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184rgreaterodds t1_iw10mge wrote

I enjoyed this story starter. It immediately inspired what the 'worst mistake' would be, from a plot standpoint for my middle.

Worst because someone will end up reading it, and hate it like a good pun.


London-Roma-1980 t1_iw58yps wrote

A pro tip to those writing Beginnings for Trash... please choose a cliffhanger cutoff point where the writer has the most freedom. It's a tricky thing, but Fye nailed it here. Well done to u/FyeNite!


FyeNite t1_iw6425y wrote

Thank you! I was worried that it wasn't open enough actually. Or that I hadn't conveyed enough urgency or something. So super glad to hear you guys liked it!

And again, thank you for the praise!