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Banzgirl t1_iy2mfzj wrote

"I took you from your mother's corpse after he slaughtered your village. The meat wasn't cooked to his liking, so he went on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. It lasted 5 hours. Lucky for us, in his rage, he missed you. He went to sleep when he was all raged out, and I took control for a few minutes.

I recognised you by the birthmark on your palm. I instructed the servants to cut your hands, and cause some other injuries to hide the birthmark, to keep you safe so he would never find you. I hid you in the dungeons because I knew he'd never look there. And I taught you everything you needed to know to be able to kill him.

I'm sorry I never told you the entire truth, but it was necessary, so that you could fullfil the prophecy, and kill the demon in me, end his reign of terror. Do not mourn the fact that I am dying as well, my son. Thank you for finally freeing me. "

The son I had raised in secret for so many years, that I have come to love so dearly, stood above me, his hands stained with my blood, and the demon's. I felt the life drain out of me. I felt the absence of the demon. My mind was mine, and quiet. I had never been more proud, and hopeful for a better future. He will be a good king.

I relaxed my body, and waited for death and peace to finally take me, and in those final moments my son's face changed, an expression I had never seen before. And as my sight faded, I heard him say, "Oh no, thank you, old king, for bringing me home to my true father. You didn't honestly think you could hide me, did you? He is truly grateful to you, for giving him the idea to raise me as his own, instead of fighting fate. Yes, I killed him, and you, the last thing that stood in his way. Soon, he shall be reborn ... In me. Good-bye, old king."