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photoshopper42 t1_j22j33x wrote

The aliens were very frail once we took all of their equipment away. They really were the epitome of 'little green men,' standing at about three feet tall. While in battle, they all were in these giant mech suits, but once you took them out of the suits, they looked like the kid that would get bullied on the playground.

There were debates of whether to put them into labor camps, what would have essentially have equated to slavery, but that didn't sit right with people. Pretty much everyone tweeted out against it from their phones that were built by Chinese slave labor.

Some thought straight up extermination was the answer. Line them all up and just shoot them. Or put them all on some patch of land in Kansas and throw a big ol' bomb in the middle. But that Kansas government said no because it would get green goop all over their corn, and people would not buy corn that was covered in green goop.

Others wanted to integrate them into our society. Have them take up jobs and learn our culture and assimilate. Maybe we could teach them things, and they could teach us things. You know like we could teach them about Earth culture, such as soccer and bangbros. They could teach us their culture, such as... well I guess invading other planets and trying to take over. Maybe we should be the only ones teaching the culture. Many were against this as well though. People didn't want to work side by side with the aliens that tried to mass exterminate us. They didn't want to see them at McDonalds or Target.

A vote was held and the last option was the winner, to the dismay of many. It didn't matter, there were never going to be any answers that did not upset people. Because there were no good answers. We chose to take the supposed high road, and hopefully by choosing it, the aliens would be grateful and not try to kill us all ever again. That's the goal anyways. Call me an optimist.