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FearMeImmortals t1_iyabxx9 wrote

A man is kidnapped and given extraordinary super powers. Turns out, it wasn't a government experiment gone wrong - the villain just wanted an enemy.

No, no, no! Something without superheroes. No matter how cool they may be. They're so overdone - even original ideas seem like tropes now. I've got to come up with something else.

You're out for your daily walk when suddenly you come across an abandoned space ship. You investigate further and discover something shocking... dogs are really aliens!

Okay, that one is unoriginal. I think I've seen the same thing a thousand times, maybe with some details exchanged for others. I mean, come on, aliens? Really? What the hell is wrong with me?

No, I have to come up with something better. Something so original no one will think "typical superhero or alien prompt".

Aliens are invading! They reveal to humanity that all aliens are superheroes and supervillains. They destroyed their old planet fighting - Earth is their new playground.

God, really? Alien superheroes? I swear, it is so hard to come up with prompts now.


That's it!

An r/WritingPrompts user struggles to write a prompt that isn't about superheroes or aliens.

Technically it's still about superheroes and aliens in a way, but at least it's somewhat creative, right?



Unironically love some of the prompts I came up with for this lol. But hope you enjoyed this! It was super fun to write even if short!