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PuffyFish23 t1_iy07myw wrote

"Please." He begs as the anticipate how he will taste. Then the man continues "Stop, you're so bad at singing."

You lean down pulling the man up and dragging your claws down his sides to keep him in place.

"I'm only bad because I have to be." You say drag out grinding noise of stones that is your voice.

You grab the sailor and use the rope tie him to a tree in a way that makes him have bend his arms backwards.

"You can't fight a siren. You can only die." You say while grabbing another sailor and tying his body to a flat rock to burning hot rock.

'Nice for torture, I should use this rock more often.' You think as the man screams from the heat.

You quickly tie up the other sailors and late at night you tie one to cooking fire.

You had a nice dinner for the rest of the week because of those sailors.