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ilil01 t1_iyf29fl wrote

That's my first try writing something, also not being a native English speaker, so sorry if I messed something up (:

One gulp of water. One another.

— Well, what a situation that has turned up to be, huh.

Snakeskin threw empty bottle away. It bounced from one of the many corpses. Going through his usual armonry, he prepared himself to face the enemy. Being the only bad guy in the Riverside to overlive two consequentional generations of heroes, now he has to see the third one going against the Horde, trying to stop it from devastating the city.

For thirty years these weaklings foolishly tried to enforce a "full and proper order" in the city, causing all sorts of nuisances for those who were using unconventional means to build a somewhat better life in there. Many others were caught, some fleed to one of a less "heroic" cities or even submitted themselves to heroes. Not Snakeskin.

At first it was sort of difficult — being just another one of homeless boys in a large trading city, getting yourself something to eat and wear for a price one can handle — free, namely — without disturbing any hero was a challenge not everyone could handle. Not so much of a choice, though, since all those smug cretins having any business here were not interested in any worker other than from their families or friends. Getting into legal life after being born outside of it was a truly impossible goal here.

Now, after all those years, having a full-fledged organization of spies and thiefs with a vast connections to legal and illegal companies in other cities, with the capital itself included, life seemed to be settled down. Until the Horde has come. And all the heroes — these good-for-nothing jerks, born in a veil of wellbeing, who never had to fight for their life — only for their messed up principles of "lawfullness" and "proper way to live one's life" — are now being completely useless.

— I think I've seen enough.

So Snakeskin goes to his favourite place &mdash empty so-called "park" between slums and somewhat richer houses, where he always has better thinking. A plan should be come up with, the organization should be provided with water-clear orders, and all possible outside connections should be brought up as to get as much help as possible, with death being result of any failure. Nothing actually unusual, frankly.