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QuillWellington t1_iv5o6xr wrote

“The office floor burbles outward menacingly. You decide to respond to it.”


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv5t6mf wrote

I tried to focus my attention on the spreadsheet on my computer, but it was nigh impossible with the loud creaking and burbling noises that came from the floor. I glanced down at it as it began to gurgle. "Yeah?" I asked, "What’s up? What are you trying to tell me this time?"

The floor continued to make gurgling noises, before replying, "... I… Kill your family, Lily… Follow you home… Kill…"

I laughed in reply, which immediately got it to shut up. "How many times do I have to tell you? My family is either already dead or I don't care if you try to kill them. If you're trying to scare me, you're failing." I brought my attention back to my spreadsheet. Yeah, the deadline for that is in a few hours, I should probably deal with that. I began to type for a few moments.

Soon, though, a staticky voice came from my monitor. It hissed, "Oh, but the curse! The curse, the curse, the curse! How will you cope with the curse?"

"Curse?" I echoed. "This isn't a damn curse! This is, like, a minor annoyance. Sure, it sucks that mundane objects are threatening to burn my house down and kill my family or whatever, but none of you ever do anything. It's all just threats emptier than my bank account. That witch or whatever from my last job needs to get better curses."

"I will do it, I will do it!" my monitor replied, "I am invincible, I will hack into and delete everything you love!"

"Please do, I need a little spice in my life," I scoffed. "Actually, here! Let me see if you can hack me after this." I pushed the power button on the monitor.

The monitor squealed as I pushed the button, "No, wait! Please, I have so much to live for! So much to live-" before finally turning off.

The familiar voice of the floor gurgled, "God… You killed… Monitor…"

I shook my head, before replying, "No, it could still talk to me if it wasn't so stupid. I've had plenty of turned-off electronics talk to me before. Its motherboard is just too small to comprehend that-"

I shut up as I heard a different, yet familiar voice say, "Uh, Lily?" I turned to the direction of the voice, to see my supervisor. I had never seen a look that confused and concerned on a guy's face before.

All I could say was "Um… Hey, Dave! I can explain."


troutlegs1 t1_iv5rj9h wrote

Not OP, but let's have a go!

You were sitting quite innocently at your desk, on one of those prototypical square chairs. The type that are designed for people with square asses and unnaturally straight backs. Or people whose body fits the shape that they apply themselves to. The kind of chair that you could make out of a giant paperclip if you bend it right.

It's an ordinary day. The coffee is brown. The sun is shining - beaming - directly into your eye. There are six emails wrestling their way into your inbox, all with the urgent exclamation mark. URGENT: We've ran out of coffee. Unknown what is in the machine. Urgent: Toilet backed up . Wasnt me. URGENT: Mysterious beam coming from outside.

What you wouldn't do for an excuse right now. Anything to take your attention away from the mundanity of work. Your lucky, though. The floor beneath you seems to be bulging. The chair your sitting on seems to have lifted an inch. You were reading the word Credentials, but now your reading the word Sexy. You should really delete that bookmark.

Standing up, it's confirmed that the floor has indeed lifted an inch. Two inches now. Three. It's like a matter bending in the space time continuum, or something like that. The chair is still standing square on the growing nub.

There is little you can do now. Your supervisor has spotted you and asked why your standing up. Nevermind he says. Don't worry about it and sit back down.

Don't worry about the space time continuum bending matter in the office? Or some sort of paranormal mole digging its way out of the steel and concrete foundations of the building?

Alright, you say. Alright. I'll sit back down. As if the seat couldn't get any more uncomfortable.


Not my best :l

Started a Substack. Hoping to upload more twice a week. More to come, only one chapter there now. Check it out:


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv7bz05 wrote

I like this a lot! Very relatable, besides the weird floor. Makes me wonder if the supervisor knows anything about what's causing the warping, or is just so dead inside that they can't care anymore. Or both!


prozacandcoffee t1_iv5pkaw wrote

You slowly realize you're a background character.


Kitty_Fuchs t1_iv5u8re wrote

You have a habit of shouting your problems into the void in the hopes that it will make you feel better. Today the void decided to answer and offer some help.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv6beds wrote

The man stared up into the sky, his eyes filling with tears. This meadow was empty, but that was okay. This was his meadow. It was his meadow to meditate in and spend some time away from other people. Most importantly, it was a place where he could cry and scream, and nobody would hear him. 

The stars sparkled brightly as he stared. They felt welcoming and comforting to him. It was as if they were encouraging him to weep.

He listened to the stars' silent encouragement, as the tears finally began to fall. He balled his hands into fists as he wailed to the sky, "I don't understand it! I don't get it! I have worked so hard to get here, but it's never enough! Nothing I do is ever enough for my boss, my professors, my friends… I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Every day is so tiring, so painful! And nobody notices how much I hurt! Nobody!"

He placed his head in his hands as he weeped more. Everything besides him was quiet and still, as if he wasn't even there in the first place.

At least… That was the case for a little while. After a while of weeping, a whisper came: "Oh, Seth… You truly think nobody sees your pain?"

"Huh?" Seth replied. He looked around, trying to find who said those words, but failed to see much of anything. 

"I am up here," the whisper came again. "I am the void and space who you cry to at night. I see you nearly every night, and you think I do not see your hurt?"

Seth stared up at the sky. The stars seemed to twinkle even brighter, as he said, "To be honest, I did not know you were…"

"Sentient?" the void asked. "It's okay. I understand. Few have ever heard my voice, and none know my name. But that is enough about me. What exactly is wrong, Seth? I wish to try and help."

For a long while, Seth was silent. After what felt like forever, he managed to whisper out, "... I feel so alone. Nobody knows me, nobody talks to me. I don't really have friends or anything. And I guess it just kind of hurts, because I want to have friends and go out with people, but nobody wants to hang out with me. I keep asking people if they want to get some food or hang out or whatever, and they're always busy."

"I am not busy," the void replied. "I am hanging out and talking with you now, am I not?"

"Yeah, I suppose you are," Seth answered.

A group of stars that formed a downwards-pointing arch shimmered brighter, as the void chirped, "I am your friend, Seth. You are the only one who has talked to me in millennia. And to prove it, I will tell you the one thing nobody else knows about me."

It whispered, "My name is Eve."


rdchat t1_iv5o5k5 wrote

There have been so many bizarre disasters lately. God must be really bored, too.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv6ilni wrote

I looked down at the newspaper and skimmed the headline. "Freak Accident Involving 7 Cows and a Seagull, 18 Dead."

You would think I'd be shocked at this sort of headline, but no, not really. This was actually… Kind of average. The day before, the headline was "37 Dead In Frog Swarm." And the day before that, it was "Hundreds Injured In Fluffy Tornado."

It was kind of insane, actually. Why did these weird sort of things happen to my sleepy little town, and only this town? It's not like anything super important ever happens here… Besides whatever is causing these sorts of weird incidents, I guess.

Now, I'm not really religious, but I've at least heard of some of the more famous stories from the Bible. This situation kind of reminded me of the Twelve Plagues of Egypt. What plagued my town was a lot stranger than that, though. I wondered, did someone here commit some atrocious sin that required these plagues? Or was this God's equivalent of playing the Sims and removing the ladder from the pool?

I crumpled up my newspaper and looked outside. I could see clouds in the sky. Strangely, these clouds were not just shades of gray and white. They were black, brown, and orange too.

I watched as it literally began to rain cats and dogs. It was upon that sight that I decided that this situation was indeed caused by God being so bored that my town was now his chaotic Sims game.

So that was fun.


Fehnboi t1_iv5ps4y wrote

Time to go on a bizarre adventure, right?


NinjaMonkey4200 t1_iv6c661 wrote

You can do things that are physically impossible, like walking through walls and lighting fires underwater. The problem is, you can't do possible things, only impossible ones.


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PolarisStorm OP t1_iv5tshz wrote

Now that I'm finally done with a prompt so I don't have to worry about the six-hour rule, I wanna say thank you all for the prompts! I'll try my best to do as many of them that give me inspiration as I can.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iv7ados wrote

Hi again! It's me! Ya boy!

Thank you all again for your prompts! My workday is almost over now, and I'm really appreciative of you all keeping me busy on a super slow day. I can't promise I'll get to all of your wonderful prompts. There's a lot, but still, keep them coming. I love to see them! I do at least work tomorrow, so that'll be some more time to kill as well. Also, once I get to my dorm, I'll gather the prompts that I have the most ideas for and at least write my story ideas out in a doc so I don't forget!


rdchat t1_iv5ouqx wrote

Your coworkers decided to surprise you with an at-work escape room challenge. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell you. Good luck going home today!


TheLettre7 t1_iv5x0zl wrote

So bored eating lunch in a mall cafeteria, you start people watching and slowly realize this is a very weird mall.


Mitheau t1_iv5xkxq wrote

"To say this was the worst day I'd had was an understatement. But I had to say, the upside to this was I finally got to see what a live troll looked like. And that didn't happen everyday. Usually it just happened on your last day."


Kittymore18 t1_iv5yx3h wrote

You play a game of never have I ever with your married crush and feelings get discovered...


ravenrcft t1_iv62el7 wrote

A vaccine has been discovered and there's a one in a billion chance you'll never have a new memory but you'll live forever. You decide to take it. You are the fringe fraction that loses your ability to remember. There are slight slips of lucidity as you trip through time.


ph30nix01 t1_iv65nzw wrote

"Okay look, I need you to PR this reality update. I identified the concept blocking life the universe and everything and it passed unit testing and QA. Please make sure all existing paradoxes are not effected and the new paradox always cancels them out. Don't worry you don't need to know which one it is, just make sure any paradox still works to confirm."


Ok_Challenge_1674 t1_iv680vy wrote

Your an average high school student. You keep out of others business, you have a decent relationship with your teachers, and your grades are unremarkable, but not horrible. As the last period starts, you get into your routine before classes: getting all of your things out while the teacher does their introduction, tie your hair back, and start note-taking in your school journal . . . when all of a sudden, before you could even write a word down, it's already the end of the day.

(This is a story I started writing for a different prompt. It'd be cool to see how someone else would do it without the same requirements I had)


rainbow--penguin t1_iv68nfx wrote

Redecorating your house, you find something surprising under one of the many layers of wallpaper.


RPBN t1_iv6917o wrote

You have to poop, but you live in a musical universe and a group just burst into a song and dance number between you and the bathroom. How will you manage without engaging in the "I Craped Myself Today" song.


SirPiecemaker t1_iv6cc79 wrote

"In the end, the day was saved by nothing else but cheese. Brie, to be exact."


Breadinator t1_iv6jd3t wrote

Fanantical terrorists. Extra terrestrials. Multidimensional abominations from other worlds. Many say thwarting these are the hardest and most important parts of my work. The truth of the matter is, saving the world is easy, natural even.


The hardest part of my job is my cover: a bored worker on a quiet shift awaiting the next Call. This is what truly tests me.


N_ShadowFrog t1_iv6t75t wrote

You are a famous adventurer whose slain countless monsters. One day your status screen opens saying, evolutionary requirements for goblin, ogre, slime, and skeleton race have been achieved. Please chose one or be randomly assigned.


NozakiMufasa t1_iv6urvt wrote

The lion at the zoo is not only capable of human speech but he’s a famous sax player.


Astro_Venatas t1_iv87s79 wrote

You are an elven spy in the modern who is discovered in the most awkward way.


Same_ol_Mammoth t1_iw5whev wrote

A rustey robot with a is about to power down for the last time


Same_ol_Mammoth t1_iw5whw0 wrote

A rustey robot with a is about to power down for the last time