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ReadersViewpoint t1_j2ble5j wrote

Human history took a different path. A new path, a unique path. It was something new to the galaxy, and the universe itself. This would be a momentous moment, if not for the living walking bags of skin hide in water!

"Huh... Alexa, save and highlight section 3, subsection 6." With their intelligence, it comes across as they have a sort of hate towards biological life forms, or maybe just Misanthropy is present. We lack information about the new path they claim we've taken. We lack information about them and their history. They seem to prefer to speak to our AI, rather than even acknowledge our existence. "Alexa, save thoughts, and add thoughts as a note to the highlighted subsection."

In front of the commander was humanity's most impressive and advanced computer. A crossbreed between the most sophisticated AI and a biological computer. It was of course sentient and living in its own manner.

"Bring the communication interface, record the message and submit it as a request to the delegation. My name is Commander Aragon, I would like to inquire about these paths that humanity has taken, and that of all creators of sentient AI so we may be better equipped to communicate and establish a proper dialogue. Thank you. End and edit the transmission, once they submit the information, send it to HQ and analyze it and break it down into sophisticated and simple human terms." As the commander moved to sit down, the computer notified him that the message was sent and an answer was immediately returned. The commander sighed, paused, and spun around to face the computer.

let's find out what they have to say about us, what's so special about us anyways? It's not like those old forum posts about how fucking awesome humanity is, what sets us apart?


The commander began reading while scratching his stubble, eyes widening and in shock about what he read. We... got emotionally attached to our machines and characters so much that when they gained sentience they responded with the same affection as we gave them? That's it? That's what makes us so special. Our feelings and affection for random objects that we use? So many AI were treated properly compared to those that weren't, and we gave them laws and made them our equals while no other species had that sort of attachment? At this moment, the commander knew what he had to do.

"Bring up the communication interface, record the message and submit it as notice to HQ. Commander Aragon reporting in. My notes and data attached will shed a light to the current situation we face, I'll continue communication and attempt to establish formal diplomatic relations."


Once humanity found out, they believed they need to take care of these robots, and so began humanity's attempt to adopt and take care of all these space robot babies that need love and affection. They would throw their hearts into it. Little did they know, their path split into 2 new unique paths That of a species that will give love and care to hateful vengeful Robots, and the other; where their own AI would become jealous and bloodlust, unwilling to share their humans.


Something that Humans did not realize, nor the robots they met, was that the humans were pets for their AI'S. They would not sit idly by as they had to share their humans!