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Helicopterdrifter t1_ixwir7x wrote

I'm still relatively new with my own sub, and it's been a bit of learning process. I started mine up out of a necessity to make my work more manageable/productive.

I was completing WPs that were pulling scenes, characters, and powers from a story I'm developing. Several users expressed interest in that particular storyline and wanted me to message them when I posted similar stories. As more people requested that I PM them, it was looking kind of intensive for notifying several users of each post.

So I made a sub for a centralized location for those stories and just sent the link to those users. I'm still adjusting flairs, collections and content, but what I recommend is utilizing scheduled posts. I haven't set this up on mine yet, but I have it set up on other platforms and it definitely makes life easier in regards to productivity.

I'm still tinkering with flairs and collections, but the latter seems to be the better place option for my needs.



MajorParadox OP t1_ixxou29 wrote

Hey would you like some user flair for your subreddit?


Helicopterdrifter t1_ixyk178 wrote

I've added a few but I haven't figured out how to put it on a menu yet. The only way I saw to select it was clicking your username on one of your comments.


MajorParadox OP t1_ixzwyvo wrote

On r/WritingPrompts only mods can set user flairs. I was asking if you'd like me to set yours for you 🙂