he looked, he saw nines, tens, elevens out of ten. Everywhere except one location, a cardboard cutout of his wife enshrined with novels.

He walked towards the bookstore - Novels-A-Million- and felt his jaw drop. Young girls were practically fighting to pick up a copy of his wife's novel. All for a copy of that trash? There must have been something good in the middle section he skipped.

He wrestled with a Zoomer for one of the last copies, licked his fingers - he's seen it on tv, and turned to page one.

A few things shook him.

Most pressing, his wife's name was in the story. That was different from when he had read the story before. His reading skills weren't that bad.

Pani was a superhero in this story. A magical woman adored by men and women alike. In the story, she fought the forces of evil, all demons of sin.

She fought a demon of pride, lust, and so on. His wife was crazy for sure, so many enem-

He fingered the words on the page, the demon of adultery, Gary. Surely a coincidence, he continued to read the story:

Emma, Gary's dumbass assistant, aided his demonic endeavors. Emma was a bimbo with a robust body, able to bring a grown man to tears. Not from their eyes but from where the sun doesn't shine.

Gary felt his blood freeze over. Emma? Did she know about her? Flustered, he flipped to the back of the book.

...and when Gary returned to his little lair, he found it empty with divorce papers on the counter.

The book escaped his fingers and crashed as he rushed back to his car. He raced home, unlocked the door, and ran to the kitchen. He stopped at the sight of an emptied room. A stack of papers lay on the kitchen counter.

Halfway through the manuscript his wife shared with him, lay divorce papers.


asifbaig t1_iyde1x1 wrote

That was delicious! Pani would be a star on the prorevenge subreddit.


intheweebcloset t1_iydt1iu wrote

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. She's a vengeful master!


Pimster269 t1_iy9uymc wrote

It was a miricale that John got a book publishing deal. I don't how he pulled it off, but for whatever reason. I'm so happy for him.

He told me it was his dream to publish a book. I already had an idea of what he was writing about. The style he was going for wasn't my cup of tea.

I like books that are sweet, filled with love, and have happy endings. That kind that pulls your heart, filling your stomach with butterflies.

His style was more dark, it pulls you in for a ride your not ready for. It left sprinkles of sweetness in the story, but it felt liked it was forced in.

I didn't want to read what he wrote. I told him how it made me feel and eventually he stop giving me a draft.

It wasn't until a year later when he published his book.

I forgot about it. I wouldn't have remember if it wasn't for my coworker. Sally ranted to me that it was the most tear-jerking, disgusting and the most romantic srory she has ever read. I ask for the name of the book. She told me the name and author of the book.

I recongnize the author, it was my husbands pen name.

I asked Sally if I should read the book too. She was hesitant. She was pondering on the decision. She told me yes, but ready your heart.

After work, I stopped by the bookstore and asked for the book. The librarian nodded and retrive it for me. I grabbed the book from her hands. As i head for the door the librarian told me, "Be ready for the wonderful tale." I just waved back and walked off.

I wanted to read before i got home. I wanted to know what John wrote. I don't like theae kinds of books. But for my husband, I'll read it.

I don't have words to describe what I just read. From this however, I learned a lot of things about John. The way he weaved his words into my soul, crushing it and sooting it at the same time. About the ugliness and the beauty of it. I also know how he got the publishing job.

My legs are shaking, am I really scared to go back home? To meet John?

I was left with a question from the book, why? The book didn't answer it.

I'll meet John to get that answered.

I made it home the smell of the food penetrated my nose with an alluring aroma. John was in the kitchen, making dinner ready for tonight.

"Welcome home, your just in time for dinner. Foods hot and ready." John was smiling like he always does, it has another meaning after reading the book.

"Hey John... i read your book."

John paused in place. His face is not in view, i can't tell what he is thinking.

I asked him " Was everything in the book true?"


"All the stuff about your coworkers?"


"John if you needed help, I could've-"


"But why John!?"

John refused to show me his emotion, he brought out a bag and dig around in it before pulling out a book. The exact book I had in my hand. He handed it to me.

"John I already read-"

the cover was diffrent. It didn't have the words of the title nor did it have his pen name. All it said was:

To Janet,

My Loving Wife

I carefully grabbed the book and start reading.

I got lost in it, it was sweet, every word in the page it filled with love, not only I got the the butterflies, I got the tinglies too. The little girl inside me was jumping with joy. The story was about me and John living happly ever after. A tear left me with joy.

"This is the reason why. I wanted to tell my love about you. I didn't want anyone else finding out about how much I love you. I learned it was embarrasing for me to tell that in public. I wanted you to know anyway. I wasn"t gping to give it to you half-washed. I waited till it was ready, till you were ready. To accept all of me."

I couldn't help but to accept him. He made me very happy.

My only wish is that I didn't know why he kept his mouth so clean.

-Jack Rock


half_a_shadow t1_iybeknl wrote

I don’t get it. Please explain the part about the co-workers and a clean mouth? Or how he got the job. Did he have gay sex or something?


Pimster269 t1_iybuaeh wrote

John sucked some good D to get the job. Apparenrly really good at it too.


Yellowtail36 t1_iyb9cl8 wrote

The door slams open as I walk in with a fresh copy of “The Memoir of Beppy”. The love of my life jumps before she whirls in her swivel seat to face me. “Jack, you scared me! I thought-“ She stops as she sees one of her new books in my hand. “Oh, did you pick that up this morning? How sweet!”

“Laura, this is serious. Why is it like this?” I ask seriously. Her smile drops.

“I’m… sorry?”

“Why is it so different?” I ask. She shrugs.

“I mean, I know a story about a dead clown’s not mainstream but-“ I sigh, stopping her. I rub the bridge of my nose and rephrase my question.

“No, why is it not… why is it not so meh?” I ask. Laura gives a confused chuckle.

“Um… thank you, I guess?” She says hesitantly.

“No- Laura, I’m being serious here! It’s good! It’s original! It’s entertaining! It’s fun to read!” I ramble off, frustrated.

“Okay, I know my drafts weren’t the best, but you didn’t have to-“

“Just tell me what happened, please. I’m half-wondering if you’re really good, and half-wondering if you stole someone’s ideas,” I say. Finally, my girlfriend sighs, and answers my question with a bit of annoyance.

“After you read my draft and told me how you felt about it, I could see you didn’t like it. So, I rewrote the whole thing, from start to finish. Different gags, different styles, goodness, I used a whole different plot,” she explains. “I almost threw it away after I was done because I thought it still wasn’t good, but I figured why not send it over to my interested publisher and see if he liked it. Turns out he loved it.” She crosses her arms and leans back, expecting a reaction from me as I stare at her.

“… You rewrote… almost four hundred pages, in how long?” I ask. She looks up in thought before shrugging.

“Two days,” she says.

“Two da- Two whole days!?” I yell. “You basically took a skeleton of a premise, restarted, and finished it, in two days!?” Laura nods.

“Yes, that’s what I said,” she says with annoyance. I think for a bit before nodding.

“Could I… see your other drafts? One’s you’ve restarted, I mean,” I clarify. She sighs.

“Honey, they’re not any good-“

“Let me read them, please,” I say. She sighs and looks toward her laptop. Pulling them up, she lets me read over her shoulder. As I skim read, it takes about ten minutes before I look at her with amazement. “It says there’s three hundred and seventy two pages here,” I mention.

“Yes?” She says with confusion. “Honey, could you tell me what-“

“Send me more of your drafts, I want to read them before I make dinner tonight,” I say, backing off.

Later, after reading four separate drafts totally redone by my love, I walk over to Laura from my room, who’s watching some crime drama on the television. “Laura,” I say. She looks up and smiles.

“Hey honey! I didn’t see you all afternoon, what-“

“You’re sending these drafts to the publisher tomorrow morning,” I say, sitting next to her and hugging her.

“Uh- what?” She asks.

“Sweetie, your drafts are amazing. It’s like you worked out every single dent in your first draft. I- I love your work,” I say, smiling. I’m so proud of her, I don’t even know how to word it like she would.


Seer-x t1_iybfgzf wrote

The first part of the story has wat too much dialogue almost so that i got tired of it after reaching the middle of the story. Not to mention the dialogues are too bland and no spice or much intresting things in it. At least they are not too awkward so thats a plus.the whole story gave me a vibe that it was based on real life or your experience. I don't know how to put it in words since i am not much of a writer but it builds a wrong sense of mystery or suspense by not giving an explanation of the situation and it causes the end to not have enough punch to it. Still you wrote it and someone has read it. Keep trying until you write a great story. (Words of encouragement btw i am too awkward lol)


TankVet t1_iyazuuh wrote


“Yes, dear?”

“Why are explicit details about our sex life in what was supposed to be a young adult novel about unicorns accepting a troubled rhinoceros.”

“Ah. Yes. That. The publisher thought a different direction maybe.”

“This seems a very different direction. Although opportunities for a ‘horny’ joke abound.”

“Very adult of you to refrain.”

“She says, yet abstaining from offering an explanation.”

“She is working on that.”

“He’s listening.”

“The book sucked. I threw together a romance at the last minute to meet a deadline. And they say write what you know so I…”

“Wrote about my ‘magnificent throbbing-‘“

“Okay! So I was in a mood and we’d just gotten back from vacation and we’d had a lot of fun and it very much on my mind and, well, it was all I could come up with.”

“Us? Cast as a mysterious traveler possibly a spy and a disenchanted heiress looking for love?”

“It’s selling very well.”

“I imagine it is, it’s pornography with a dust jacket.”

“You’re for real? Not happy for me? For us?”

“You’re better than this. You’re better than unicorns and rhinos too! You’re as good as Madeline Miller, as Amor Towles, as Richard Powers! You can write like that! Why do you write drivel when you could write that?!”

“So what if I am? So what if this is it? Isn’t this enough? Isn’t this good enough? It’s selling so who cares? The deadline’s met, the thing is published, so who cares?”

“I care that the love of my life is scribbling with crayons on a silly placemat when she could be changing the world!”

“I’m not good enough for you.”

“No. You’re just better than this. It’s not about me. It’s about you treating your enormous talent like you’re somehow unworthy of it.”


Mr_piddles00 t1_iya5c0l wrote

Terra was as Creative and persistent, more than most to be honest. It’s these qualities that drive me to her and made me fall in love. Her dream as a child was to change lives, now, it’s to do that through literature. “Change for the now by terra grace”. That’s the book she wrote, an inspirational sort of Novel that might cater to the younger generation, one that had humor, sadness and inspiration written in its pages. After proof reading it I was beyond excited to see it hit the shelves, key word being was.

The day came for the book drop, only available online I naturally preordered one even though she insisted I didn’t. As to why she wanted me not to read it, well at the time I couldn’t imagine, thought she might be embarrassed, but how could she, I already read the first rough copy and loved it, I pushed that thought aside.

The book came in, neatly packaged with a weird medallion taped to it. The medallion had a fist clenching what seemed to be an assault rifle, the words “occidere omnem resistentiam” inscribed across, weird, I don’t remember that at all.

I opened to page 1, “introduction to the fight” in italic read across the top, none of these words looked familiar. As I kept reading I realized something horrible, this wasn’t a motivational book at all, this was a manifesto, a plan, a guide. I realized that she planned to rally and overthrow the existing government and all its sympathizers, this woman, this tame, beautiful soft spoken loving women, was planning mass murder and treason, and it was happening right under my nose.

“I tried to stop you Cody”. It was her, but she was speaking in a cold grey tone, not with love, but with irritation. “You could’ve kept yourself from knowing, and you would’ve been fine, but no, you had to give in to curiousity” she stated. “Why though, why lie to me, deicieve me, did our vows mean nothing”, “no” she said, no emotion in her answer. “I could’ve spared you, you fucked that yo Cody, now you join them”. She pointed the concealed 9mm she kept in her pocket and pointed it at me, and sent a slug through my brain.

I awoke in the hospital about 2 months later, she had tried but failed to kill me. The neighbor heard the shot, called The cops, and the whole operation was seized, she was given life in federal prison for conspiracy of treason, I had to relearn how to walk. 9,567 other members were tried and convicted, bringin down the Largest treason plotting in history.


pyrodice t1_iyaakje wrote

Is she Terra, Sarah, or both and just has a pen-name? Couple tiny typos, like the first "as"... "wanted me now to read it", and you have a "yo" where it was supposed to be an "up", but pretty solid!


Ambitious_Ad381 t1_iybqrha wrote

"Hey bug!" I say, walking through the door, after getting back from the book store, "I uh, picked up your book from the store, I was unaware you could wrote Novels like this! It is very captivating!"

My husband hurriedly gets off the phone with his boss, Michelle, and looks over at me with shock in his eyes "Uhh... you picked up my book?"

"Well of course I did! I wanted to support my Number One Supporter!"

"Are you sure you want to read that? I mean, you didn't particular enjoy my last writings, are you sure you want to?"

"Well from what I read so far, its very good! I had no idea you wrote romance novels, it feels so real, so genuine, though the topic seems a bit tabue, the whole cheating spouse thing, but it feels so...real, I mean all the other writing was very much like 'fallout meets the last of us meets call of duty" you know?"

"Ah yeah, it just uh, all clicked together, you know? You really don't need to read it, I know how much you hate Romance Novels"

"No! Of course I want to read it! You spent such a long time on it, I need to read it!"

As the week progressed, I sat down, and read it, front to cover, and back again, It just felt so raw, and so realistic, I never knew my husband was such a romantic, but after reading it, I noticed him doing cute little things for me, buying me flowers, taking me shopping, even cooking dinner for me every once in a while! He is such a sweet heart, he may be making up for all of the week nights he had to stay late in the office, or went to the cafe early on the weekends to finish up his book. The more the days go on ,I just fall further into love with him The other day, I noticed his location was off, I think he is getting ready to pop the big question! I ran to the salon to get my Nails done, just in case! I did find it strange however.

The lady's name in the book was Michelle


MostlyTuesday t1_iycauc7 wrote

I really like it, I’m just a bit confused about the last bit. Did his book use his name and a different one for the lover? Is Michelle her sister? His sister??? So many possibilities!


missbrighteyes86 t1_iycd10d wrote

She mentioned his boss was Michelle


Ambitious_Ad381 t1_iycya22 wrote

As the following comment says, I did mention the name, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have! That would have been quite intriguing, but I can also see how it could be annoying haha


The_Mythical_Bard t1_iybjojy wrote

It wasn't possible. It couldn't be.

As Blaire closed the book, A lost soul, placed it open on her lap and leaned back in the arm chair with a look of utter surprise on her face. She just wanted to support him. That was all. Damien's book had just hit the shelves. She only planned to buy the book...yet here she sat hours later, with the book finished, completely and utterly baffled at how wrong she was.

Years ago he had started writing a book. One about a typical romance and bits of fighting. Back then. when she read a small excerpt, she merely gave him a placating response. In truth, she found the premise and portion she read to be nothing more than drivel. The plot void of any intrigue and the main character dry. She could not have been more wrong.

His book had started off slow, but after the first chapter, Blaire found herself enraptured with the main character, Wittmore, who at first was a boring everyday man, was in fact a half demon investigating a cultish group that intentions were to disrupt the order of the world using dark magic. Wittmore lived by day as a doctor, by night as a hunter and balanced his day life with the night, with both coming to odds at some points and that was only the tip of things. Every chapter after the first had been twist after twist and filled with betrayals, unlikely allies and steamy romance all building up to the finale.

But the last line of the book was even more unexpected than her enjoyment of it. Blaire's lips curved in amusement as her fingers delicately traced over the last lines of the riveting novel.

To be continued.....

"What are you doing?" A voice said from behind her.

Startled, Blaire turned abruptly, nearly knocking the book from her lap. "Damien, you're home." She said lowly, pushing a stray hair behind her ear.

"'s 9pm, I normally get home this time after work." He said plainly as he took off his jacket and tossed it onto the back of the chair, and walked around to sit across from her. It was then that he noticed the book, his book. He stiffened. "Oh." His eyes dropped down. "So...." He started as sheepishly raised his gaze back to hers.

"Damien, I....well..." She started. How did she even begin to explain. She didn't want to hurt him but didn't want to lie either. "It's much better than I thought."

Damien visibly relaxed. "Oh thank goodness...wait." His head tilted to the side in confusion. "Than you thought? But you said it was good before and just need polishing."

"Well yes, I did say that." Blaire admitted plainly. "To be fair this was much different than what you showed me then. Wittmore is incredible and so captivating. And the plot really reels you in. I can't believe you left it on a cliffhanger. I mean sure one big part of the plot was resolved but what about the link he found to being kidnapped as a child, what did that mean? Where is it going to lead."

"Wait you finished it?" His book, The Enima Wittmore, had only released today.

"Y-Yeah, she replied sheepishly. "'t put it down."

He couldn't help but smile at how animated she was about it. She was so adorable. While it did sting a bit learning she had only been nice about it, her pure interest now made it not feel less so. "I'm glad, but you know you could have just told me. Criticism is important in writing."

She nodded. "I won't next time."

"You just want to know what's gonna happen next."

"Well that's true too."

Damien shifted stood back to his feet and walked over to stand before her.

"Wittmore's captivating, huh?" He teased as he braced his hands on the arms of the chair. "How so? Not more than me I hope."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Of course not." She answered incredulously. "Seriously? he's your character."

He chuckled. "All the more reason why I'm curious."

A sudden realization hit her. The corners of her lips twitched upward. "You're not gonna tell me anything are you?"

"Not even a hint." He whispered before his lips claimed hers.


The_Mythical_Bard t1_iycm1ut wrote

realized I must have hit send when I feel asleep at my computer. now it's actually finished.


missbrighteyes86 t1_iydy7n1 wrote

Just reading yours! I feel like our characters overlap in the clever sweet significant other taking our enthusiasm in stride and we're their fangirls. I love it!


missbrighteyes86 t1_iycit8a wrote

When he got the publishing deal I really was excited for him. And I honestly had meant to read more of it. I cared-a lot. But making time to read had been hard. I thought I'd read enough to catch the gist of it but I did not get to dig into the context the first time.

I stared at the last page feeling a strong mix of emotions-at least a few variations of guilt. I never felt like I failed to appreciate him, but taking so long to have read this weighed heavily on me. He'd deserved more enthusiasm from me. More authentic engagement. And he even seemed like he believed that I understood it. Now that I response at that time just hadn't been enough.

When I first picked it up it felt like a whole different book but as I read I came across the parts I actually had made a few moments to read before-only with different clarity. The depth he'd...already given.

That I hadn't made the time to see the first time. Ugh.

Right then an app notification went off. I knew without looking it meant he'd pulled into the driveway. It was about that time of the day. I scurried to put the book away so that I could look normalish when he walked in.

I'd already decided days ago that I would address it today but I wanted to be tactful about it.

I heard him come in and hang his coat, just as he always did. Alright. Acting casual. Casual. "Hi baby! How are you?" I leaned in to peck him on the cheek and he returned in kind. I gave him the same hug as ever-full of sincerity.

"Oh, you finished the book."

"Uhm. What. I-"

"You did finish it right?"

"No I-yea befor- I-what. I-how could you-"

"Because I can see it in your eyes. The click. You're doing the fangirl look."

"No I'm n-"

"I knew you'd like it. It's about time you actually did read it. Not surprised you took so long. You've had a lot on your plate."

"You're not upset? I feel so guilty."

"Good.", he said with a wink, "Next time don't wait so long."

"Oh yay. So you're writing another one then?"

"Of course you hadn't noticed. Juuust kidding, I'm just starting it. What's for dinner?"

"Uhhh. I...didn't cook. I'm so- are you ok with pizza...? You see what I mean. I should've-you deserve-"

"Sounds good to me. Pizza works. And stop looking at me like that. I'm still the same person."

"That's just it," I pout, "I've been taking you for granted. You've been this person the whole time all...talented and look at me, married to a hotshot author acting like you're any ol' body."

"Uh I prefer it that way, so really if you could go back to that it'd be terrific. And you've always looked at me doe-eyed anyways- so who're we doing for pizza?"

"Nuh uhhh...I dooo not-...I just-I love you."

"I love you too. Pizza?"

"Ok yea. Pizza. Right. And tomorrow-what do you want me to cook? Anything you want. Anything."

"How long are you gonna be like this?"

"Forever probably. Or next week. So-pepperoni?"


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EllipsisMark t1_iy9dvuj wrote


"You were my beta reader. I edited according to your feedback. I even put you in the dedication."

Flips over book, "To my beautiful love. May your suffering of my first drafts not be in vain. Aww... it was. Your book still sucks."

"Sigh. At least I tried. What's for dinner?"



lemoinem t1_iy9es96 wrote

I would have put the Quickie before the Fin


EllipsisMark t1_iy9rtf7 wrote

Quickie as in "A quick story" instead of a full blown entry.

Fin as in "The End".


lemoinem t1_iy9s1jq wrote

I know that. I would still have put Quickie as the answer of "What's for dinner?"


Tomorrow_Is_Today1 t1_iyb7hjn wrote

"It's because you've only read the first page, dumbass. I showed you stuff 3/4 of the way through"


sufrt t1_iy8oqax wrote

"What is this? What?" I said in shock, turning the pages in the bookstore. But why did I say it? And turning the pages of what? None other than the book written by my significant other, or my wife as I call her. Hardly the occasion for shock and surprise, you'd think. Surely I'd read the book before it was published. And I had. When she got her book deal and handed me a copy of the manuscript, I'd read every word, beaming with pride, even if I didn't actually enjoy the writing, though I might have. And that was that, or so I thought. "The book is getting published, and off it goes to the shelves, and that's it. Same book I just read", I said to myself. But one day in a bookstore, a strange thought occurred to me. An odd notion, almost as if it was beamed into my brain by some incredibly advanced alien species, far beyond the cosmos, their machinations totally unknown to us. "Why not buy the book?" I thought. "What if I, just out of nowhere, right here in this bookstore, buy my wife's own book?" I picked it up and paid the price. But I paid the price in more than one way. While flipping through the book, I felt shock. I felt terror and fear. "Wh-what is this?" I stammered as I threw the book to the floor. It was completely different. The entire book had changed.


AdmiralAthena t1_iy994ad wrote

Too short, doesn't really go anywhere, or explain why they reacted with terror. Confusion would make much more sense.

I mean, it could easily be explained as "this is actually someone else's book, and some prankster switched the dust covers." No reason for horror to be the first reaction.


sufrt t1_iy9ckvp wrote

Sorry, not sure I follow? It’s a horror story


UserMaatRe t1_iy9dpv3 wrote

What is the terrible thing that causes fear and can not be explained by mundane reasons (like someone switching the book covers)


sufrt t1_iy9f8zh wrote

Does it really have to be spelled out? It's heavily implied


UserMaatRe t1_iybvhkq wrote

Please spell it out for me here in a reply, because I genuinely don't understand what you were going for, and am trying to help.


EllipsisMark t1_iy9srtl wrote

You might need to... I don't know how to say it "Sharpen the implication?" I don't know. I didn't read it because formatting. It's just a wall of text. You need to double space your paragraphs.

Like this to make them drop lines.


AdmiralAthena t1_iy9x0me wrote

But where's the horror? The character feels horror, but we don't, because we don't have enough context to know why they're horrified.

Was the book about a wife murdering their spouse, and they realize the murder victim represents them, and their wife might be planning to kill them?


sufrt t1_iy9xb17 wrote

Where's the horror? It's all right there in the text. You'll note that the narrator feels "terror and fear", as well as "shock". He starts stammering, indicating even further that he's unpleasantly stunned by his discovery. He even throws the book on the floor, which no one would do if they weren't feeling strong negative emotions they couldn't control. These are all elements pointing towards the horror being experienced. You'll often find the same emotions in Stephen King, etc.


AdmiralAthena t1_iy9y5r0 wrote

He feels horror, we don't. The point of horror isn't to scare the characters, it's to scare the audience.


sufrt t1_iy9zgox wrote

The audience is scared, of course, by the horrific ending of the story. And empathy for the narrator only adds to the horror. Thus, given that both the audience and character are scared, as opposed to just one or the other, this falls into a category that can only be called "perfect horror".


Dry_Marzipan7811 t1_iya3r7g wrote

if your audience is telling you they’re not scared, the audience isn’t as scared as you intended. this concept may have gone over better in your head, but it’s not exactly fleshed out enough to elicit fear in your readers. maybe if you expanded further on your idea and shown the narrator gradually realizing the books are changing or having that experience with more books, the audience could better feel what you’re going for.


pyrodice t1_iya2lbk wrote

Ah. I see you're just trolling and this is a riff on the Geico commercial where they're scared of how happy the savings make them feel.


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hornylolifucker t1_iy94mfx wrote

Change how? Did the book change by turning into a pickle?


VacuumInTheHead t1_iy95wsa wrote

It got multiplied by i and became a plane where Santa and his fat dumptruck can roam free, I guess.

Also, nice username


Phoenix4235 t1_iy9vhlo wrote

I think what the other commenters are trying to say is that no one would have instantly jumped to that conclusion and felt "terror and fear" and " throw the book on the floor". They would have first thought about things that are much more likely explanations at first, and thought about the other stuff after those didn't pan out, so it really didn't make sense and felt much too far-fetched.


sufrt t1_iy9wiod wrote

Of course no one would instantly jump to the conclusion that the book had changed. One expects the book to remain the same book it was before. What I've done is a writer's tool known as "subverting expectations", as the fact that the book had changed to something else is quite a shock and inevitably sends chills down one's spine.