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jazzy-rigatoni t1_ixklf8j wrote

Romance but the main characters find out they’re biological siblings


Exotailx3 t1_ixkpbs1 wrote

Horror, except the killer later finds out their victims can regenerate.


The-Doom-Knight t1_ixkqqeo wrote

Science-fiction, but then a wizard appears.


BeardsOnFire t1_ixkmlsx wrote

Comedy, but something feels off...


gheshrhogar t1_ixkpjm7 wrote

Grimdark but the most horrific, demon looking monsters actually just want to hug you


GameboyAlternate28 t1_ixlb110 wrote

Action Adventure but the antagonist is the protagonist from the future.


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AlexTheDaemonologist t1_ixkylax wrote

Fantasy but the other side of the world is populated by robots.


KingPezPez t1_ixl2g9d wrote

Horror except the protagonist is suffering from PTSD.


MeatyOvenBread_ t1_ixlhnlj wrote

Pokemon but instead of pokemon battles theirs animal battles


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