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rdchat t1_iv5o5k5 wrote

There have been so many bizarre disasters lately. God must be really bored, too.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv6ilni wrote

I looked down at the newspaper and skimmed the headline. "Freak Accident Involving 7 Cows and a Seagull, 18 Dead."

You would think I'd be shocked at this sort of headline, but no, not really. This was actually… Kind of average. The day before, the headline was "37 Dead In Frog Swarm." And the day before that, it was "Hundreds Injured In Fluffy Tornado."

It was kind of insane, actually. Why did these weird sort of things happen to my sleepy little town, and only this town? It's not like anything super important ever happens here… Besides whatever is causing these sorts of weird incidents, I guess.

Now, I'm not really religious, but I've at least heard of some of the more famous stories from the Bible. This situation kind of reminded me of the Twelve Plagues of Egypt. What plagued my town was a lot stranger than that, though. I wondered, did someone here commit some atrocious sin that required these plagues? Or was this God's equivalent of playing the Sims and removing the ladder from the pool?

I crumpled up my newspaper and looked outside. I could see clouds in the sky. Strangely, these clouds were not just shades of gray and white. They were black, brown, and orange too.

I watched as it literally began to rain cats and dogs. It was upon that sight that I decided that this situation was indeed caused by God being so bored that my town was now his chaotic Sims game.

So that was fun.


Fehnboi t1_iv5ps4y wrote

Time to go on a bizarre adventure, right?