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Nuada-Argetlam t1_ixba63f wrote

more likely her theoretical kids' powers would be like "good cook," and "can calm people down."

but those kids wouldn't exist, since like I said. she is one of the only noted beings not controlled by the goddess of love. she asked to never be married and simply tend the hearth. the one person who we know of to ever try and have relations with her is a minor god named Priapus, and he was chased off for trying to r*pe her.

so the power set isn't really the problem here, it's the fact that the person who has it does not and never will exist.


LadyIslay t1_ixbdqbj wrote

Even Athena has a child in some accounts.


Nuada-Argetlam t1_ixbe62y wrote

really? I know she adopted Erichthonius, the charioteer constellation, but actual kids?


LadyIslay t1_ixbew2m wrote

There’s the one where she’s running away fro her rapey brother Haephestus, and she gets away, but some of his seed falls on her leg. She wipes it off, and where it falls to the ground a kid pops up. I think there is something about her keeping him locked in a chest.

This form of “birth by having semen fall on you” pops up in at least one other place: Aphrodite and all the children of Uranus and Gaia that came into being when he had his junk chopped off.

This is a writing prompt. You can make up your own version of Greek Myths. Humans have been doing it for at least 2k years. Hestia having a kid is easy to imagine given just how rapey the material is.


Houki01 t1_ixbz9kq wrote

Also Hercules proposed and she said no.


LadyIslay t1_ixbdjf0 wrote

I’d go with storytelling and the transmission of knowledge. Hestia’s virgin-birthed child would be a Bard with the fascinate and suggestion abilities. But it’s not just about telling a story: it’s about telling a believable story that then is believed as TRUTH. So much so, that this individual has the ability to shape how all of history is recorded.