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Meekoip t1_iy872uz wrote

He watched the man sipping his coffee. He knew he should be writing something witty, with awesome metaphors like the last post he had read. But he had nothing. His paper blank except a speck of dark dust on the corner. He looked up at the man again who took another sip of coffee. He wondered if it were black, or perhaps pumpkin spice. “Dare I go over to him and ask him for a sip? “ he thought to himself. What did he have to lose anyways? He didn’t have any ideas to write. His mind was empty. This was the first original thought he had all day while trying to think. Why not simply act on it and see what happens? He kept staring at The unsuspecting man. Trying to build up the courage to find out how he liked his coffee. He closed his eyes telling himself he could do it. He placed his first foot forward. Then the other. It was easier then he thought. He was now at the man who still didn’t look at him. He bent down taking the cup from his hand, putting the edge of the cup the his mouth and sipping. The world melted away in a collapse of colorful light. He was strapped down to a table. “How did you know how to escape the virtual world that I created DarkStalker!” The multi tentacled space alien asked? “DarkStalker! Thats my name! How did I forgot!” He flexed, bursted from the iron shackles that held him!