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Writeloves t1_iwvedgy wrote


PBlove t1_iwvgpvi wrote


Literally every person you murder with it, must have done something morally justifying the murder. Essentially any use is a minimum 2 cases of attempted homicide or similar.


Writeloves t1_iwvr1zx wrote

Or maybe it just transports you to Texas and gives you a house there so the castle doctrine applies lol


PBlove t1_iwvrcyi wrote

Even then it totally messes up your schedule and pulls a lot of cops off other duties to investigate something they would not have had to.

It also makes anyone you shoot at a criminal.


Writeloves t1_iww50gk wrote

True, though the cop thing would have happened even if the gun was normal. And I don’t know if you can really label as “criminals” all the people who were killed “justly” by people utilizing the castle doctrine. Though “entirely justified” does imply no one disagrees…

Maybe they make it a hunting accident instead and everyone considers you justified because the person you killed was walking in the woods in full (naturally colored) furry regalia. No creating a criminal, just a dumbass.


PBlove t1_iwwb4xq wrote

You go into another mans curtailage at 2am uninvited... You are going to get shot.

Don't to it.


PBlove t1_iwvrihn wrote

Actually that thought makes me wonder if you could essentially cause a world war. If the person you were shooting was so impossible to turn into a criminal.


Writeloves t1_iww5bzl wrote

Woah! Or enlists you both into opposite armies, regardless of nationality, and places you on an existing battlefield. That would be pretty wild.

Though your thing of creating an entire war is a whole new level of multiverse madness lol.


PBlove t1_iwwd7q1 wrote

Imagine trying to get back from that.

Hell it could be a good plot.

Dude wants to kill X for something personal, god refuses his plea for the killing is unwarrented, the devil refuses his plea for the motive is honorable, as he laments the situation he is visited by the "god" of chaos who gives him the gun.

Guy goes to the person he hates and shoots him.

Flashes to the middle of a world war, the guy is an enemy soldier, dude freaks out, tries to peace together what he missed when the world changed in that instant.

Flees the battlefields trying to find a way to set right what has happened.

Eventually he fails he cannot ever bring back what was. The moral of the story is that nothing ever stays the same things always change. Chaos occasionally shows up to mock him. (Like lean against a wall eating an apple sort of thing while main char does something. "That won't work you know" kinda thing. The main character kills himself trying anyways... And fails.

Final scene cuts to the chaos god in his etherial lounge, hanging up a picture of that first shot being fired. Talking with War the horseman of the Apocalypse. The picture next to the one of the main charcter is the assassination of arch duke Ferdinand.

Chaos: "See, two out of three world wars each with one shot" War: smoking a cigar "Show off"

Fade to black.