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exponentials t1_iyduuc7 wrote

The city of Anaheim was under attack, and our heroes had yet to arrive. The villains of each district united and knew we had to take action. This was not only our home, but our playground as well – if the heroes fail, there'll be no one else to blame but ourselves.

So I took the first steps towards leading our motley crew of villains, plotting out a plan that could save us if not entirely redeem us. We didn't plan on being heroes, but today marks a turning point in my life – I'm no longer sure what side I'm fighting for.

Just then I saw a glimpse of movement dark against the skyline; at first it seemed like one of the heroes had come to save us, but then I realized that it was something else entirely – The Creature. It gathered up its minions from the depths below and wreaked havoc upon Anaheim with an unearthly rumble; like the breath of death itself sweeping over us all.

The villains fought bravely against The Creature, though we all knew this was not going to be enough given its sheer size and strength. We did whatever we could distract it long enough for us to forge a plan, bur as we did so it advanced relentlessly towards every corner of our beloved city.

Suddenly, without warning or time for reflection, a brilliant light pierced through the darkness like an arrow – it seemed to be coming from inside me – giving me strength far greater than before as well as knowledge of what we were supposed to do now that every hope was lost. Our group split into two sides: one following my lead to fight together with some sort of transcendent energy directed at stopping this unstoppable beast; while the other provided support with weapons and tools designed on another plane outside of space and time itself.

After days of fighting off The Creature and saving civilians, my team and I declared victory for Anaheim. But with every step forward there seemed to be two back — our victory didn't cure the underlying deeds we had committed here in the past. The feeling of compassion that had emerged during our fight against evil left me feeling empty inside.

That's when it clicked: I could never return to my life as a villain after this night - because morally speaking, none of us had any choice but to become who we are now... Heroes — a title I would never accept, no matter how much good we did in our city.