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slackskellington t1_iy5uemj wrote

“What is it they say, Professor? To break the rules, you must first know them? Well I’ve gleaned an insight into the deepest layers of understanding to come to this conclusion.”

Esme dropped the stack of papers onto his desk and then gently placed a USB atop the stack.

“Printed with citations and supporting documents and graphs, as well as a digital copy with additional documentation and links.”

The Professor took the drive and placed it by his computer and then grabbed the hefty stack of papers and brought it up. As his eyes passed over the title of the thesis, she watched a frown come across his face. Esme grinned in anticipation.

The Theory and Study of the Science Of Magic, by Esme Lucero.

He glanced up at her.

“Is this some sort of tongue in cheek joke I’m not understanding? The title of your thesis need only be a brief insight into what you’ve been studying, not an allusion to how magical the natural world is.”

“Oh but it is an insight into what I’ve been working on. And I can assure you, this world is undoubtedly magic. Both figuratively and literally.”

Before he could respond Esme placed a finger to his lips. She grabbed a pen from his desk and began drawing a series of shapes and circles that intertwined to create an intricate pattern.

“The hard part is drawing on the other hand. I had to teach myself to be ambidextrous, but I have a shortcut to avoid the tediousness of how long it takes me.”

She pulled a sticker from her pocket. It had a similar design to what she had drawn on her hand. She peeled the backing off the sticker and placed it onto her palm.

“I found that you don’t have to use chalk, ink, or blood—thank god—to make this work. I streamlined the process by using a drawing software. Makes it much easier, though I did fry a couple tablets in the beginning.”

“What process,” the Professor said. “Blood? Did you harm yourself? Ms. Lucero this is highly irregular—“

“Oh it’s more than irregular. It’s magic.”

She clapped her hands together and began rubbing them vigorously. The Professor watched as the friction began to cause a small stream of smoke. His eyes grew wide. She brought her hands apart one more time and smiled.

“Don’t blink for this part.”

Esme brought her hands together hard and the Professor jumped back as he watched a small orb of fire emerge from Esme’s palms. It floated just above the surface of her skin and gave off a steady heat. He watched as she moved it back and forth from one hand to the other.

“How on earth,” he said.

Esme’s eyes were wide with wonder. The light from the flame lit up her face in a warm glow.

“It’s amazing isn’t it? I still can’t get over it. I had a few hiccups along the way. Set my clothes on fire a couple times. Could’ve been much worse but I was cautious. Science and safety go hand in hand, right?”

The Professor stood up and brought his hand towards the fire. He could feel the heat. He brought one finger near and felt a singe on his skin that made him recoil.

“Careful. It’s very real, I assure you.”

“Incredible. Can you…cane you make it burn brighter? Hotter?”

Esme nodded.

“I can bring it to roughly 1400 celsius before it gets too much for me to handle.”

“This is…this is amazing.”

“And it’s attainable. Repeatable. And not just with fire. I can sculpt earth, dissolve metal, freeze water, all with the appropriate formulae and materials. You’re the first witness.”

The Professor began flipping through the documents.

“You say it’s repeatable. What’s the simplest thing that I could do?”

Esme brought her hands together slowly and smothered the flame. Smoke filtered through the creases between her fingers. She shook her hands out and dug into her pocket to produce a bag of seeds.

“Take these. Pour a few into your mouth but don’t swallow them. Just allow them to sit under your tongue. I’m going to give you a phrase to say on a piece of paper. Say it three times and then spit them into the circle I’m about to draw.”

“Will this…hurt me, Esme?”

“Only if you swallow the seeds. You won’t die or be maimed but passing them won’t be pleasant.”

He did as she said and dropped the packet of seeds into his mouth, careful not to swallow any of them. The sat under his tongue and as she drew the design on a piece of paper, he read over the phrase. Though he was no etymologist or linguist, he knew these words were a romanization of words unknown to most languages he’d seen or heard of before. Nevertheless he worked diligently to ensure the pronunciation was correct, and when Esme had competed the circle he did as she instructed. As the last line of the incantation passed through his lips, he spat the seeds onto the paper, and watched as the circle began to glow.

The seeds were clumped together on the page. As the light from the circle glowed brighter, he watched the seeds begin to crack and sprout green vines and tendrils that began to wrap together. They culminated to form humanoid looking being made of plant life. It stood about 20 centimeters tall and though it had no eyes, it seemed to look up at the Professor.

“Alchemists would have called this little guy a homunculus. Ask him to do something for you. Make it simple though. When they’re this new, they can’t handle tasks that are too complex.”

“Oh. Um. Can you bring me that,” he said pointing to the USB drive.

The plant creature nodded and walked over to the drive, picking it up between its two vine like arms and brought it to him. A smile grew across his face as he took it from the creature.

“So what do we think.”

“What do I think? Esme, forget about a doctorate. Forget academia. This will change the world.”

“So what’s next then?”

“You tell me. I think you’re the teacher now.”


BillyTheOneEyedFrog t1_iy61pq6 wrote

I love this so much! It’s wonderfully written and I love how the emotions of both characters are so well shown.


megaancient t1_iy7lg3j wrote

I was half hoping her professor would start telling her about more efficient ways incantations could be done.


DickCubed t1_iy6x0cg wrote

Part 2, part 3, part 103, and more, please!


Tossar-Svenssen t1_iy6u9yd wrote

I need a part 2. You are an amazing author and another part(s) would be awesome.


dbev9044 t1_iy7tqga wrote

Please write this book. I’m begging.


Reduku t1_iy88679 wrote

would totally read a whole book series on this.


Gaelic-Colt t1_iy95gxr wrote

This is amazing! I would probably read a whole book on this.


Amplier t1_iya7xdy wrote

I don't need sleep, I need MOAR! Loved it mate, and am seriously hoping for part 2, of some kind.


montarion t1_iyciiyo wrote

Book. Movie. Even part 2 just give us more. So much potential