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Hi, it's me again! One of my special interests is religion, and I especially love to write and make up my own gods and deities. I always have my other PM (that I should go back to and write some more for one day) for more general prompts, but here's my chance to indulge in one of the things I love writing the most! Go crazy :)



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JungleBoyJeremy t1_ixrimbz wrote

[WP] The year is 2042 and things aren’t going well for you. In your hour of need, you fall to you knees and sincerely pray to god and to your surprise, he answers. Interestingly, he only speaks Hawaiian.


spindizzy_wizard t1_ixrkc3v wrote

As a confirmed member of the Gaian Church, your beliefs are as far from technology as it is possible to be (a personal choice influenced by your great grand aunt's dedication to Gaia.)

As a technology researcher, you are as far from nature as you can get (a stipulation of your inheritance from your great grand uncle, brother of your aunt.)

In your latest research, disaster strikes, threatening everything you have been working towards.

In desperation, you pray to Gaia for aid, and she answers.


Kitty_Fuchs t1_ixrkunw wrote

It is possible to ascend to godhood, provided you perform a miracle. What you will be the god of is determined by the miracle you performed. You just had a completely ordinary day when you suddenly feel divine power flow through you.


Oneirominid t1_ixrqr5f wrote

[WP] You enter a coffee house which patrons are... far from mortal.


PolarisStorm OP t1_ixrxj1s wrote

I came here for a date, not what looked like a convention for eldritch deities, yet here we are.

I glanced around the coffee shop for a sign of anybody human, however, there was none to be found. Everyone there was in many shapes and sizes: some looked like truly eldritch horrors with twisting limbs and thousands of eyes, some looked just like animals, and some looked humanoid but with one thing or another off about them.

I mean… It’s too late now to back out, though, isn’t it?

I sighed as I approached the barista. Their eight spider-like limbs focused on making different drinks of many kinds. Their eyes focused on me, before they asked me with a scratchy voice, “Welcome to the Primordial Cafe. What can I get you today?”

“Yeah, can I, uh…” I paused as I glanced up at the menu that was written out. It was entirely in a language I couldn’t understand. “A large hot chocolate, if you have it?”

“We do, just a minute, sir,” the spider-like barista replied, before turning to fix my drink. To my surprise, the barista was surprisingly fast, and watching them make my drink with their lightning-quick machines and reflexes was almost like magic. Or, probably was magic. One of the two.

Once they were done, the barista passed my drink over to me. “Thank you, how much will that be?” I asked them.

“Nothing,” they replied, “You mortals aren’t even supposed to be here, nor do you have the currency we use. How did you even get here?”

I felt the urge to flee, but stayed in place as I answered, “I, ah… I’m waiting on a date of mine. His name was Calam. Would you know him, by chance?”

The barista’s many eyes seemed to warm as they chirped, “Oh! Calam’s my little brother. You’ll love him, I promise. Have fun!”

“Thank you,” I chirped, before sitting down at an empty table. I felt like I could feel thousands of eyes staring deep into my soul. I took a deep breath in and out, in an attempt to calm myself down.

Finally, after what felt like forever, Calum arrived. At first, his appearance startled me, but I could soon make the connections between the human disguise I saw on our last few dates and the bug-like deity I saw before me.

He still had his pale green eyes, though they were now large and insectoid. His hair was still long and an inky black, though it was now literal ink that somehow managed to remain on his scalp. He had feather-like antennae that reminded me of quills. His moth-like wings were made of paper, and had written words from many languages on them.

“I hope you don’t mind my new appearance,” he whispered as he sat in the chair across from me.

I shook my head, as I chirruped, “Oh, no, no, I don’t mind at all! You look great, really.”

“Okay, good!” he chirped. He passed over an entire book to me, and excitedly squeaked, “I wrote a few love poems for you! Or, a lot… But I’m a literary deity, how could I help myself?”


gaborrero t1_ixrsec5 wrote

A fallen deity attempts to reacquire their divinity.


PolarisStorm OP t1_iy7930d wrote

You took it all away from me, you know.

All I had ever wanted was to live among humans. The goddess life was never for me, though perhaps that is my personal bias. Even before I met you, I dreamed of nothing but escaping the cage that Okais trapped me in. I could see nothing but the black and inky void surrounding it, but I could hear the humans.

I listened to their voices as they tampered with what were once relics and gifts I bestowed to my followers, objects of eldritch power that they could not fully understand. My relics, which once gave me my powers, were now in the unworthy hands of the children of Okais.

But you… You gave me hope. You gathered all of my relics and summoned me. Your tongue whispered my very name, a name not used for eons! And just like that, the bars of my prison melted away into the void, and I was placed into the world of humans. I shapeshifted myself into a humanoid form, and I got a taste of freedom- a new life, not as a god, but as a human.

And then you betrayed me. It had only been months, and I had just gotten used to my new life and identity. I paid to you my debts for freeing me with service. I did so much for you! So tell me, Ken, why you outed me? “That is Panilies!” you screamed to the town, “The very being of blinding light and evil!” How could you, how dare you! I never asked to be the goddess of light! I never asked to be rescued by you!

So, you turned me into a laughing stock. Many didn’t believe you, but those who did turned their backs on me… Except for a select few. They are not laughing. No, no! They are worshipping me. They stole the sacred relics back from you, and we are now in the process of rewriting what was once my holy texts.

Bit by bit, we are rebuilding what I once had. And when the new moon sets, Panilies will be a name remembered and feared again.

I will once more rival the shadow father Okais.


PokingMidas t1_ixrz8f9 wrote

For mortals, it's been 5,000 years. For you, it's been two hours. It's the eldritch version of 3am and a cult is trying to summon you; all you want is a good night's sleep but it's the fifth time tonight.


Big-dickenballs t1_ixs331y wrote

You should post this by itself, it seems like it would have some good storys


BossViper28 t1_ixtrwwx wrote

A collection of gods watch the human world and see a man causing devastation beyond anything they have done.


Ox_of_Dox t1_ixt2ebo wrote

Zeus is found dead, and while the other gods and demi-gods try to solve the murder, he stays on the sidelines, monitoring the gods by cameras and informants. They finally find out once the murder is solved and are mad as Hades!