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sootspot t1_ixtfssx wrote

Honestly, write about what it means to be gay and have a home. I would love to read about that. 💚


Chance-Recording4260 t1_ixt9q2g wrote

You decide to go to a random funeral and discover they lived a parallel life to yours and you never even met them once


Cryptic_998 OP t1_ixtk2jx wrote

When I learned about the parallel me or well… Mara, when I learned about how they lived their life I was almost surprised and a bit saddened by their death. The lived almost the exact same style and yet I never saw them ever…it makes sense since I would always mind my own business and it seems that they did as well. What I don’t get is…how could they die this young whilst I’m still alive and well. I kept asking myself that question hour after hour…

Mara, a high-school dropout who was 22 around the age she died, when she was around my age she kept quiet, read books, avoided others and somehow ended up as a hoodlum once she dropped out, hanging out around alleyways and robbing gullible people who thought to take a shortcut. I guess life really changes people. When I saw the old photos of her she really was close to me, even having that same emotionless face but when I saw her recent photos… it was as if something awoken in her, her new piercings and scars sticking out the most. Looking at them now…I wondered if I would go down the same path.

In the middle of the night, I hopped the cemetery fence, we had a bit of a problem with teens a while back so they put up a small security fence. I found the tombstone and sat down in front of it. “Hey Mara…you probably don’t know me but uhm… You can call me Void. I’m 15 and a freshmen at your old school, you and I were pretty similar. When I asked your friends about who you were, they said you were pretty metal. You collected knives and listened to some dark songs, but back then you loved to spend your days drawing. You still probably did before you died but…point is I’m sad that I didn’t get to meet you at all.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, I played my favorite song, MASK. “Here, I hope you like this one.” I spent the entire night in the cemetery, I just couldn’t leave her side. Even if I didn’t know her, she was dope as hell.


TerrificTooMan t1_ixtihvn wrote

When you planned on coming out to your parents, you were expecting a long, drawn-out conversation, like on TV. What you got was a "neat."


Galaxy72 t1_ixtmrof wrote

You are getting a feeling that your friend my be a murderer, and you might be his next target.


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imariaprime t1_ixt8l3a wrote

The day after the funeral of someone close.


phantune t1_ixtjdsi wrote

You just saw a car accident that killed a kid and her parents leaving behind 86 years old grandma.


TheRepublicAct t1_ixtrwyy wrote

A veteran finding it difficult to return to normal life.


GoldenSteel t1_ixu35kr wrote

A traveler ponders the nature of death, and the many ways various cultures respond to it.