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photoshopper42 t1_iy799ct wrote

The fireball shoots through the ceiling of his office and into the sky. I smile as it now seems if I have a spotlight over my head from the sun shining through. My smile disappears as a large piece of ceiling falls on my head and leaves me with a large bump.

Still it is nice to see the dumb look on my professor's face. His mouth half-open like an idiot. I think about reminding him to swallow, but I don't and a big glob of drool drops down onto his shoe. I start to wonder what I am going to do next. When I was planning this entrance, this is about as far as I got. Shooting a fireball. Hindsight being 20-20, I guess I should have thought about what my next move would be.

"Professor, would you agree that I... brought the heat?"

Goddamn, why didn't I plan ahead. I should have researched time travel magic instead so that I could wipe that dumb line from existence. I guess it doesn't matter too much. He still looks like he needs someone to press his on button, dumbfounded by my stupendous fireball.

I now realize that I have been sitting hear thinking for a few minutes now while he is dumbfounded. Should I say something else or keep waiting for him to speak? I feel like I should say something else to break the awkward silence, but I fucked up my first line so bad, that I am scared to. But I look at him and realize that he is not going to be the one to speak, so I guess I will just have to wing it.

"Professor, don't worry, I understand that you are a little dumbfounded right now. Don't worry, I know I brought the fire."

Damn, why was I even worried? I nailed it this time.

Finally, he seems to be awakened from his trance and looks at me. "This was very impressive Ronald, but I'm afraid that I am still going to have to fail you."

Outraged, I ask why.

"Because this is an art history class. Sorry, but you are going to have to retake the class next semester."

I shoot a second fireball.


VacuumInTheHead t1_iy95b5y wrote

You should have reminded the readers to swallow, I drooled my shoe onto thr table (I am a linguapod) (I'm not sure why I made this joke)


Golde829 t1_iyc307r wrote

I didn't ask how small the room is

I said I case Fireball