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armageddon_20xx t1_iw14tnw wrote


"Never gonna let you down."

"Help?" Amelia screams and bangs on the door. "Let me out of here!"

"Never gonna run around and desert you."

"Wait, what?" she said aloud. No, it couldn't be. Absolutely not. Was I being... rickrolled? By the elevator?

"Never gonna make you cry."

At least I know when I'm getting out of here. She sunk to the floor and pulled out her phone, determined to wait out the rest of the song without panicking. Of course, there was no cellular or wi-fi signal. Sigh. At least she'd have something to tell her friends, maybe they could come back and experience this Rick Astley Trollevator together after a few glasses of wine.

"We know the game and we're gonna play it" were the last words before the song ended, the door flying open to reveal anything but the fifteenth floor, a dimly lit room with peeling blue wallpaper, the floor consisting of an arabesque beige tile. Everything was caked in dust and dirt.

"Welcome to the basement" a voice blared out from the speaker as she dared not leave the elevator.

"Uhh, I just wanted the fifteenth floor?" she said.

"Sure, but there's a catch. You've gotta sing back the entire contents of the song first. So hope you remember it."

"What kind of trick is this? I give up, you win. I just want to go back to my room!"

"So do I," he cackled, "but I'm never gonna give you up."

"Creepy," she said as she banged her phone. "Must... get... signal."

It took her hours before she got a signal through dumb luck, enough to download the lyrics and sing the song back perfectly, such that the elevator took her back to her room.

Now she tells everyone to avoid that elevator too.

[WC: 300]


184rgreaterodds t1_iw23155 wrote

Yes! That is a great ending to it. Thank you for completing it!

I had no idea where I would have taken the story if I had to do the end instead of the middle.


armageddon_20xx t1_iw3wa1p wrote

Thanks for the great middle! When I saw it I leaped off the couch and went straight to the computer.