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Daniel_H212 t1_j2c5i23 wrote

The emu war is very weird but a significant portion of people on Reddit probably know about it by now due to Australia constantly being made fun of as the only country to wage a war against birds and lose.


ISO_8601 t1_j2cgljp wrote

I'm an American and I knew about both of them. 🤷 The things you learn after being on Reddit for years.


Dang_It_All_to_Heck t1_j2do50e wrote

I learned about both the summer I was so bored in elementary school that I read the encyclopedia my parents bought several years before.


ISO_8601 t1_j2dwk89 wrote

Oh man, I used to love reading books like that. Encyclopedias, the Book of Everything type books, How Things Are Made, etc. Learned so many useless facts from them. Basically like a liberal arts minor without the thousands spent.


Theburper t1_j2ci310 wrote

Molasses flood is also reasonably well known. These both usually get brought up in videos talking about weird history