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animewhitewolf t1_j1nr278 wrote

A love confession to a monster hunter (if specific monster, writers choice).


russrussrussrussruss OP t1_j1nsbg9 wrote

I have watched you. You were unaware of me. Every swing of your blade. Every grunt of pain. I was there.

I watched as you slaughtered, and you left gore in your wake. I was taken by you.

Not with your physique.

Not with your face.

But with your determination. Your drive to continue, no matter the obstacle. It was admirable.

You’d kill me the instant you saw me, I’m sure. True irony, to have you so close, yet impossible out of reach. It’s not lost on me.

Here you lay, chest rising and falling softly. I almost want to touch you. To caress your hair. I wouldn’t dare risk it.

So, I leave this note for you. I had to do something, the urge was consuming. Please don’t seek me out, I’d never harm you. But know…

…I’m always nearby.