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SNUFFGURLL t1_iy7ve7v wrote

I somewhat agree. I do believe some more communication should be in order for this relationship to proceed in any healthy manner. But OP is NTA for simply wanting his tradition to be respected, and his fiancé being closed minded about it. People wouldn’t be so divided if it was religion, let me tell you that.


Notabug255 t1_iy819xg wrote

As I said, bodily autonomy trumps it - she is not a vampire, vampire traditions don't apply to her. Otherwise, anyone could claim vampire hunter traditions on OP...


SNUFFGURLL t1_iy9qxut wrote

True, but it’s not like being a vampire is really harmful or anything. It has its own inconveniences, but equally has many good things, too.


Notabug255 t1_iy9thu4 wrote

Bodily autonomy is about choice, not what "is best/worst/good/bad". Not wanting to do something is enough reason.