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Stressed_Beach t1_iy0tn2c wrote

Queen Larissa humms thoughtfully and sips her wine, considering each line of the prophecy she had received earlier that day. She wanted to believe it false, that her reign would end at the hand of the baby she had been shown, but her sister’s prophecies had always come true.

“Are you alright my love?” her husband, Cedric asks.

“Do you think I’m cruel?” Larissa replies, gesturing to one of her slaves to pour her more wine.

The boy is shaking and wine splashes out of the goblet. Larissa glares at the boy and grabs his wrist.

“Useless child,” she snaps, “guards take him to the dungeon. He’ll be hung tomorrow at noon.”

The guards obey and drag the young slave away. The other slaves shrink back, trying to hide from the Queen’s wrath. Larissa takes another large sip from her goblet.

“You’re not cruel to me,” Cedric speaks and Larissa glances at her husband, having forgotten she had asked him that question. He fiddles slightly with the chains that wrap around his wrist.

“So you do believe that I’m cruel,” Larissa comments and Cedric nods slightly.

“Larissa stop asking ridiculous questions. You’re rule has been plagued by blood and suffering of course you’re cruel. You just sentenced a boy to death for spilling some wine, I can only imagine what you’ll try to do to escape your fate,” her sister, Arella says from the other end of the table.

“Aren’t you the one who is always telling me that once a prophecy is willed it’s fate is unavoidable?” Larissa mutters.

“Yes, but you don’t usually listen to me, why should I expect this time to be different.”

“Because I’ve decided I’m going to raise this boy as my own. If I’m too be overthrown by this child then it will be on my own terms. I sent Captain Carter to retrieve the boy for me,” Larissa says.

“You’ve always tried to cheat your fate in whatever way possible,” Arella sighs and stands to leave.

There is a knock at the door and Captain Carter steps into the room, holding a sleeping baby. Larissa smiles and the Captain bows deeply.

“I found the child your Majesty. Would you like me to dispose of it?” He asks.

“No. The boy is my son now,” Larissa says and takes the baby from Captain Carter, uncaring about the blood stains on the thin blanket.

“Do you have a name for him my love?” Cedric asks.

“I was thinking Ezekiel,” Larissa replies and hands the baby off to Cedric, “find a wet nurse and make the announcement that my son has been born.”

“I look forward to the day your reign ends sister,” Arella says and storms out of the room.

The bang of the door wakes Ezekiel and his cries echo around the dining room. Cedric rocks him gently and Larissa smiles at her new son.