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robertroquemore t1_iy3wvh3 wrote

The king had long waited for the passing of the queen mother. The tales of his murdering his uncle and usurping the throne had gone on for almost 10 years. I was on his coronation day that the hermit came into the cathedral and pronounced the prophecy. A small child was to one day end his evil reign, and he himself would suffer the same fate as his uncle.

The queen mother had him arrested, and named a long list of her courtiers to the royal advisor panel. I officially petitioned to replace them with the retired knights that fought with my father. My request met with mockery and I was forced to watch as the queen mother had it buried in the archives.

The historian in the royal archives assured me that if I ever wished to repetition, the document would be made ready in a day. I quietly retired after a day at court, overseen by the queen mother, who made sure no one from the families of influence or the clergy received their petitions. A guard beckoned to me, and I realized it was Sir Morgan, my uncle's most trusted and honored knight!

He told me of the birth of boy the same day as my coronation. This boy had been hidden by the clergy in a remote region since birth. I realized the hermit who pronounced the prophecy was also the abbey of the hermitage. Since the youngster was only a few years from manhood, the knights and clergy had taken a vow to protect him.

I knew that if the kingdom learned the truth, the kingdom would be torn asunder. Many of the remote regions were starving and suffering, while the courtiers and friends of the queen mother lived in luxury. Sir Morgan assured me that if the child was victorious, all I needed to do was abdicate and allow him to take the throne. Sir Morgan was the only other man in the kingdom who knew that my "evil reign" was the work of the queen mother, who was also responsible for the death of my uncle.

A plan was put into place. I quietly whispered it to Sir Morgan the secret entrance to the royal armory, and slipped him the key to the royal vault. The child had been trained by the hermits and made aware of his destiny. Sir Morgan knew that an old ally of my uncle was also poised on the border. ready to move at his orders.

The vault also held proof of the true nature of my uncle's death, a note sealed with my uncle's royal seal. I told Sir Morgan that he must show this to the child and the old ally. He knew the danger of the mission, but assured me that the peasants were ready to follow the child.

The armies of our ally marched upon the capital, but held their distance. Sir Morgan had gathered the knights of old and surrounded the child. I knew the only way for the plan to succeed was for me to open the drawbridge upon the signal. As I quietly approached the castle guard, I ordered them to take up their positions on the wall.

I heard the battle horn of Sir Morgan sound, and ran to lower the drawbridge. The old ally and the knights of old led an army of peasants through the gate and into the city. I knew it was only a matter of time before the peasants overcame the palace guard and royal army. I ran to give the petition to the child, but the queen mother put her poisoned blade between my shoulders.

Sir Morgan had her arrested. The child visited me upon my bed, and I thanked the child for his courage and willingness to help our kingdom. The queen mother had been banished and made to live in a tower. The old hermit who had pronounced the prophecy came to my bed, and after applying some poultices and giving me a potion, assured me I would recover.

I called Sir Morgan to my bed, and I gave them my edict, declaring the child the rightful ruler and the knights of old his royal advisors. My abdication was complete, but Sir Morgan assured me that my selflessness would be forever remembered. I did recover, but would walk with a limp for the rest of my days. The hermitage offered me shelter, and the knights of old would visit me twice a year. The child often sent supplies and notes of thanks. I knew that the kingdom was safe!