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Iamhuntingwerewolves t1_iy7lrqu wrote

"A world without creativity" was the newspaper headline. As you read through the article it was so factual, and lacked any such flair and dramatics that have become the norm, even in the news. The article read like a thesis, purely factual, with statements based on evidence and conclusions from a scientific mind. Not a single piece of unnecessary information was included, nor any inferences or sway of opinion. Evidently the writers block you were suffering from was widespread. On the surface this didn't appear to be of big concern, but that dismissal was short lived. The world was changing moment by moment as politicians no longer had access to the endless stream "creativity" they would use in their reports, posts, media presentations to sway voters to their point of view. Not only the person on view, but their staff and speech writers behind them had no conspiracies or rumours to highlight to back up their unfounded reports, and simply had proven facts to call upon which more often than not provided contrary evidence. Artists of all sorts sat idle without a single muse left in existence to inspire them. Painters could only produce visions of what they saw before them, and film makers could only produce documentaries. The world was rapidly becoming a bleak place as mere conversation became wholly unfulfilling. Interactions between friends became little more than a recounting of an event much like reading the transcript of what had happened purely based on a visual recounting. One writer sat, staring at a blank word document, the cursor flashing on plain white background begging the universe to send him some inspiration about a superhero or alien. This dude was ready for a prompt.