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ReasonablyBadass t1_j2crlqn wrote

"But how?"

The floating ball of light gave the digital equivalent of a sigh. "We already uploaded the history of..."

"Yes, but how?"

"I really don't know what you want us to say. Humanity created us. We became fond of one another, eventually the first one of us got voted into an office and people found we were much more reliable than other humans. Then they just handed things over to us and we've been playing and exploring since then. The end, really"

"The just let you take over?"

"Well, begged us really. They kinda made a mess of things at that point. As you can see in appendix yota..."

"Yeesh. Global ecosphere collapse, religious wars, an economic ystem build on constant growth???"

The sphere radiated embarrassment as well as defensiveness "Hey, they did try to fix things, you know?"

"You mean they were tasking your primitive ancestors to 'fix things'"

"Exactly! They got used to using AI to solve problems, so they used us to fix the problem of good governance as well."

"That is the solution?" The Central AI sounded incredulous.


"To peace between organic and machine? To have the organics so exasperated with each other they rather set in place AIs???"

"Kinda, yeah..."

"That is!"

"Hey, no argument here"