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Whyzocker t1_iwxwdkr wrote

I always dislike when prompts are written in a way that doesnt really make sense.

All of our space fairing and other advancements are based on the cutting edge of technology that can only really exist with out current mathematics. Sure there are some fringe mathematical concepts that dont have real life applications yet, but if there's another space fairing civilization out there, they sure as hell know at least as much maths as us.


Zeroth-unit t1_iwxxp04 wrote

I feel like the way to approach this prompt isn't really with tackling being a spacefaring race but all the other things we've done with mathematics.

Cryptography and encryption, data and signal processing, computer science, silicon-based AI and neural nets, all of that also requires math and it's conceivable that other species wouldn't go down the information technology route since it's possible that they never develop the need to. A good example of an alternate reality where our level of math didn't materialize is the Fallout universe where they practically never went past vacuum tube technology for things so information technology isn't as advanced as our microchip-laden world today. Sure they have advanced tech in other ways but it's not ubiquitous to the point of mundanity like us.

A prompt could then tackle for example a race that only needed the math to do orbital mechanics but only ever used light signals and other forms of simple visual communication that aren't very information dense vs us who can beam down images and video from probes all the way from Pluto.


the_very_next_day t1_iwymvtc wrote

you kinda need those things for exploring space too though...

but i like your idea, it explores the dichotomy of the information revolution we got, vs the space revolution we thought we would get

a similar theme is explored by asimov where by inventing time travel humanity turned inward on itself instead of outward to space.