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Robysto7 t1_ivd4fd3 wrote

Tremors quaked as the hulking direwolf released the tree trunk from its massive jaws. A long pink floppy tongue drooped from jagged fangs. Piercing blue eyes peered from a tornado of silver fur. The pair of imperial guards clutched their golden helmets, dropping their silver spears at the foot of the might beast. Their minds overwhelmed with haunting howls.

I got the stick! I got the stick! Throw it again! Come on! Throw it again!

A booming drum echoed through the fort. Twenty men wheeled the enormous trebuchet out the gates. In perfect sync they loaded the tree trunk and primed the siege weapon. Brass horns blared. With a mighty launch the tree trunk flew into the clouds over the battlefield.

I'm gonna go get it! Have a treat ready next time okay?

The message jumped from brain to brain as the direwolf pounced off towards the horizon, kicking up an all engulfing dust storm. The soldiers went about their daily routine. They prepared two prisoners for wolfy, he was a good boy.