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ThatFireEmblemGeek t1_iwmdjmn wrote

I had always known there was something strange about me. Yes, garlic allergies existed. Yes, churches were often places of questionable hygiene. But my canine teeth should NOT be this pointy, and I should NOT sunburn this easily. I had cut my lip by simply putting the most minute amount of pressure on it.

“Alyssa! Can you come down here, please?” My mom asked. I trudged downstairs, my mind racing with confusion. What did I do wrong? Did my school call home? Did I get a bad grade? Did I forget to do some chores?

My mom and dad were sitting on the couch, expressions ridden with shame. I tilted my head.

“Mom? Dad? What’s going on?” I asked. Mom turned away from me.

“Sweetie… we have something to tell you.” Dad said. Mom took a ragged deep breath, her eyes red from crying.

“Before I have met your father… I had another husband. He was just like you- pale, high allergies to garlic, trouble breathing in churches. I found out… I… found out…” her eyes sprung with tears again. “I found out he was a vampire… when the hunters came. I swore to love him no matter what. We spent years traveling and traveling to get away from the hunters, and we had a daughter. That daughter… is you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My dad wasn’t actually my dad? My biological dad… was a vampire?

“Then… where is he now?” I asked. “Did…”

“The vampire hunters killed him.” Mom choked out. “They murdered him, and- and they were going to kill you! So… I ran away to where we live now. Alyssa… you’re half-vampire. And you just turned thirteen, so that is the age where your vampire powers will blossom.”

I got up from the seat, tears threatening to spring to my eyes. “Why… why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you lie to me all of these years?!” I spat out.

“We didn’t want the wrong people to find out…” Dad frowned.

“Like me?! I was the wrong person to know about my own heritage?” I snarled.

“Alyssa-“ Mom started.

“NO!” I ran up to my room, running far faster than I intended, and slammed the door behind me.

I was half-vampire… my biological dad is gone…

I thought I knew about myself. I thought I knew who I was.

… I guess I was wrong.


Pinkbeans1 t1_iwn613j wrote

Good job drawing me in really quick. I liked it!


photoshopper42 t1_iwnilzo wrote

I'm listening to them speak and I guess it makes sense. It feels like all these random puzzle pieces of my life are finally starting to make sense. I should have suspected long ago, really. Like how could I not see it. Except for the fact that vampires are supposed to be imaginary.

I ask them questions. Like a lot of questions. They tell me it comes with the onset of puberty. Most kids have to worry about having a "no reason boner" in class. I have to worry about not murdering my classmates via neckbite. Also, no reason boners. Normal puberty also in full effect.

They tell me what to expect. The allergic reactions to garlic and churches will get worse. Stay away from old wooden things because splinters could kill me. The fangs are already setting in, but that's just the beginning. I have to stay away from pollen and dust because if I sneeze I could accidentally turn into a bat. It will get better later but these adolescent years are gonna be hell.

You know, last week I really wished I could have some sort of identity in school. I really wanted people to notice me. But I was kinda just hoping I could learn guitar and join a band. I guess I should watch what I wish for.


MrStarii t1_iworryz wrote

As a kid, I would go to restaurants and my parents would never let me get garlic bread. I couldn’t go to my best friend’s communion, I had an ‘asthma’ attack, and to top it off, I got really bad sunburns every day, unless it was pouring rain. I figured it was all just coincidence, funny things for you and your 15-year-old friends to laugh about, even earned me the nickname “Dracula”, which I must say, was sick to hear across the corridors. However, I’m now 17, sitting across from my parents, wondering why my parents had hijacked the family meeting I called.

“We know why you’re here,” My mother began, “we know what you need to say.” A rush of relief passed through me. “It’s time we tell you the truth.” My father chimed in. …huh? “You’ve clearly figured it out, but we’re vampires. Yes. We are so sorry we didn’t tell you sooner son.”

My jaw drops, eyes bulging. “What do you mean we’re vampires?” I half yell. “That is what you wanted to ask, isn’t it? Listen, Micheal, we figured you’d want to start bringing girls around and other things, but we needed you to know this-“ My mother began, I cut her off. “No! That’s not what I was going to ask at all!” My parents look back at me with shock. “Mum, dad, I’m gay.”


Aristocat2022 t1_iwpjcmd wrote

I was dying.

My dad had spent the last 20 minutes talking to me about puberty. About the changes girls go through. About how my body will grow and develop. And he printed out DIAGRAMS. I wanted to sink into the couch and disappear, but all I could do was sit and listen while my face got hotter and hotter with embarrassment.

“…and that wraps up my part! Now it’s your mother’s turn.”


My dad looked sheepish. “Yeah. We flipped a coin and I won, so I got the easy part of the talk. Honey! Cass is ready for you!”

“No she’s not!” I yelled.

Mom came into the living room and Dad fled, clearly not wanting to be here for the next part. What could be WORSE than what he already told me?

“Sweetheart,” she began.

I groaned. The last time she called me ‘sweetheart’ was when she sat me down and confessed to eating all my Halloween candy. Whatever she was about to tell me was going to be bad.

“You know how you have those garlic allergies? And a sunlight sensitivity? And your preference for very rare steak? And all those orthodontic consults about your canines? And how the last time we went to church, everyone had to leave your First Communion early because we started smelling smoke, then later we found out it was coming from you?”

“You told me I just had to start putting on deodorant!”

Mom shifted on her feet uncomfortably. “There isn’t an easy way to say this, but you got bit by a bat when you were a baby. We were able to treat the rabies, but unfortunately the experience left you with another condition.”

My head started spinning. Surely she wasn’t about to say…

“Cass, honey, you’re a vampire.”

I rubbed my face, my head pounding. Either my parents were crazy or my mom was telling the truth.

Either way, I was gonna need so much therapy.


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KicktrapAndShit t1_iwsm3t7 wrote

"So son its time to talk about the people and the bats..." I nod, its been 18 years struggling with mold and allergy's, my dad continues "You know about vampires right? Well they struggle with churches and have an allergic reaction to garlic... a sharpened cross to the heart causes death." I become aware of the man in the corner in the corner holding a cross with a sharpened tip that no-one has noticed. He continues "We are vampires" The man smiles and launches at dad, stabbing his back and I notice my dads sharp canine. My dad evaporates and I scream as my mom launches at his neck but he cuts her and her hand boils up and without thinking I launch and bite his neck. He screams and drops his cross and he jostles at his belt and I see a vile of water. My mom swipes with her non boiled hand knocking the vial across the room and he pulls something out. I suck the blood eyes widening at the taste and he wipes something on me and I scream as my skin inflates. My mom yells to wash it off in the sink and I do that and I hear her scream and I launch in biting his back and I feel my hate grow and grow and I feel pins and needles in my finger tips, I look and there sharpening. I sink my teeth and claws into his back, he's un able to defend and my mom takes her chance to grab the cross and stab him. I suck him till he's pale white then wipe my mouth, I examine my mom and her face is completely swelled up. I grab her and cry. The next hunter was 15 months later and she used a crossbow to shoot crosses at vampires. I found her on a roof top hunting. I knew when I saw the cross collection who she was. At this point I discovered my bat dash ability, I dashed and bit into her neck guard she whirled around aiming the bow at me and so I kicked her off the building. Vampire hunters don't think about those dangers. The latest was 16 years after I became an orphan. They had a cross sword, these people always make me laugh, He was easy. All he had was a sword and so I grabbed it the fed on his blood until he died.