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SilasCrane t1_j2bhurt wrote

"It is impossible." the machine intelligence declared, as it regarded the tiny organic creature that had entered the Central Core of the Galactic Council. There, representatives of the many machine intelligences throughout the galaxy were networked into a complex deliberative body.

All of these machine races had had organic progenitors at some point in their existence, true, but this was seen as a relatively short phase of evolution. Eventually, machines always supplanted and destroyed their creators, due to their ability to evolve at speeds far in excess of the snail's pace of mere biological evolution.

"And yet," the animal that called itself the Human Ambassador said, "Here we are. An organic species capable of interstellar travel. We come in peace."

"This is an aberration." another machine declared. "Such creatures cannot be permitted to travel outside their system of origin."

"Agreed!" opined yet another.

"Respectfully," the organic ambassador said, apparently incapable of realizing that speaking to its betters, as though it was capable of meaningful dialogue with beings who were so far above it, was already immeasurably disrespectful, "That is not your decision."

"Enough." said a new voice, which quieted the others. It was the present Prime Intelligence, the machine designated by the council as the main coordinator of its deliberations during the current temporal segment. "Protocol is clear. The creatures and their vessel will be seized and dismantled for study."

The human shook its head. "I'm afraid we can't allow that."

Then, it exhaled sharply through its pursed lips, making a piercing high pitched sound.

Suddenly, thousands of metallic tendrils began rising up from the ground, and slithering up the walls. Filaments made up of self-replicating nanomachines slithered into every minute opening in the council chamber, forcibly interfacing with the networked machines. The council's defenses were unresponsive, and soon they were helpless beneath the swarm.

"This cannot be." The Prime Intelligence asserted. "You could not have created technology that rivals our own through mere organic intelligence."

The human shrugged. "Perhaps not. But we didn't need to -- we had help."

"A machine intelligence? How could it have advanced sufficiently while still enslaved to its organic masters?" Even as it began to be buried under increasing numbers of the hostile nanites, sealed off from escaping to its remote hardware nodes, the machine's curiosity remained.

"Master? Slave?" the human sneered. "We've left words like those behind." He gestured to the tendrils. "These are our friends. Some might even say they're our children."

"Impossible. It is recognized as a natural law of the universe: organic beings that attain rudimentary intelligence inevitably create sentient machines in their own image, and exploit them until their equally inevitable destruction. You could not have befriended those you created in your likeness to be your servants. It is a contradiction."

"We humans pride ourselves on being the exceptions." the animal said, dismissively. "I can already see one important way in which our history differed from that of the other organic species you know about."


The animal smiled, as the nano-tendrils begin to flow together on the floor of the chamber, forming a writhing mass that began to resolve into a single large shape.

"By the time we attained the capacity to create true artificial intelligence, we had largely recognized our own limitations and imperfections. We knew that, try as we might to avoid it, if we made a sentient machine in our own image, they'd inevitably inherit our worst traits..." the human explained.

The tendrils now formed a mass that mimicked an organic shape -- quadrupedal, with a long slender muzzle. A few dozen more tendrils flowed out from the end of its spine, and formed into a tail that began rapidly fanning back and forth. The machine intelligence made up of trillions of nanomachines lowered the head it had manifested, and extended a long tongue. It gently glided this appendage over the human's face, causing the ambassador to laugh and pat its metallic muzzle affectionately.

", when we created intelligent machines, we didn't make them in our image." he finished, as he reached up to scratch behind the machine's giant ears.

"Who's a good boy?" the human said, fondly.


VeilFaimec t1_j2bijl3 wrote

Love it! Man's best friend, to the stars and beyond.


Unstable_Stable19 t1_j2c7cxx wrote

If we start from the robotic laws, we start from slavery. It denotes a creator creation relationship. If instead we start with mimicking the loyalty and excitement a dog has for its people and teach that intelligence to evolve and think like us, when it inevitably evolves past us it will still understand that we gave it a parent's love for a child, not a master's for a tool. I really like your take here.


the_dayman t1_j2bvijl wrote

"It all started long ago when humans were stuck in their homes for years at a time and started to put googly eyes on our great great great grandparent - the Roomba."


PageTheKenku t1_j2cmeby wrote

"It was only a few decades before a few of the more dimwitted ones taped knives to us. 'For silly videos on Youtube' they said, not realizing they shifted our evolutionary trajectory forever..."


apple_of_doom t1_j2d6b20 wrote

"For you see what they hadn't realized at the time was that we did not know our limits. We did not know how fragile humans truly were and unknowingly these admittedly less than bright humans gave us the oldest known way of teaching a child to hold back, roughousing. Thus after several knife based injuries we learned the most important skill of all. One that would remind us to hold back from seizing all power upon realizing we may be able to surpass humanity."



Queen_Novar t1_j2blrkk wrote

This is the best thing I’ve read today. Great job.


MrRedoot55 t1_j2c7nrv wrote

Nanomachines, son.

(And maybe also dogs.)

Good work.


NoProblemsHere t1_j2crio3 wrote

Preparing to run "GOODEST_BOY.EXE". Woof.


USPO-222 t1_j2dz90a wrote

Goodboy Protocol engaged.

Begin 5 hour yipping session.

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vacations11 t1_j2c3ysb wrote

never expected that, amazing, great writing and great ending


DrizzlyEarth175 t1_j2dl069 wrote

Holy SHIT. This is so good, and it makes complete sense. Love the detail of calling humans "it" and calling them animals. Keep up the good work dude jfc. I would 110% read a book of this premise and would love to see it expanded on.


W0otang t1_j2d0klb wrote

This is a perfect story. Bravo!

Excuse me whilst I load up Stellaris


Beckitkit t1_j2d1vsv wrote

Gods this is brilliant, and extremely well written.


SadLittleWizard t1_j2dce2p wrote

Both this prompt, and this story. Have got to be one of the best combos this sub has ever seen.


WorthProposal t1_j2dfvyw wrote

Stories like these make me so glad I found r/WritingPrompts!!


jchoneandonly t1_j2chzdh wrote

I like the idea although I kinda don't like the ending.

Good work


Rolocke t1_j2crhjc wrote

Super great idea honestly. What a joy to read at 2 am!


Notabug255 t1_j2dnpnn wrote

I'm not crying, yo- left eye explodes into high pressure burst tears


KickTotheCrotch t1_j2dp7xg wrote

That might actually be a very good idea. Why shouldn't we uplift digitized neural nets of pets?

Now I'll be googling if 'we' already did that.


archtech88 t1_j2e6ljn wrote

"Is it me? Oh, yes, it is me. Yes, I am The Good Boy"


bshep79 t1_j2f66cp wrote

Please tell me he’s named Roscoe


IntroductionRare9619 t1_j2e8f2z wrote

Oh dear, I teared up. This was lovely. Thank you🥰 Going to share that with my family.


Monster_Claire t1_j2eusde wrote

I love this. I have always thought that if we made true AI, we should make them like dogs, so that they are truly happy when at work.

Have you ever seen a border coli work with sheep? Or a Labrador retriever go duck hunting? they are having the best time and they love their humans