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nojelloforme t1_j0xo1om wrote

I remember the first time I died, I was an old man of 60 years. It was during the late 1500s and the plague was raging across the land. Dying felt like falling asleep but when I woke there was a strange robed man standing before me and in his outstretched hand was a coin.

"Greetings mortal" he said in a raspy voice. "I am death."

"Oh..." I said. I wasn't too surprised, I had been sick with the plague after all. "So am I off to my heavenly reward then? Or was I not good enough?"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." he replied. "It depends on your luck."

I was never what anyone would call lucky so I didn't get my hopes up.

"I will toss this coin into the air and you will guess what side lands face up. If you guess correctly, you will return to the land of the living at the age of your choosing. Choose incorrectly and I will take you to your afterlife."

"Alright, I choose heads" I replied.

"Of course you can choose not to wager" he continued.

"No, I'll try it. Heads please" I answered.

The coin floated up in the air spinning and catching the light. When it fell to the ground I saw it was heads facing up.

"You win mortal. I will return you to the world. What age do you wish to be?"

I thought for a moment and then decided on the age of 17. It was a good age I thought, for I was still young and strong.

"Done." he said. And once again I fell asleep. When I awoke I was in a strange place and for a moment I thought maybe it was a dream. But after getting to my feet I realized that things were different. The chronic pain in my back and shoulders was gone and the skin of my arms was firm as it was in my youth. I ventured out into the world to forge a new life for myself.

And a good life it was! The plague had ended and a new age of prosperity was to follow. I met a comely young lass and married her, and she gave me several fine sons. All was well and this time around I lived to be 70. Once again I awoke to see the strange man before me.

"Greetings mortal." he said. "Care to try again?" he asked holding up the coin.

"Oh hello again!" I replied. "Yes, I'll play."

With that he tossed the coin and this time I chose tails.

"You win again" he said "What age do you want to be?"

I replied that 17 was a good starting point for me last time, so I would choose it again. And with that I again woke in a strange place, my youth restored. But things were not as well this time around. There was a war brewing and the local lord had drafted all of the young men to be soldiers. I didn't last too terribly long, about a year later I was grievously wounded in battle and once more I awoke to death and his coin.

Another coin toss, another lucky guess. Death looked mildly annoyed but honored his bet. This time I chose the age of 30. Too old to be cannon fodder, yet still young enough to enjoy life. I met and married another woman, and started a successful business as a shop owner. My new wife did not give me any more children and worse still, she was unfaithful. This time my death was from syphilis.

When I woke death was before me yet again. Gone were the tattered robes, now he was wearing a frock coat with lace cuffs and white stockings. Again he offered the coin.

"I remind you that you don't have to guess" he said "Your last two lives weren't exactly the best."

"Heads." I said.

"Very well." And I won yet again.

I decided to return to my childhood this time, choosing the age of 5. Too young for war or women I thought, and this time around my life was largely uneventful. I was neither rich nor poor and avoided illness and war. I met my demise by a blow to my head from slipping on the wet cobblestones after an evening at the tavern.

When I saw death again he looked visibly annoyed and tried once more to talk me out of playing, but I cut him short and said I would guess tails. He tossed the coin and again I won. I chose the age of 20 and once more I woke in my new body. I decided to go to the new world across the sea, unfortunately my ship sank during the voyage.

I saw death several more times over the years, and each time I won the coin toss. Some of my lives were longer than others, and some of my deaths more tragic, but by then I was enthralled with the many changes that had taken place in the world. Life was in many ways easier than they were in my original time, but no less perilous. Over the centuries I have had several wives and multitudes of children. I once served in the military with my own great grandson from one of my former lives. It was hard not to tell him who I was, but the last time I made that mistake I was burned as a witch so I kept silent.

I've lost count of how many times I've won the coin toss, but the last few times I noticed that death was becoming increasingly upset when he saw me. My last win he let loose with a torrent of expletives and sent me on my way. It's been a little over 500 years, some of them good and some bad - but the only constant has been death. I've started to consider him a friend and I feel bad that I'm making him upset.

So this time I've decided not to play.


Riversntallbuildings t1_j0z4b5l wrote


Now write the flipside from Death’s perspective!

Does death watch all his lives, or only after a few successful coins guesses? What happens when people choose not to play?


Robysto7 t1_j0x5s1x wrote

Death's Edge

Feels like I've been here forever, this endless white void really leaves a lot to be desired. Wonder where I am? Does time work normally here? Death's been talking to that red tear in the void for ages now. I only pick up snippets of its conversation.

"Yes I know this is me out here."

The longer this goes on the more pissed Death gets, its bones chatter while yelling at whatever its talking to.

"How do we not have a rule for that!? Who's running that place!?"

Even Death sighs when its frustrated, soft classical music echoes in the void. Must be the hold music for the other side. What feels like another century passes before the call resumes.

"Well that doesn't seem, no, I'm not arguing with you, just offering an opinion.....................uh huh.........okay...............fine..........fine..............I said fine!"

The rip seals shut, Death turns to face me once again, it's empty eye sockets still send shivers down my spine even after all this time. It hands me the golden coin once more.

"You get another flip. Call it in the air."

I flip the coin high into the air, calling tails, since tails never fails, intently watching my destiny tumble back to the void. I can't contain my laughter when it lands.

"Holy shit look at that! It happened again!"

Death snaps his scythe in half. Funny thing about probability, if you flip a coin enough times; lands on its side.


WaterGod3o9 t1_j0xcd74 wrote

I call Heads as the coin is falling slowly, it hits the ground for a second I thought it was all over Death looks up and says, "once again, when do you desire?" I answer 12, I choose that year every time and every time I end up dying, I continue to choose this age because that is the year my father forced me to start training to reach my goals. The first time I was presented with this choice I was dumb and I chose to be a knight, I thoughts this would bring me glory and honor but soon I learned their is no honor in war, only blood, steel, and death. All men die eventually, I remember thinking to myself the first time death held me in his grasp. Every time I die, Librarian book shelves. Farmer starvation. This time I am ready.

"Son." "Yes, Father." "What do you want to be?" "Father, could I be a scholar." "Yes my son." For the next three years I dedicated myself to my studies. When the time came I made my way to the capital on my way there a pair thieves stopped me and started to rob me when they were done they slit my throat.

"You, again. How can one human be so lucky and unlucky at the same time." I begin flipping the coin and call heads and I'm just hoping this misery can end."

"Finally, you're journey has come to this."



Megalomatank030 t1_j0y68ct wrote

(I'd like to preface with... I don't do this very often and I don't see myself as talented or anything. This prompt just seems... too fun to pass up on.)

I plummet into the ice-cold water with a bored scream. Very original... having died a solid twelve or so times, I yawn, as being tossed off a ship has became my reality about half of these times. I am always damned to return here. A relentless reset back to zero. Efforts worth nought, I always return to the nautical nails in my coffin. If only the coin would favor him instead.

The water around me slowly drains of all opacity before I drain of all senses. I wake up once again... a lounge, elevator music playing in the back. I'm sitting in a brown, wooden chair with red cushions. Silhouettes similar to myself nervously sit in similar seats and couches, seemingly perplexed and panicked. Perhaps I should assist them... or perhaps not. They will find their way. I remain sitting, calmer than the rest. There is one abnormality in room who seems to be calmer than all other, aside from myself. We make no attempt to communicate.

Above, the speakers in the roof crackle, reminiscent of a toy on low battery. "𓆍⠢Ξ⇓, proceed to Mr. Reapers room." A silhouette shoots up, looking at the roof, desperately looking around, before darting towards a large door that reads "EXIT" holding big, red letters above.

Immediately before the silhouette reaches the door, it slams open, a plethora of large, long hands clutching the silhouette. They thrust it into the air after securing each appendage, clutching with a might that is visible even via black and white. The hands carry the silhouette to Mr. Reaper's room until the appointment is finished. Poor fellow. Similar first time.

Eventually, as the mechanical hands finally decide it to be my turn, the speaker crackles my own name. "Φ𓅐⠾𓇛⠵, proceed to Mr. Reaper's room."

I return to a room only slightly nostalgic and all-too-familiar. It has cheesy paintings and pictures plastered around the wall, similar to my old dentist office. There's a skeleton Mona Lisa, and immediately to its left is a sign reading "Watch your bone with me, mister!"

As I sit in front of the skeleton, Mr. Reaper's expression is only twice as upset as last time. He readjusts his glasses with a sigh. "Φ𓅐⠾𓇛⠵, is this not the thirteenth time you have returned to this room? I must express, I am getting tired of ferrying your ass across fate. Every time, you tackle me with some outrageous ask. 'Oh, yeah, Grimmy. Take me here, take me there.' How about you take a hike!? Being your little... multidimensional uber." He lets out a drawn-out sigh. Poor fella is overworked, and he isn't even paid.

"Maybe if you learn to flip a coin..."

"Maybe if you shut your mortal-ass up and let me do my job..." Grimmy mumbles, pulling out a small coin collection from under his desk. "A job you don't get paid fo-" "Which will it be this time? Y'know, we got the Roman coins back from the crisis of the third... we got some more ancient American ones... some Mediterranean Republic ones..." He chuckles. "Heh, that one didn't last long, thanks Balkans."

"I'll just go... how about this. YOU flip whatever coin YOU would like, and YOU call heads or tails," I say, cocky, with a smirk. Messing with this guy is one of my favorite things about death.

"American penny. 2000s. Heads."

The bony thumb flicks the coin, a small click noise ringing through the air. Will I dance with death for my final time, or will I live?

It lands in his palm. We both take a deep breath in anticipation. He slowly opens it up, revealing a nice, wonderful, circular... well, penny.

Him and I, in unison, holler...



bibblode t1_j0z6bv1 wrote

Oh man the mid 2000s American pennies always land on tails for some odd reason.


JackNotName t1_j0z6fie wrote

"Oh hi, Beatrice. What did me in this time?"

Death's face is impassive, but I still got the impression she is glowering at me. She didn't say a thing, but reached out and handed me The Coin^TM .

I remember the first time I was handed The Coin^TM. The encounter was not what I expected. I thought I was supposed to take the coin in my mouth and give it to a ferry man who would carry me into the underworld. I guessed the stories were wrong.

She explained that if I could flip the coin and guess what side it would land on, I could go back in a healthy body with an age of my choosing. It was pure luck that first time. I was honestly surprised that there was not some trick to it, but somehow I won, and I woke up afresh at the age I was imagining.

Clearly, I couldn't let the second time to be chance..., but it was too. Those times were brutal, and I quickly died again.

The third time though... my eyes were open, the stories the priests told us were all wrong. I knew that now, but they could perform miracles, right? If they were lying about the stories, maybe they were lying about those miracles too. I had to find out. I had to learn their tricks. I joined the temple of Apollo as a devout. I gained their trust. I rose in the ranks. I devoted my self to the task, because I knew that as much as I hated this way of living, if I could learn what I needed, I would have all the time in the world.

And I learned. I learned how to make stones float and move by boiling water and using the steam that rose from it. I learned how to make things appear and disappear with my hands and by drawing people's attention toward the wrong things. But no one knew the secret I needed, how to predict a coin flip.

But I had this whole new vocabulary now, so I bent my mind to the task in private. This one trick had to be just for me. Eventually, I stumbled on the secret. A way to throw a coin aloft so that it wobbled just right to appear as if it was spinning, but to never actually switching sides. Once I could fool my own eyes, I tested on people. I even bet my own life once or twice. I was ready.

So, the third time and all the subsequent ones? They always came up the way I wanted. I make sure to alternate sides, but I always know.

I eventually asked death his name only to learn he was a she. At first she was amused, and we would chat for a bit before I flipped The Coin^TM , but I think she suspects. She just doesn't know how. That's how convincing my "flip" is. We don't argue about it anymore though. When I first stumbled upon the new mathematical concept of statistics I made sure to understand it. When she said what I did was impossible, I learned to say, "no, it is extremely unlikely, but each flip has the same 50/50 chance. Unlikely does not mean impossible." I eventually added, "you know some day, I'm sure my coin will come up too."

And it will. I don't think I'll want to live forever. But I am still not bored of living.

"Beatrice, before I flip, could we have some tea? I know that my luck irks you, but I hate to admit, you are the only constant I have left, and well, I value your friendship."


attack_rat t1_j0z0nc8 wrote

“You can’t keep doing this forever, you know.”

“Heads, 27.”

“Look, I still have to say the words.”

“Do what you gotta do. Heads. 27.”

“Just… Ok, listen. I’m not supposed to do this, but if time worked like you think it works, then we’ve been doing this for literally two centuries.“

“It’s not enough. I’ve given it a lot of thought, going heads this time. 27 years old. April, 2003.”

“Alex, I need you to actually listen to me. She won’t remember you. She never does. All those other lives, the ones that keep you up at night, those are yours. Not hers. Each time you reset, she’s still the same. That glioblastoma is already forming in her brain. It’ll still bring me to her on the same schedule, 12 years into your marriage. Then she gets a coin toss, same as you.”

“I don’t need your therapy, I need you to flip that quarter in your stupid skeleton hand. Heads. 27.”

“Al, this isn’t right. Do you know how many universes you’re spinning off every time we do this?”

“Good. If there’s an infinite number of universes, then there’s one out there where she lives.”

“… I’m pretty sure that’s not how this works.”

“And even if she doesn’t, we still get another run. Last time we made it to Australia, got to dive the Great Barrier Reef. She saw a whale shark in the wild. This time I want to finally knock hang gliding off her list.”

“Al, Ellie is scared of heights. In every universe.”

“Which is why it’s on there, she wants to overcome it. But I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about fear.”

“I think it’s safe to say I know more about fear than any being that’s ever existed. Fear, and hope.”

“Ok, that’s fair.”

“But you’re still going through with this. Again.”

“Why, do you have a date? Let’s get on with it, flip the coin.”

“Whatever makes you happy.”

“Her. She makes me happy. Heads, 27.”



“That’s almost exactly what she said about you.”


Willowrosephoenix t1_j109hd5 wrote

“On its edge”

Death rolls his non existent eyes, but you can feel the waves of sarcastic disdain emanating, “Really?” As he flips the coin.

It lands on the onyx slab and comes to a stop, resting firmly on its side.

“Okay, okay, what thrice damned age THIS time?”

The displeasure in the usual question is palpable and for a moment, forgetting you are already dead, you struggle to breathe the heavy air.

“Ah. Temper tantrum? Won’t do any good, it’s your rule and the slab assures magic can’t affect the flip. Hmmm. 25 has been my standard…know what?! Make it 21 this time!”

Death sighs heavily, called out on his behavior, “Very well then, but one thing, before I do, you HAVE to tell me how you do it!”

You chuckle, “I have to tell you no such thing and you know it. We’ve been through this, but I do begin to tire of the game, so I suppose it’s time you know.

Way back in my first life, I was a lonely child, a traveling stranger gave me a coin, taking pity on me.

I’m sure it was intended to buy myself food. But…it was far too valuable. It was the first kindness I’d ever experienced.

I kept that coin…

In fact…”

You dig in your pocket, producing the coin.

“Still have it.

But you hold onto something so long, it’s just natural to learn every detail of it.

So, the very first time you handed me YOUR coin, I knew!

Straight away. They’re identical. I don’t just mean alike.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but they’re literally the same coin.

So, however I have this one facing in my pocket, yours will land exactly the same.

I took a chance that first time. I wasn’t sure. But now? I’ve known for over a thousand years.”

Death is silent. For a long moment, I wonder if he’ll keep his end of the bargain.

“Your coin? May I touch it? Just touch.”

Shrugging, I nod.

Death reaches out his hand and gingerly extends one bony finger, giving the coin the slightest of taps.

Time stops.

A deep and sonorous laugh echoes from Death’s empty chest.

“Ah old friend. You and your games. Good one. Good one indeed.”

Your memory is returning. Yes, you are another immortal. You bet Death that you could fool him and remain undetected. The bet was for how long. Death had wagered he’d be able to tell at the end of the first mortal lifespan.

The coin? Magic, yes, of course. But keeping it? It had never occurred to either of them that would happen, what with his memory locked and all.

Laughing together now, “now remind me old friend, what is it you owe me this time?”


SentientFlipPhone t1_j0y73a5 wrote

“Come.”, the voice behind the mask said enchantingly.

I followed the strange man across the landscape of myriad souls. I couldn’t see where the souls were headed to, only the path that was laid down before me.

“Welcome to Hades. the Fates decree your life is due, and so I stand before you.”

The figure held his scythe up, stopped and turned to point it at me. Wicked, strange energy flowed out from the scythe and into my being. Suddenly, a wave of a realisation hit me. With my mouth agape, I stood there while my memories that were etched into my being flowed before my very eyes.

I have lived many lives and slayed many creatures. It all started with a deal with the Fates and that snob of a king Eurystheus. I knew the man that stood before me was indeed Thanatos, so-called God of Death. More like Hades’ errand runner if I had to give him a label, though I am pretty much already an errand runner myself.

“Most souls pass on without my greeting, but it seems the Fates declared we must do this again. I trust you have remembered, but just in case, I am Thanatos, guide of the dead.” he said with authority.

I walked forward to greet him yet again, the same lines I remembered from the many times I have been here, over and over and over. I had to owe it to him though, he kept his promise with the Fates well enough.

“Thanatos, it’s been a while. How’s Hades holding up? Still trying to earn favour with the Gods? Must be boring sitting in that corner of his all day staring at souls.”

“That is none of your concern, child of Alcmene.”

Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. None of the Gods ever use my name. I’m but Zeus’ bastard after all.

“That’s Heracles to you, so are we doing this or what?”

Annoyed, Thanatos looked upwards, I followed his gaze.

“Stop. Do not stare directly at the Fates or Atropos will sever your thread, focus solely on my palm.”

A coin appeared in his hand. The shallow image of the Fates engraved onto them. Clotho and Lachesis on one side, and Atropos on the other.

“Now, place your hand on the coin and declare.” He held his palm out towards me.

“May the Fates witness this epic coin flip, yadda yadda what the coin says is final, yadda.”

“Take. This. Seriously. Heracles.” I can tell I struck a nerve. Behind the mask, he most certainly said that through gritted teeth.

“With the Fates as our witness, may the coin write my destiny”. I said cheekily.

Thanatos shook his head.

Shortly after he clasped his hand over mine, said more wicked enchantments, and let go.

I tossed the coin upwards.

Thanatos reached out as the coin fell and grabbed it.

“Clotho and Lachesis smiles upon you. Your soul is free to return to your body. Now make haste, capture Cerberus before King Eurystheus finds out you perished once more.”

“Hey, you’re keeping count aren’t you? How many lives has it been?”.


“Come on, I know you’re counting.”


“Huh, one more to twelve. Though it hurts like a bitch to have my heart ripped out by that demon dog.”

Thanatos waved his hand, and I awaken once more.



Totally had to do some research for this one, not too familiar with Greek mythology but I decided to try my hand at it. Also sorry if I didn’t exactly follow the prompt.


Chinqilacious t1_j0z181k wrote

"Heads again! What in Hades's Magnificent underpants are you using to keep winning this?"

"I'm starting to think this is rigged, when the hell can I be done with this shit and why is the upper limit of age 33,do you know the pain of living to 90 twice?"

"Then just lose once you bastard"

"Whats a loss? I, John" the great" Johnson do not know loss"

"Also could you please stop humming that shark thing song every day on your deathbed? I've had my internal ear replaced seven times on your account alone"


"Just shut up and get back in there"

My now much younger visage was unceremoniously thrown back into earth. I was certainly young now, far too young?

"You didn't let me choose the age you asshole!"

"Sucks to suck. Your time ran out, enjoy your diapers"


cpuR86 t1_j0yf83l wrote

(Altered the Death’s emotional state. Exhausted.)

As you came too after drying, again, you’re expectantly met by Death’s apparition.


Once again… met by Death’s apparition…

“Welcome… *Screech*” Death’s greeting had been faltering for sometime now.

I’d previously tried changing my name a few times in a vain attempt to alter the outcome. The result used to be funny, when it sounded like a couple dozen names spoken over the top of each other.
Now it is literally Deaths’ wail.

“So,” Death continued whilst producing that damned item from somewhere in the many folds of its’ shawl. “Shall we play again?”

If there was a face, it would have to be the picture of exhaustion.
I however couldn’t stop the grin coming to my face thinking about my next move.

“Hmm, you’ve thought of something again, haven’t you?” Death pondered aloud.

“Oh have I.” Time to dance this dance. “If I win, in the what should now only a theoretical chance, I want to be reborn to when I had lived to be 1,808 years old.”
I fell back into a chair that rose to meet me. I had learnt to do this, before. My elbows coming to rest on its’ arms perfectly, my fingers a steeple. An attempt at arrogance. “And, I want to see your working out.”

There it was, the kicker. I had tried this before, I think. It didn’t work then, I think. This time had to be different though. With these kinds of stipulations, not only does Death have to work it all out, I would get to spend however long I wanted to proof read it. Maybe even query it too.

“All of it, no truncating a single second.” I lent back in my chair gloating.

If there was a face, it would definitely be glaring at me. I mean, I have to have won.

Time had slowed for a moment, I could now feel it again, silently trickling pass us.
Death was thinking this through, it always did, every scheme was met and answered in kind.

There was a sigh. Ever so delectable.

“You’ve never lived beyond 80 years. It is not feasible.”

I see, Deaths trying to out manoeuvre me.

“Now, now, I said when I had lived to be 1,808 years old. That can mean time accrued.”

Death sighed again.

“There are other ways.”

“No. Flip the coin.”

A coin brought to view. Showed once between bony fingers. Then tossed high, “Call”

“Heads, as always.”

A clap.

A pause.

An answer.

“Screw you.” I yelled in frustration, “I expect to see some quality penmanship.” A jab for good measure.

Exasperated, I laid back in the chair to wait. It wouldn’t be long. Once Death left this bubble, this void in everything, any amount of time could pass without me being aware.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could hear that life persistent office cart noise. That one with a squeaky wheel which just happened to be in every office I’d ever worked in. The same one I eventually would fix. Then eventually not. Then I would again.

When it came into view Death was shuffling close behind.

If there was a face. It was broken.

“It is done.” Death announced.

I rose up and waltzed to our mutual destruction, and my assured victory.

“Just going to proof it.”

Death’s sigh was, everything.

I began to flip through, is this a copier print out? Hmm, I guess that’s actually logical. Long enough ream and you can print indefinitely. I wanted grueling handwritten work though, guess this will have to do.

“How about this,” Announced as my hand came to rest on the first page. “Best 2 out of 3?” Death produced that damned silver coin.

“Yes, God yes.” I'll keep going till I lose.

A coin brought to view. Showed once between bony fingers. Then tossed high, “Call”

“Heads, as always!”

A clap.

A pause.

An answer.

“Best 3 out of 5?”

File corrupt.

Ending Printout.


“Wait,” I turned to look at death after having read the most hilarious biography, “you’re telling me it took this person that long to ask to see the coin?”

“Yes.” A one-word reply.

“And it was fake?” I laughed. And cried.


“Idiot.” I chuckled wholeheartedly.

“So,” Death began whilst producing a dull silver coin from the folds of its’ shawl. “Shall we play again?”

Again? We’ve played before? I ignored it.

“Sure.” I wonder if I’ll win.

An old coin brought to view. Showed once between worn bony fingers. Then tossed high, “Call”

“Heads, like always!”

A confused expression.

A clap.

A pause.

A pleading answer.

“Please stop playing…”


Sorry if it's spaced or lined awkwardly. Just pasted it in from word, will hopefully remember to fix later.


Ok_Object_880 t1_j1009ff wrote

I laugh as I sit in a wooden cabin holding a cup of hot chocolate with a hubristic smile. I mock death, saying it’ll be beneath me now I’m immune, immortal. I was free of fears, I’ve done things people only dreamt of. I loved the life of dreams, but ofc it all had to come an end.

I hear a knock on my door, I didn’t think anyone was enough of a fool to come out here especially during the time of winter, but nevertheless I opened the door and saw my favorite person: the grim reaper. The big man himself. I honestly wanted to slam the door on his face, open it and then laugh at him but I felt nice and allowed him in.

his Eire presence should be enough to strike fear into even the most powerful men but I just had a smirk, a hubristic smirk. His face was covered like always, rolling my eyes I asked.

”so death what did you come here for? You just be obsessed with getting beat by me over and over again.”

death stayed silent, I rolled my eyes again and looked at him.

”your going to say something or what?”

”….your soul is withering.”

I sigh and repeat death with a mocking tone.

”uh huh yea once that happens give me the coin and I’ll get another life back.”

”you only live because your soul still exist, once it’s gone. So are you and the coin won’t be able to bring you back.”

I take this as just death pitiful attempt to scare me into giving up and finally accepting my place beyond the physical world. Ofc I just laugh, crying a bit from laughing so hard.

”omg! Good joke! Good joke death, idk why you ain’t a clown you got the jokes for jt.”

death then showed me my soul, and it was broken. Pieces of it gone and it twitching. I immediately got scared.

”make peace with yourself, for you will be seeing me for eternity by the end of the day.”

(The end….


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Raptormind t1_j1cquk2 wrote

To be fair to death, statistics is a surprisingly new field of math


othemehto t1_j10zwao wrote

When the entity gave me the choice, it couldn’t have foreseen how far I was prepared to take it.

Older than time itself, yet that faceless void with that outstretched claw couldn’t have known what was about to happen.

Even now, it never speaks, and we’ve done this so many times that the fabric of my sanity is no longer recognizable. Who was I? It no longer matters.

I smile. Or maybe I did smile, or will smile - I never remember.

Reaching for the coin, glancing up into what was once so ominous, I started to pause. Did I speak? Do we both just know? It never lasts long enough to fully form the memory.

The coin lands on heads.

“Just after I decided to flip the coin.”

The figure begins to shriek, but I never hear what happens next.

I am eternal, and Death is my slave.