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CletusCanuck t1_ixz307d wrote

SCP-7663 slot is open, OP. Go for it!


SirPiecemaker t1_ixz9hl0 wrote

I tried putting together an SCP some time ago. It's a REAL bother to even get admins to look at your draft so they approve it.


nightblade2007 t1_ixzcim3 wrote

That's where the forum comes into play. Decently sure you can just get it greenlit there


Winjin t1_iy0bh6y wrote

Yeah, I believe they're just wary of newcomers trying to insert straight into the Wiki. It's forums first, then sandbox, then it gets into the Wiki.

I'm still scared how many new articles are there now. When I learned of the Wiki, there were just a bit over a thousand I think.

Then there was also a big purge, where a lot of popular articles were thoroughly cleaned up, and most mentions of godlike doctors were removed, because they seemed to start taking over everything with their self-inserts. Plus some of them were "handed over" to other Organizations. And still... Thousands.



SureWhyNot5182 t1_iy4cs5y wrote

Now there are... a little over 7000? And some of them are just plain crappy or so bad they should be a -J.


SirPiecemaker t1_iy2pd92 wrote

I did go there first and just couldn't get anyone to look at my draft.

The one guy I did get to look at it kept asking me what the 'resolution' of the article would be which frankly confused me, considering it's a preset article.