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photoshopper42 t1_iwy9jlr wrote

"Me? A God?" I laugh as he stares at me with that blank expression.

"I know you are. I can see it. I have seen your strength in gym class."

"I just like to work out."

"And how you know all the answers in classes"

"And I'm smart. Listen, I'm sorry I'm talented but that doesn't make me a god. And I doubt that you are a god either."

He grabs me and then goes off running. It happens so fast that I can barely register, but a few seconds later I am in the middle of a desert. I guess he is a god after all.

He tells me I have this power too, that I just have to unlock it. I am still not buying it. I'm just a regular Joe. If I was a god, I would certainly know it. If I was a God, I certainly wouldn't have pissed the bed until I was 13. But he is convinced, so I start training. I start running as fast as I can, but I never get anything near super human speeds. I mean, I'm still pretty fast, but nothing that anybody on the track team can't beat.

He tries making me throw around giant rocks. He demonstrates by lifting one and then throwing it across the desert. I try to copy him but I cannot lift it at all. I can feel my veins jumping out of my neck. My fingertips are so strained as I try to lift it, but nothing. I can see his disappointment. He looked at me so unexpectedly. He tells me he knows that I am capable of so much. That I could be a powerful god with amazing powers. We just need to figure out how to unlock my powers. He has an idea.

We go to the top of a skyscraper. I look over the edge. Yup. Definitely high up. He tells me to fly. Great. A real do or die scenario, just great. I look over the edge again. I can't do it. There's no way. It is way too far down and I am not even convinced that-

I can't even finish my thoughts because he just pushed me off the edge of the building. Now I am just shocked by the feeling of falling. And then by the feeling of splatting. He looks down at the red mess that used to be my body. I guess he was wrong. I wasn't a god after all. Just a regular ol bedwetter.


Careless_Anywhere_23 OP t1_iwyasdo wrote

Great twist that I didn’t expect


Lolurisk t1_ix0rm65 wrote

Is it a twist though? He is still narrating after his own death


Looxond t1_ix1m0sk wrote

this implies he somehow survived the fall for a bit before dying


Looxond t1_iwzvdr5 wrote

I think of a part 2 where the boy instead of an instant death, his soul refuses to die, anger fulling his existance to get revenge against that so called god


SubaruSufferu t1_ix08g61 wrote

I mean, it's not exactly like he stopped thinking - maybe his physical body was holding him back, and by getting rid of it, he can ascend to a higher plane spiritually


GayWritingAlt t1_ix0jrub wrote

I’d like to think that that boy god killed like three-four other supposed gods