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FearMeImmortals t1_iy5kj2i wrote


While you're right to want tradition, it's selfish to expect others to blindly follow them.

What if they have a tradition you don't like? Your fiancé could have a tradition that, as a vampire or as a person, you don't want to do. Would you be disrespecting her tradition or simply setting boundaries?

You should've also discussed this early in the engagement. "Just found out" implies that she didnt even find out from you. You say you follow tradition, yet don't tell your fiancé the tradition. Now this is just an assumption, but from your wording it seems likely. Imagine how that makes her feel.

Now also imagine if she had asked you to cure your vampirism because it's her family tradition. You would probably say no, and for good reason. You are happy with your vampirism and you should be, no one should take that away from you unless you are more than willing to. It's the same situation with her - she seems to love you, but doesn't want to give up her humanity.

Honestly, the answer is so simple, it's embarrassing you even had to ask. Do better, OP.


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy5m86y wrote

I did give her a book about vampiric traditions, but it appears she didn't read it or something? I will take responsibility for not making sure she knew.

She does have a few traditions that make me uncomfortable, including serving garlic during special meals, but I have done my best to participate. Frankly, if a tradition such as what you suggested exists, I'd wonder what she really thought about vampires...

Though saying that, I see how my tradition may imply how I feel about humans. I really don't want to lose her over this... I guess I should sit down and talk with her.

Thank you for the insight!


Gaia0416 t1_iy6ann9 wrote

You knew her family was Italian going into the relationship. Her mother's garlic knots are legendary. You want literal blood letting at the wedding supper, but no garlic knots? Who's disrespecting tradition more?


Yuuwaho t1_iy7gddo wrote

Could there be a chance her family is catholic then? I’m not too sure of the current policy in regards to vampires, but I feel as though most Catholics traditions would conflict with most vampiric traditions.


Nervous_Explorer_898 t1_iy6oqvk wrote

Info: You say you gave her a book. You don't mean the abridged version of The Vampire Tomes? Understandable considering the entire collection would take several mortal lifetimes to read, but alas, the abridged merely glances over the marriage ritual in its entirety and gives a vague and rather confusing description of the wedding night. If this is the case, I vote NAH. On that note, you would be better off giving your beloved Prudence Von Oppenheimlich's "So I've Married A Vampire, Now Vat?" It gives all the pertinent information and is much easier for a modern audience to read.


FearMeImmortals t1_iy5odoi wrote

Good job on seeing your mistake, OP. It sounds like you guys have something special, glad you're willing to talk it out. Good luck!


Pallan1972 t1_iy6ymat wrote

PSHAW!!!! My first wife was mortal. We loved with a burning passion. She was a beauty beyond compare and in my eyes a heart so pure I could not bring myself to turn her, yet in her dotage she begged me and I relented. I watched as my immortal kiss returned my love the beauty of her youth and i was pleased.

Years and decades passed and I watched as my loves pure heart turned cold and I am still, millennia later, cleaning up after her. She loves having an Elder as cleaner. I, not so much!

So to you youngling, I would think again about the responsibility of turning your mortal wife. You might bite off more than you can chew!

ps. Don't chew, it's unseemly

Yours forever,



lemoinem t1_iy7jb4w wrote

What's "PSHAW"?

I know YTA, NTA, NAH, and ESH, but that one escapes me...


hast3110 t1_iy7qtfz wrote

PSHAW: an expression of contempt or impatience.
it is not an acronym, just a word fully capitalised


SpicyTunaTom t1_iy86h2w wrote

What does any of those mean


lemoinem t1_iy86n8x wrote

You're The Asshole

Not The Asshole

No Asshole Here

Everybody Sucks Here

Standard judgement calls on AITA (Am I The Asshole) subreddits, which the prompt emulates


wripen t1_iy88ugz wrote

Oh! I always assumed ESH is Everybody Some Hole. Now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense.


SpicyTunaTom t1_iy8pgcc wrote

Lmao are there more? I’m new to this I need to learn


lemoinem t1_iy98ghx wrote

Not that I know of. Have a look at r/AmITheAsshole ;)


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy7ky4v wrote


I'm sorry I haven't replied to many of you, I went to sleep and then had a talk with my fiancé, I really didn't expect this to blow up!

A few of you are suggesting she was being selfish and that I should leave her. My family were actually suggesting the same thing, but I didn't want to be rash, I do love her.

Anyway, my family and I had a meeting with her and her family. It seems like there was a lot of misunderstanding on both sides. The book I gave her on vampire traditions kind of glossed over EVERYTHING, just giving basic descriptions without any detail. We had a proper discussion about her fears and worries, as well as vampire traditions.

She was worried about losing friends, not being able to eat garlic, and being awake at night (turns out she's scared of the dark, how cute!) My family have reservations about letting the marriage go forward, my family is strict on culture and tradition.

I managed to convince them that I love my fiancé too much, and said I'd rather become human for her than lose her, so we decided that, since I had worked really hard to live her family's lifestyle, in the few months leading up to the wedding she'll live mine and we'll see how she feels about living like a vampire.

Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck! (Oh, and to those who suggested I ditch her... don't leave your house at night...)


weary_dreamer t1_iy8z4xr wrote

Please update us OP!


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy905bg wrote

We've only just started with the arrangements lol, I'll update further when there's something to update!


ReginaldVanHelsing t1_iy9cvgr wrote

I still think you should ditch her. Soft-hearted weeny vampire like you is all talk anyway. Vampires have all gone down hill since the old days. Granpappy Abe knew *real* vampires.


bores_asf t1_iy9ub9k wrote

I was dating a human for a while and the only upside to keeping it human is the blood availability. Honestly everything else about them annoys me.


WesternSol t1_iy6id60 wrote

NTA. How presumptuous of that… harlot to look upon the gift of vampirism and turn away! Does she understand how incredibly rare it is for us immortals to deign to add another to our number?! This is like telling someone they’ve won the lottery and having them say “Nah”. Not to mention the sheer selfishness! “Oh honey, I hope you understand, I just want you to stay young and hot forever while I age out of my looks, until I die and you have to remember me for the rest of your immortal existence!” I bet if you asked her for a prenup she’d also try to give you an ultimatum. She’s using you honey. The humans always do. I’d recommend leaving her and finding yourself a proper vampire woman.


ALuckyMushroom t1_iy6kgcv wrote

I wouldn't go as far as telling she is using him but there clearly is some selfishness into basically telling him he'll have to live seeing her state deteriorate and one die and then continue his life as if everything was okay. But on the other hand, I guess that for a human immortality can be pretty terrifying at first glance. She'd have the same problem toward her entire family after all ! It seems like some kind of double edge situation.


WesternSol t1_iy6yxmd wrote

Forgive me, but you sound young, so let me educate you. This is why its bad to mix the races. Humans are too... small to sympathize with vampires. I've lost more a hundred times as many friends in my 2000 years than it is possible to loose family in a human lifetime. The truth is, whatever losses she might feel in the short term, by her 300th year, they would feel as significant to her as the death of a gerbil. On the other hand, the sheer amount of work that goes into getting a growth license cannot be understated. I don't know how recently you've looked at the regulations, but last I checked, it takes 1000 years or a death in the family for a dynasty to get one. And you can only use them to do one thing: either to conceive or convert. One new family member every thousand years. And to give up that, for a woman who isn't even excited to spend eternity with you? Who doesn't respect your families sacrifice? It saddens me to see the extent to which our culture has fallen.


AdmiralAthena t1_iy7l5c2 wrote


I kinda took it for granted that they're lesbians.

Vampire wedding just seems really gay, for some reason?


photoshopper42 t1_iy74rzl wrote


Honestly, your fiancé sounds like a piece of work. I am not a vampire but I did grow up in a Japanese household and my parents made sure that I was raised with Japanese culture and customs in mind. They ingrained in me the importance of my heritage and that it important for the world to accept not only our culture, but cultures of all countries around the world.

Now I know that Japanese culture and vampiric culture has many differences. For example, we like sushi and you guys like sleeping during the day. But we are similar in the sense that we should be respected for our beliefs.

My fiance hates sushi. But he eats it every day to show his devotion to me. He is happy to gag on the raw fish that he hates to respect my culture. And I am happy to keep feeding it to him and watch him gag. He asked me to watch the World Cup with him because it is important to him and I told him to fuck off as I shoved another piece of salmon in his mouth to shut him up. It honestly is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in and I am so happy that I married him.

If your fiancé will not do this for you; will not let you bite her on the neck, will not let you pierce her skin so blood drips down and she screams in pain, will not let you change her entire lifestyle as a show of devotion to you, then you should leave her ass by the curb.


cuntpunt2000 t1_iy6kwtt wrote


Firstly, how long did the two of you date prior to your engagement, and how much discussion did the two of you have regarding your eventual [undead] lives? Most relationship issues can be solved with clear and honest communication; whether to keep finances separate or combine them, whether or not to have/create offspring, whether to continue a monogamous relationship or allowing for additional vampire brides, etc, these topics should have been discussed thoroughly to determine whether your undead/life goals were truly compatible.

Secondly, what is the age gap between the two of you? Sometimes a marked difference in maturity levels can lead to conflict. Even amongst humans, May–December romances can be quite complicated due to generational differences, so I can only imagine the misunderstandings that must ensue in a 21st century–Pre Industrial era romance. With these generational difference there are oftentimes a great deal of misalignment in what each party assumes are "givens."

My advice would be to sit down and have an honest discussion now around relationship goals and how the two of you plan to spent either her remaining years or eternity together. Good luck.


Notabug255 t1_iy673qe wrote


Vampires have a tradition of biting human partners at their wedding, but humans don't. In fact, we have a tradition of wanting to remain living, healthy and whole, inherited all the way back from reptilian ancestors millions of years ago. You seem to have respected that just fine until now, you even came to talk about how you are aware of it. Humans also happen to often have strong opinions on traditions.

For some reason, you assumed she would be okay with being bitten and she assumed such thing wouldn't happen. I'm sure you both worked past a lot of things to get your relationship to this point, and this takes both, all the differences considered. Just keep in mind she didn't disrespect vampire traditions, because she is not a vampire. Unfortunately, she can't both be transformed and not transformed so one must give. On the other hand, humans are comparatively short lived and fragile so do make sure you know what she actually wants you to do regarding her health moving on - bodily autonomy is fundamental. Disrespecting that with any partner would make you a huge AH.


SNUFFGURLL t1_iy7ve7v wrote

I somewhat agree. I do believe some more communication should be in order for this relationship to proceed in any healthy manner. But OP is NTA for simply wanting his tradition to be respected, and his fiancé being closed minded about it. People wouldn’t be so divided if it was religion, let me tell you that.


Notabug255 t1_iy819xg wrote

As I said, bodily autonomy trumps it - she is not a vampire, vampire traditions don't apply to her. Otherwise, anyone could claim vampire hunter traditions on OP...


SNUFFGURLL t1_iy9qxut wrote

True, but it’s not like being a vampire is really harmful or anything. It has its own inconveniences, but equally has many good things, too.


Notabug255 t1_iy9thu4 wrote

Bodily autonomy is about choice, not what "is best/worst/good/bad". Not wanting to do something is enough reason.


Icy_Wildcat t1_iy720fn wrote

While yes, YTA, there's another tradition. With a little something called soul-viewing, you can see their true selves even billions of years down the line. This helps select the ones who will love you no matter what, through thick and thin, and will trust you with their big hearts. After that, you can both become pseudo-dhampirs by performing a ritual involving sage and mugwort upon your wedding night. After you finish the incantations and you both ingest the herbs, chewing them well, you must let her bite you first and drink your blood. Biting her and drinking her blood in return is optional. However, you both will have some vampiric traits which can be easily hidden as well as immunity to sunlight, garlic, holy water, crosses, and silver. Aconite is still a danger, though.


SmolFaerieBoi t1_iy7aw6c wrote

YTA, my dude. Traditions are something entirely different than altering one’s biology. This is an incredibly personal, permanent decision on her part. This isn’t like substituting cottage cheese for ricotta in lasagne, this is a whole PROCESS. No one should have to change their body at their partner’s request. I remember my late spouse forcing The Change on me; nothing I regret more than staying in that relationship.

And given that you mentioned she JUST found out, I’m seeing a totally uncool pattern of miscommunication here. You two need to open things up. Talk about expectations, culture, feelings, etc. Give her lots of time to make a measured decision. Don’t make her be your Bella. And maybe she didn’t really grasp that she’d be spending an eternity with you. You could want different things out of life.

No tradition is worth someone’s bodily autonomy. And maybe I’m assuming that this relationship has sane and consensual foundations, but if you can’t respect her decision, maybe you’re better off leaving the wedding canceled.


PyrokineticZulu t1_iy79ybb wrote

NTA. Humans are incrediblely rock-headed and disrespectful when it comes to the traditions of other races. They barely repsect their own traditions.

Us Niodiku from the land these cretans have dubbed "West Africa" would not tolerate this disrespect even from the Pharoahs and Emperors. Tis why the darker ones outside of their homeland know next to nothing of the great warlords, kings, queens, and civilizations they spawn from. Their rulers believed they were better than us. They know nothing of wisdom or patience. I spent the first 400 years of my life shunned and in exile simply because my father (Bleh) was human. Humans would have called that "Unfair" or "Spiteful" but I believe it made me stronger, a better lady, and burned his moronic qualities from me.

I would also like to mention "West Africa" isn't even the what the humans living here call it. It's Nigeria, even then, many Igbo live here. It was never Nigeria or Africa until the Romans and Greeks caught wind of it. Yet they left the task of exploration to the barbarians up north. It's as if they expected to live forever and dominate the world, I can barely recall their names now. Their legacy are books and tele series, and tele games that just exgaggerate their role in the world, and they were not as sophisitcated as today's humans hoped. They'd be ashamed to know the Europa they pillaged and briganded now controls the lands they thought myth and legend. Pathetic.

I'm rambling again, sorry. The same applies to your fiance, whom I hope won't be your last. She may not even live to the 22nd century if she refuses your gracious offer of immortality. She thinks she is important, she thinks you will make exceptions for her alone, but I will remember to find you in about 500 years to ask you about the love you shared. You will have forgotten her.


SNUFFGURLL t1_iy7v608 wrote

NTA, but I get her perspective. Some people just want to stay mortal. Personally, I don’t understand it, having been born a vampire, and being married to one whom was already a vampire when I met him, but perhaps mortals simply feel like they are inadequate if they do not age normally?

I am unsure. Perhaps talk it over with her and explain the tradition. Even if she does not want to become a vampire, she shouldn’t call off the wedding. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing she rejected you in this way, because it’s a sign she may end up breaking your heart in other ways later on. Like death from short life span. Or all manner of human diseases that she is too selfish to ignore with vampirism.

You should have a serious discussion with her about it, and try to understand what she’s thinking for more context into how she feels. Don’t try to convince her, let her come to her own decision once you two talk it out. If she’s too stubborn for this, I suggest it best to reconsider your choices in spouse.

Dearest regards and well wishes.

-Szymon ‘Sebastian’ Kusicielka


cat_astr0naut t1_iy89wgl wrote

A friend of mine just sent me this and asked me if it's about me, and sure seems like it.

Jaques T., is this you? I can't believe you would try and get validation from the internet of all things, do you realize how pathetic this all is?

I talked to your ex-spouses. All three of them. That I didn't even knew EXISTED until YESTERDAY! They told me everything about your little secrets, every bit of it, and you can bet your ass it's all over between us.

To the curious people here on reddit, what happened is this fanged fuck-up has been using "tradition" as a convenient way to keep brides tied up with him, isolating and gaslighting them, all the while fucking around as he wanted.

And because the Vampire Divorce Court was ridiculously slow and antiquated, they couldn't get divorced easily, but that changed recently. Thank god your ex-spouses are much better people than you could ever hope to be, and they are helping me out.

I feel like an idiot to have wasted all this time with you, but 4 years is nothing compared to what could have been. Thinking back, the love-bombing was obvious. And the controling attitude, and everything else... I'm just realizing just how toxic this whole relationship was. The age difference was just the cherry on top (he's 400 years older than he told me!!).

So yeah, we are over. Your things are on the curb outside and I might have sprinkled garlic all over it. Now I'm going on a vacation with my new friends.

A little message from them:

Grace-Marie wishes your day to be as pleasant as you are.

Gustav says "Va te faire foutre."

Caterina wanted you ro remember that the prenup is still valid, and that she will see you in court very soon.

And from me, from the bottom of my heart: Fuck you, Jaques.


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy8frmk wrote

[Author's Note: I'd have happily played along with this as if I WERE Jaques, but I already did an 'edit' where I worked things out with my spouse, so...]

Really? One of my own did that? Jaques... if I knew who he was, I'd so go over and beat him up on your behalf! That sounds so abusive! I'm so sorry you went through that!

As I said in my edit, I had talked it out with my fiancé, I'm not a manipulative bastard. I truly and genuinely love her. I want what's best for her, and we'll do what we can to make the marriage work.

What really disgusts me is how tradition was used to keep you 'in line'. That's genuinely messed up. The reason I brought up tradition at all is, in my family, tradition is sacred, but I'd NEVER use it to CONTROL someone. I hope you find someone better, and please don't hate all our kind over one moronic psychopath.

Wish you luck!


cat_astr0naut t1_iy8pnt8 wrote

[No worries! This was a fun prompt, I really liked it.]

Sorry about this, I really thought it was Jaques. It seems problems with the biting tradition in Vampire-Human marriage are more common than I thought.

In my opinion, and while I understand that tradition is important to you and your family, changing your bride ro fit in with your family? Shouldn't you be doing it because you want to spend eternity together?

Times are changing, and it's a little degrading that a vampire would automatically expect that the human bride be complicent to be turned to fit in with the expectations. The human is to give up their last name, their identity, their way of life, their mortality, their reflection on the mirror.

In my case, instead of being to fit in, being bitten was a way to "prove my love" to Jaques, but the point stands. The bite should be a mutual decision, or not at all, and it's not an easy decision.

You seem like a nicer guy than he was, so a piece of advice. Talk with your bride, have honest and open conversations about the pro and cons of a transformation, and listen to what she says. A marriage is a partnership, after all.

Best of luck!


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy8rxnf wrote

We plan to re-visit this before the wedding, she decided to try out the vampire lifestyle for now. Even if she decides not to turn, I'll still want her. My family would be upset, but screw em! I love her!

But yeah, it was just miscommunication and misunderstandings, I plan to keep the relationship more open going forward.

As for you, I hope you find someone who loves you for who you are, not WHAT you are!


The-Doom-Knight t1_iy8be2h wrote

YTA, but so is she.

See, this is something you two should have discussed before getting engaged. By expecting her to just go along with your traditions without objection, instead of discussing it with her, you are officially the asshole. Open conversation is what makes relationships of all kinds work. Expectations only lead to disappointment and conflict, neither of what you want in a marriage.

At the same time, however, she's the asshole for disregarding your traditions. It is clear she failed to read your book, which should have been obvious is important to you. After all, it's a book about your culture and traditions. If she was serious about the relationship, she would have at a minimum read the book. She then should have brought up her questions and concerns so you two could have a serious discussion about what you two are seeking from this union and how to best please each other. Compromise is how to make marriages work.

In my honest opinion, this sounds more like a marriage of lust rather than love. Should you go through with the marriage as is, I would be surprised if it lasted more than a couple years. My advice is to sit down with her and have a long and serious discussion to work things out. Should you two come to an agreement and go through with the wedding, then may I have an invitation? I'd love to be there to... erm, witness the special occasion. Thanks, and I wish you both the best!




PluralCohomology t1_iy94z1d wrote

NTA (is that what the fledlings say these days?). In all of my centuries under the Moon, even amongst the inferior mortals I have never heard of such an entitled, spoiled and thankless bitch! (I apologise for my base and vulgar manner of speaking, but the insolence of this wretch has my immortal blood boiling). Imagine (shudder) having the misfortune being a lowly, feeble, stupid and disgusting mortal, and a woman at that, to whom an exalted specimen of the Eternal Ones, the Children of the Blood, the Lords of the Night, has (ill-advisedly) taken a liking, and has even offered not only to make her his lawful wife, but also to share the Gift with, and then having the audacity to refuse, and to even presume yourself to be worthy of setting terms to a Vampire! If I was in your place, I would have snapped her neck on the spot for such insolence, and fed her body to my hounds instead of allowing myself to be sullied by that cunt's filthy blood. In our degenerate times, those foolish mortals think too highly of themselves, and have forgotten their rightful place, all because the sissies currently taking up space on the Council of Shadows have decided to pursue a craven policy of "coexistence" and "equality". What foolishness! The bloodbags need to be brought down under out heels and reminded that they are nothing more than cattle for us, through whom flows the blood of the Gods of Darkness, who alone hold mastery over the night and all its creatures, and the sole purpose of their wretched existence is to be consumed and disposed of by us as we see fit, as was done in the good old days under the wise and benevolent rule of the Count Vlad, the Great Dragon. But I have faith that the Endless Night shall fall again, and the Tide of Blood shall cleanse the world of its impurities! Pardon me for digressing into politics, as my sole purpose is to reassure you that you have not in any way dealt unjustly with your mortal plaything, except perhaps for showing excessive lenience towards such presumptuous filth.


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy96nc8 wrote

Ah, I see you're a member of the 'Dark Age Cult'. Well, I shall have you know that I showed this response to the Vampire Lord and he is NOT pleased. Your IP address is being traced and you'll be found and captured in no time. I hope your prepared for what punishment comes your way!

And FYI, my fiancé is my equal! I came here to find out where we went wrong, and now I know we had both made mistakes! I still love her even if she DOESN'T wish to become a vampire!


PluralCohomology t1_iy997nz wrote

Oh, and to think that I hoped you were just a misguided fledling, led astray by the last remnants of your feeble mortal feelings, that haven't yet been cleansed by the vampiric blood, which I am now ashamed to share with you.. Now I see you for what you are, a craven traitor to the Children of the Blood, no different to that vile usurper in whom you foolishly place your faith. Your empty threats only serve to amuse me, as we, the true scions of the Great Dragon all know that your false lord and your council of cowards have fallen far from the glory of the ancient Lords of the Night. Only our Unholy Order of the Dark Age, which you so ignorantly slander as a cult, has preserved the true power of the Gods of Darkness, and your corrupt new system cannot assail us. Our roots are deep, our connections are wide and our ambitions are high! May the Endless Night come soon!


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy9av8z wrote

Yeah, yeah, I know the history of the cult, your 'order' has been spouting this nonsense for hundreds of years. You know no-one outside your group takes you guys seriously anymore, right? Your numbers are also tiny compared to what they once were. Accept it, the age of fear is long gone.


PluralCohomology t1_iy9cj5q wrote

I apologise, I should have possessed the self-restraint not to argue with a craven bloodbag-hugger. The Tide of Blood shall sweep your kind away soon enough, and we shall be free at last to remake the world in our image!


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy9gjfd wrote

Good luck with that. I'm sure you're getting loads of new members often ;)


PH4N70M_Z0N3 t1_iy9n2b1 wrote

Find a new fiancee. You're immortal. It's her loss if she doesn't want to become Immortal.

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another who knows the guy who matche-make between supernatural.

I'm sure we can work something out for you. We have an outer deity. Single mother/father/@%#!#.

We have a werewolf. If you're into that. We also have other Vampires. In the note, I would suggest checking out our blind date site for supernatural.

Trust us, we have been doing this since the dark ages.

Now I would like to clarify some things. We are a dating agency. So please don't try to hit on our employees. We don't wanna repeat the Hyde incident.

If you're interested, please visit.


MaryMary8249 t1_iy9s65b wrote

Oh god. There's a lot to tackle here. As a human who's currently in a serious relationship a vampire and planning to propose this week...

You should have told her first. This is one of the first things Jake (M21) told me. (Jake's mother was a human who got married in 1957. She had Jake in 2000. That's why he's so young.) He said that if I didn't want to marry him, that was okay, and everything could be chill and we could be a fling until I broke up with him and/or died.

I (F20) am from a really orthodox Hindu family. I, obviously, really want to get married because of my tradition. However, this also allows me to sympathize with him. I understand his tradition as well. We're planning on doing a Hindu wedding and, later, a Vamp wedding.

Jake's Vamp lineage traces all the way back to Hungary and Oslo, actually. After that, we can't find anything more, and DNA tests just give us a barrage of random information that isn't very helpful. (Yes, I know I'm 100% Malayali. They don't know where he's from at all, though, so it doesn't work for us.) It's not very helpful.

Luckily for me, the whole "garlic" thing is something we have in common, because Orthodox Hindu families don't eat garlic. Unfortunately, I love garlic. (I eat it in secret. I discovered it in college.) When Jake first tasted garlic -- before I knew he was Vamp -- he loved it. And then, he broke out into hives, and I used my epi on him. (It worked!)

But, enough about me, let's talk about you.

You should have told your (hopefully) future bride about that at first. Have you considered a "commitment ceremony"? It's something people do when they can't get married for legal reasons. Or, perhaps, you could have a wedding in her faith and then in yours. Jake's cousin Silas (M172) and his wife Ruth (F52) had a Jewish wedding and then, when she was 37, she got bit and is now stuck as a 37-year-old.

That's really all I can say. I think that I can't say much more. I am hesitant to label someone from a Vamp background that I don't know at all about as a jerk. But, because you didn't know better (and because she's being reasonable), NAH.


HopefulMarzipan9163 t1_iy9ugq4 wrote

Mmm kinda YTA. She probably has her reasons on why she doesn’t want to turn and that’s okay. The process of turning into a vampire, let alone the changes in your body, can be very devastating and can almost be critical if their body doesn’t handle it well. I had this same talk with my husband (and a very deep one too about this) before finally turning him. And let me tell you this, he was bedridden for weeks on end after our wedding.

The poor thing was feverish and in constant pain before feeling that constant hunger that couldn’t be satiated. (Good thing for the extra blood packs). The pain got bad to where he legit was sobbing. Not only that, he was now considered “dead” as the humans would dub us, so he couldn’t really use pain killers.

Plus it’s rude to push our tradition onto other who are really accustomed to our tradition. Especially mortals. Had to learn that myself too, don’t worry.

You also are just following tradition on which she also does not understand, but the thing is this is the 21st century now. Not the 18th century. A lot of things have changed now. But i really do hope you and your soon-to-be-wife talk through this and discuss about it!


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WernerderChamp t1_iy5z3pr wrote

Interesting prompt format. Unfortunately, I do not have time to answer it, but that was a refresher scrolling through this sub.


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy7jt1j wrote

Seen it a couple times before, I wanted to give it a go :)


My-Last-Hope t1_iy91l7r wrote

I feel like OP may be an actual vampire seeking advice but they cannot say they're a vampire


Crystal1501 OP t1_iy93sib wrote

SHHHH! YOU'LL GIVE ME AWAY! Umm... Vampires don't exist, remember? Heh heh... heh...


soffey t1_iy9208o wrote

I was about to suggest we need a subreddit for fake AITA posts like this and then I remembered that is just like full on half (at least) of AITA stories on the real sub.