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PolarisStorm OP t1_iv5tshz wrote

Now that I'm finally done with a prompt so I don't have to worry about the six-hour rule, I wanna say thank you all for the prompts! I'll try my best to do as many of them that give me inspiration as I can.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv7ados wrote

Hi again! It's me! Ya boy!

Thank you all again for your prompts! My workday is almost over now, and I'm really appreciative of you all keeping me busy on a super slow day. I can't promise I'll get to all of your wonderful prompts. There's a lot, but still, keep them coming. I love to see them! I do at least work tomorrow, so that'll be some more time to kill as well. Also, once I get to my dorm, I'll gather the prompts that I have the most ideas for and at least write my story ideas out in a doc so I don't forget!