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SkyGriff10 t1_iy4busf wrote

Pt 2: “My turn to ask then?” I inquired.

“She’s sharp!” The tigress chuffed in amusement.

“Go ahead.” The fox agreed. “We made a fair deal. I can’t ask again until I’ve answered your question.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Dr. Martin Raymond.” He answered, his head taking an arrogant tilt. “Member of the Ars Canista, what you human were said to refer to as canines or dogs. I am a professor and a scientist. I teach classes and study extinct species. I specialize in humans. Their history, their biology, etc. With you, I hope to further my research.”

“I’m Audie.” The tigress purred. “Miss Audie Finnicks. I’m Dr. Raymond’s assistant and his apprentice. One day I’ll have his job, which he’s training me for.”

“I won’t retire for a while, so you can wait a few decades.” The fox replied snarkily. “Anyway, my turn for a question. We have only been able to study ruins and human skeletons. I’m curious about everything. How did humans go extinct?”

“It happened fast.” I answered, rubbing my head. The memory was fuzzy. “A certain country-“

“Country?” The fox interrupted. “Like a farm?”

“I mean, a civilization.” I corrected. “Like a group of people.”

“Where did they live?” Dr. Martin interrupted again. He pulled down a large map of the world. It seems a bit different from when I was alive, but the continents were roughly in the same places.

“You need to only ask one question at a time.” Audie reminded him, flicking him with her tail.

“Sorry Eve.” He mumbled. I pointed to roughly the place that looked like North America.

“The southern half of that.” I answered. “They started a war by being too quick to attack another nation during high tensions. They dragged everyone into their war. My country,” I pointed to where Canada once was. “Tried to stay out of the fighting. But we were falsely blamed for harbouring secret alliances. Every civilization destroyed each other. Every one raided for resources and its people killed.”

“You humans are a lot like ants.” Audie commented. “You can do great things, but are always starting wars with each other.”

“You’re not wrong.” I agreed. “In the middle of all this, the planet went through a cold snap. It drifted away from the sun for a short period. This killed nearly everyone. The people used to living in hot climates died first. The people far to the north simply froze. Nearly all of them were picked off by carrion eating animals. I was a survivor, living in and out of ruined cities and towns. Until I took shelter from the blizzard and from what you’ve told me, been frozen for millions of years. The whole thing happened in the span of only two years.”

“The planet is back to its normal state temperature wise.” The doctor explained. “But we are still up north. Only one hundred and twelve kilometres north east from where you were excavated.”

“Can I go outside.” I was dying to get out of the stuffy room with the bright lights pointed at me. My throat was dry. I hopped off my hospital style bed and onto the floor.

“Be careful!” Dr. Martin yelped loudly. “Your internal organs are still delicate! They might need time to adjust.”

“I’ll be fine.” I grunted, feeling dizzy and in pain. “I need to see the sky.” I started stumbling toward the door.

“This isn’t a good idea. There might be widespread panic at seeing a human walking around in public!” Audie huffed, blocking the door.

I glanced at a half open window and hopped through it. I groaned as I landed, but got up.

“Are you authorized to be inside the lab? I don’t see an ID.” Growled a voice. I looked up. Four wolves stated back at me. They were dressed in black and white suits and sunglasses.

“Is that a-“ They looked surprised.

“It’s okay!” The fox and tiger opened the door and rushed out. “That’s only the human female. She’s perfectly harmless, aren’t you?” Dr. Martin looked for my affirmation.

“Yes. I’m not going to do anything.” At my words the wolves recoiled.

“Relax, she’s with us.” Audie assured them. “Can’t you go back to your bed?” She looked at me hopefully.

“I have to see what’s become of the world. And I need to breathe under open air.”

“Alright.” Dr. Martin agreed. Audie looked shocked. “You might as well get a look. I need a volunteer to help her.” He turned to the wolves.

“I’ll help.” One wolf stepped up. His voice was deep and gruff, but calm and gentle sounding.

“Alright then, you’ll be responsible for watching her day and night.” Martin ordered. “Don’t let her out of your sight for a moment or let anyone near her.”

“I can do that.” The wolf answered. “She looks kind of cute. I expected humans to be hideous. Wait, where is she?”

I stumbled forward, making my way through the halls. Strong arms lifted me up from behind. “I’m afraid you are in no condition to walk ma’am.” The wolf growled. “I must assist you.” He carried me like a baby, his movements calm and professional. I felt awkward.

“Be gentle with my specimen! I don’t want any damage!” Hissed Dr. Martin. He got my attention with a shape yip. “This is one of my bodyguards. He is now yours, his name is Fen Silverback. He will protect and accompany you. Audie and I will see to your needs.” Suddenly we pushed through the double doors and into the sunlight.

I looked around, awed by the sight. Animal were everywhere, flying, walking, running. All on their hind legs like people. The snowing sky was beautiful above me. I blinked, my eyes softening. It was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.

I’d y’all like, I’ll do a pt 3.


MrsBongs t1_iy4gh2m wrote

I would love to read a pt 3 😁😁