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PuffyFish23 t1_iy0b4gy wrote

You had the baby carefully hidden in your robes, it was lucky the baby looked like you. He had your same black hair that never stayed in place, the same brown eyes, and the same skin that was so pale it looked translucent.

You quickly made your way to the cave where your sister, Lucia, greeted you. You quickly rushed past her causing the baby to cry, but you ran into your room.

"Be quiet little one, Aunt Lucia mustn't see you yet. She will have to act as your mother until we can find another way to sustain you." You said trying to calm the baby down.

But he surprised when you slipped into his thoughts you could see redness of vampiric desire.

"It can't be. How can you be the last..." then you realize.

"You must be mine and Marie's son, but see told me that she wasn't pregnant."

'Why would she lie to me, I thought she wanted the vampiric line to continue. Now the vampiric line will continue it won't end with King Sorcen the Failure. That's what I've been called all my life now you will be the next king. King Arthern.'

‐--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading, I might continue this story later. I specialize in short stories and I'm always in need of prompts so I think I found the right Subreddit. Also as you can tell I'm horrible at coming up with names, so please share some with me.


ThePancakeDocument t1_iy0zgf0 wrote

The “you” was a bit confusing and I had to reread it twice before I got it. Honestly there are tons of random name generators out there! Some you can even specify time periods, genre of work you are using it for, and locations.