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russrussrussrussruss t1_j0p0qdg wrote

“Old gods, hear me! Take this sacrifice of flesh, of value, and of sorrow! Bring my ally forth!”

violent red lightning illuminates the damp cave walls, springing from the large, 9 sided symbol in the centre of the cavern, evaporating the moisture from everything it touches. The sacrifices levitate, spinning counter clockwise before being pulled towards and into the mass of lightning. As soon as it started, it stopped

“Oh, hi Dan. Man, am I glad to see you.”

Dan the warlock summons an 8 pack of beer, mystically chilled

“Hey beez, I’ve got your favourite here!”

beez moves a large rock closer to Dan, a makeshift bench. He takes a beer, chugging it down in one gulp

“You have no idea how thirsty you get down there.”

“You say that every time.”

“And it’s never any less true!”

“You also say that every time”

“Well, can’t teach an old hellhound new tricks, eh?”


WillCuddle4Food t1_j0qcrhh wrote

Heh, I love the more casual approach to the warlock pact. This gives me so many different guesses as to how their pact was formed and it makes me curious to find out. It also conveys a significant amount regarding the nature of their bond in so short a time! Shorter submissions tend to leave me wanting, but this leaves me appeased.


russrussrussrussruss t1_j0qgyen wrote

Thanks! I’ll occasionally run some of these by my friends, none of them really write but it’s still nice to get feedback in real time. One of them, his most common complaint is that they’re sometimes short, and don’t have much in the way of “world building” which I get, some people want total immersion in the story their reading. But, I love the concept of just dropping you in the middle of things, and you can feel out the finer details yourself. Personally, that’s the kind of storytelling I prefer, it makes it more personal, in a sense.

EDIT: And, it can test your skills in writing dialogue, which is something I’m trying to improve myself.