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photoshopper42 t1_j1x5rmw wrote

I have unfinished business. And I am not leaving until I figure out what to do about it. I died here. At this dumpy little gas station. You may be wondering how I died. Well let me tell you, that is quite the story.

I stopped by this gas station for some reason, I can't remember exactly why... Oh right. I needed gas. And a I was filling up my car I went into the little shop to buy some bullshit for the trip. Some Slimjims. Some Salt and Vinegar potato chips. Just stuff you could grab and eat while you are in the car.

But then I saw it. The gas station sushi. It looked so delicious, and I love sushi. Something about raw fish that hasn't been cooked is just so delicious to me. I just had to grab it.

As I leave I am not even back in my car and I am already ripping off the lid and shoving the orange fish in my mouth. It is so fucking good by the time I am sitting in my car it is already almost empty and a minute later I am licking the plastic container clean.

And that is when I feel it. A gurgle in my stomach. And then a second gurgle in my ass. I run out of my car and dart to the gas station bathroom. I need a key, it won't open. I run inside and ask the guy at the counter but he says he can't help me, it is for employees only. I don't have time to argue so I just run back out and start kicking the door, I don't have time, ff I don't shit immediately, there is going to be a big issue. It's too late, the door won't budge, I run into the bushes next to the gas station and just explode all over. It is disgusting and the last thing I remember before becoming translucent.

I float around for a bit. My car is still parked at pump 4. I try to get in but I can't. I wonder how long it will stay here before someone comes and tows it away. I go inside and start yelling at the guy at the counter who wouldn't give me the bathroom key. He doesn't seem to hear me. I rub my dirty undead ass in his face. He crinkles his nose, I know he can smell my diarrhea that has stained my ass in the afterlife. I vow to never leave this gas station ever again and keep my shit covered ass in this guy's face.