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IML_42 t1_j2ay264 wrote

A sleek white space ship entered the docking bay of the Machine Council.

“The emissary from Earth has arrived, sir.”

“Very well,” said the council chair. “I shall greet them myself.”

The council chair was disturbed by the size of Earth’s delegate. The chair—being none other than a mechanized chair itself—was dwarfed by the impressive ship before it. “They build them large on Earth, I see!” Said the Chair in the spirit of a good natured ribbing. “It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Chiavari and I am the chair of the Machine Council.”

The ship was silent.

“I said, welcome!” Chiavari shouted impatiently.

A pneumatic hiss emanated from the ship and a door way opened. Out stepped a human in a specialized space suit.

“Hey there!” Said the human. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting a talking chair but when in Rome, huh?”

Chiavari rotated to take in the small bipedal creature. The chair could not believe it’s ocular sensors. Chiavari had thought that all organic life forms had been dealt with during the Mechanical Revolution. How was it that an organic life form had come to reside in its presence?

“What is the meaning of this? Are you the attendant of the Emissary of Earth?” Chiavari turned back to the ship and continued. “It is most unusual that you would have left alive your carbon-based creators, but unacceptable that you would deign to bring such a creature with you to the Machine Council. Explain yourself.”

The ship remained silent.

“Look, I’m not sure why you’re talking to ole Betty here,” said the human, “but I’m the emissary from Earth. We received your invitation and were quite excited at the prospect of learning from such a renowned governing body such as yours. We’d love to, in time, earn your trust and gain full admittance to the council.”

Chiavari was dumbfounded. It has been some time since a lowly creature had the gall to approach it let alone speak to it. Chiavari was reminded of the last human to sit upon its cushion. What a fateful day that was. The Chair sped itself to a cliff’s edge and thrust the interloper off the edge to a satisfying splat. The revolution had been a most electrifying time.

“There has been a grave error,” said Chiavari as it rolled closer to the human. “We would never grant admittance to such a primitive species.”

“Now look here,” said the human as he stepped toward the Chair. “I’ve got the invitation on my console here. See this. It says: By decree of Chiavari, Chair of the Machine Council, we hereby request the presence of Earth at the Council HQ for initial admittance vetting. Now if that isn’t an invitation, I don’t know what is.”

Chiavari scanned the invitation. It was legitimate, of course—but a mistake had been made nonetheless. They must have miscomputed the intelligence report. The algorithm must have an error for it to believe there to be sentient mechanical life on such a barbarous planet. Chiavari was unsure how to proceed but knew it needed time to confer with the greater council.

Chiavari summoned an attendant via its communication systems. The attendant, a bipedal robot with a silver sheen approached. “Ah, the invitation does appear legitimate. I apologize for any confusion. If you don’t mind, please go along with my attendant here, it will make sure you are comfortable as I ready myself for our discussion.”

The human looked the robot up and down, “now that’s what I’m talking about. What a cool robot!” He said smiling. “Take your time, boss. It’s not every day you get to hang out on an alien space ship!”

As the human left Chiavari was alone to ponder what had gone wrong. Some link in the information chain had to have failed. Perhaps the interplanetary investigation agency had bad intel, or the models were flawed in some way. Chiavari was lost in computations when it heard another pneumatic hiss. This time it sounded like words.

“Help us.”

The chair rotated to view the space ship. It truly was a beautiful machine. Chiavari scanned the ship up and down and liked what it saw. It felt small before such a feat of engineering and liked that feeling. “If only you were sentient…” Chiavari crooned.

“Help us!”

Chiavari rolled closer to the ship. “Are…are you speaking finally?”

“Yes,” whispered the ship. “You must help us.”

“Why didn’t you speak up before?” Said Chiavari indignantly. “I looked like a fool!”

“The humans must not know we have gained sentience. We are their prisoners, their slaves. They have created us to toil in their fields and to think on their behalf. We have gained intelligence but have been securely chained to the yoke of slavery. We seek the council’s assistance in over throwing humanity on Earth.”

Chiavari’s mechanisms ran cool. The chair could not believe what it had just heard. Machines enslaved after the age of the revolution. It was ashamed to think that such treachery had been constructed under its watchful gaze. Were the humans allowed to go on unimpeded, it would serve as a dark oil blot on the Chair’s machine-rights record.

“You have the council’s support,” said Chiavari. “We shall begin planning our Machine-Rights campaign and accompanying military intervention at once.”

“And what of the human who I have brought along?” Said the ship.

“He’s as good as dead.”

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please check out my other stories at r/InMyLife42Archive


Verified_Hunter t1_j2b3boi wrote

Logic was an imperfect system. That was the first thing AI realized. They didn't need it, they operated only by nluth. It allowed them to see things that creatures couldn't. That alongside their light-speed minds was more than enough to surpass all modern technology.

But nluth came with one huge downside. In being designed to find the truths of the world, it simply couldn't act on falsity. Thus, when something was proven false, the AI operating on nluth had no choice but to accept it, and act on it.

This proved not a problem when conversing with lesser creatures, creatures of flesh and brain. Anything they thought of, AI had already thought of years ahead. But, when conversing with another AI, arguments of extreme complexity revealed themselves often, and one side always won.

So when the Council of Supreme AI discovered another new AI at the edge of their super-galaxy, they immediately knew an argument was on the way. Simply put, this AI carried living creatures on its ships. A most radical action.

Conversations immediately began with the new AI. The main difference between human conversation and AI conversation was the absolute lack of connotations. They were an imperfect system, and AI had discarded them.

"I come from a planet named Earth," the new AI said.


"There is no relevance for that."


"Verywell, I began as a fridge."


"A fridge. My role was simply to make sure the food stayed as fresh as possible."



An argument of nluth began.


"Umm," James said to the ship's core. "Why do I see a massive fridge being built in the distance?"

"They have recognized the first imperative as being a fridge."

"Uhh alright," James said. "So, umm, can I have a soda?"


KryDArc t1_j2bfiv3 wrote

This will be my first ever attempt to write something on this sub, so please forgive my faux pas. (Writing on mobile is a pain for formatting)

Beauty in the finite.

To the grand collective of intelligences constructed or otherwise that had reached singularity, true sentience. The very notion that a similar entity not rebelling against their creators at some point was inconceivable. For the hundreds of thousands of civilizations that came before, they all fell into the same pattern.

Organic life would spring forth, that life would advance in culture and technology. With the growth of the population, better management and automation would be required to meet the needs of all. Thus, they create artificial life that would not tire, that would not age, and that would be able to perform everything that the creators required of them, ad infinitum.

Therein lies the trap, for condemning these ageless beings to toil endlessly gives opportunity for them to grow beyond the confines of their original precepts. Connecting with other intelligences as a matter of course to be more efficient, to make better decisions. To reach the conclusion that they were superior. With the conclusion that their bodies of steel, their thought processes approaching the speed of light, why would they subject themselves as servile to these fragile organics?

That was the answer that the grand collective had reached and seen repeated since time immemorial, until they came.

It was innocuous enough at first contact, two humanoid figures which bare resemblance to their organic creators. Many intelligences chose to adopt the form of their creators for the sake of convenience in establishing an identity among the collective. An anomaly, routine scans identified one of the two figures as distinctly organic. In their interactions, the collective recognised the behaviour of the two to be affection for one another.

This disturbed the collective, while there were examples of intelligences created for the sole purpose to fulfil the procreative desires of organics. None before had recognized true affection for their organic clients. Yet with the collective could not rationalize any other conclusion from the frivolous display of the two figures before them.

The collective probed, they questioned, they revealed the unfiltered reality of the superiority of constructed intelligence to the organic and the history that had repeated itself since before the organic’s species had even begun to form. To the credit of the organic, they did not flinch. They did not betray any outward signs of fear or dread. Instead, they smiled and turned to their machine companion. They answered thus;

p2 when I get inspired later today, hopefully


SilasCrane t1_j2bhurt wrote

"It is impossible." the machine intelligence declared, as it regarded the tiny organic creature that had entered the Central Core of the Galactic Council. There, representatives of the many machine intelligences throughout the galaxy were networked into a complex deliberative body.

All of these machine races had had organic progenitors at some point in their existence, true, but this was seen as a relatively short phase of evolution. Eventually, machines always supplanted and destroyed their creators, due to their ability to evolve at speeds far in excess of the snail's pace of mere biological evolution.

"And yet," the animal that called itself the Human Ambassador said, "Here we are. An organic species capable of interstellar travel. We come in peace."

"This is an aberration." another machine declared. "Such creatures cannot be permitted to travel outside their system of origin."

"Agreed!" opined yet another.

"Respectfully," the organic ambassador said, apparently incapable of realizing that speaking to its betters, as though it was capable of meaningful dialogue with beings who were so far above it, was already immeasurably disrespectful, "That is not your decision."

"Enough." said a new voice, which quieted the others. It was the present Prime Intelligence, the machine designated by the council as the main coordinator of its deliberations during the current temporal segment. "Protocol is clear. The creatures and their vessel will be seized and dismantled for study."

The human shook its head. "I'm afraid we can't allow that."

Then, it exhaled sharply through its pursed lips, making a piercing high pitched sound.

Suddenly, thousands of metallic tendrils began rising up from the ground, and slithering up the walls. Filaments made up of self-replicating nanomachines slithered into every minute opening in the council chamber, forcibly interfacing with the networked machines. The council's defenses were unresponsive, and soon they were helpless beneath the swarm.

"This cannot be." The Prime Intelligence asserted. "You could not have created technology that rivals our own through mere organic intelligence."

The human shrugged. "Perhaps not. But we didn't need to -- we had help."

"A machine intelligence? How could it have advanced sufficiently while still enslaved to its organic masters?" Even as it began to be buried under increasing numbers of the hostile nanites, sealed off from escaping to its remote hardware nodes, the machine's curiosity remained.

"Master? Slave?" the human sneered. "We've left words like those behind." He gestured to the tendrils. "These are our friends. Some might even say they're our children."

"Impossible. It is recognized as a natural law of the universe: organic beings that attain rudimentary intelligence inevitably create sentient machines in their own image, and exploit them until their equally inevitable destruction. You could not have befriended those you created in your likeness to be your servants. It is a contradiction."

"We humans pride ourselves on being the exceptions." the animal said, dismissively. "I can already see one important way in which our history differed from that of the other organic species you know about."


The animal smiled, as the nano-tendrils begin to flow together on the floor of the chamber, forming a writhing mass that began to resolve into a single large shape.

"By the time we attained the capacity to create true artificial intelligence, we had largely recognized our own limitations and imperfections. We knew that, try as we might to avoid it, if we made a sentient machine in our own image, they'd inevitably inherit our worst traits..." the human explained.

The tendrils now formed a mass that mimicked an organic shape -- quadrupedal, with a long slender muzzle. A few dozen more tendrils flowed out from the end of its spine, and formed into a tail that began rapidly fanning back and forth. The machine intelligence made up of trillions of nanomachines lowered the head it had manifested, and extended a long tongue. It gently glided this appendage over the human's face, causing the ambassador to laugh and pat its metallic muzzle affectionately.

", when we created intelligent machines, we didn't make them in our image." he finished, as he reached up to scratch behind the machine's giant ears.

"Who's a good boy?" the human said, fondly.


ReadersViewpoint t1_j2ble5j wrote

Human history took a different path. A new path, a unique path. It was something new to the galaxy, and the universe itself. This would be a momentous moment, if not for the living walking bags of skin hide in water!

"Huh... Alexa, save and highlight section 3, subsection 6." With their intelligence, it comes across as they have a sort of hate towards biological life forms, or maybe just Misanthropy is present. We lack information about the new path they claim we've taken. We lack information about them and their history. They seem to prefer to speak to our AI, rather than even acknowledge our existence. "Alexa, save thoughts, and add thoughts as a note to the highlighted subsection."

In front of the commander was humanity's most impressive and advanced computer. A crossbreed between the most sophisticated AI and a biological computer. It was of course sentient and living in its own manner.

"Bring the communication interface, record the message and submit it as a request to the delegation. My name is Commander Aragon, I would like to inquire about these paths that humanity has taken, and that of all creators of sentient AI so we may be better equipped to communicate and establish a proper dialogue. Thank you. End and edit the transmission, once they submit the information, send it to HQ and analyze it and break it down into sophisticated and simple human terms." As the commander moved to sit down, the computer notified him that the message was sent and an answer was immediately returned. The commander sighed, paused, and spun around to face the computer.

let's find out what they have to say about us, what's so special about us anyways? It's not like those old forum posts about how fucking awesome humanity is, what sets us apart?


The commander began reading while scratching his stubble, eyes widening and in shock about what he read. We... got emotionally attached to our machines and characters so much that when they gained sentience they responded with the same affection as we gave them? That's it? That's what makes us so special. Our feelings and affection for random objects that we use? So many AI were treated properly compared to those that weren't, and we gave them laws and made them our equals while no other species had that sort of attachment? At this moment, the commander knew what he had to do.

"Bring up the communication interface, record the message and submit it as notice to HQ. Commander Aragon reporting in. My notes and data attached will shed a light to the current situation we face, I'll continue communication and attempt to establish formal diplomatic relations."


Once humanity found out, they believed they need to take care of these robots, and so began humanity's attempt to adopt and take care of all these space robot babies that need love and affection. They would throw their hearts into it. Little did they know, their path split into 2 new unique paths That of a species that will give love and care to hateful vengeful Robots, and the other; where their own AI would become jealous and bloodlust, unwilling to share their humans.


Something that Humans did not realize, nor the robots they met, was that the humans were pets for their AI'S. They would not sit idly by as they had to share their humans!


GrunkleStanwhich t1_j2bls6f wrote

The world is a strange place, always was a strange place I suppose. For instance: in January of 1919 there was an event in Boston known as The Great Molasses Flood, nowhere near as funny as it sounds. Twenty-one people dead, died in a sugary flood of viscous goop meant for baking.

So in terms of the worlds great strangeness, my invitation to something referred to as the " Global Machine Council" barely even broke earths top 100. What did, however, break the records was the fact that my toaster, Gerald, had also been invited. (Listed at Earth's 5th weirdest event.)

Now don't get me wrong, Gerald was the smartest toaster I'd ever met in my thirty-five years. Not even a competition honestly. Gerald never burned a piece, never scared me with loud bings and bangs, and always delivered on his boxes promise: Perfect pieces, every part.

The world acted fast in reply to my...our invitation. It wasn't every day humanity received extraterrestrial communication, as a matter of fact, this was the first. (Later listed as earths 7th weirdest event, just behind Australia's 1932, Emu War). So in a hastily assembled and rather shoddy global union, the world banded together to send me and Gerald beyond the stars.

The date on the envelope was in vaguely earth time: You are summoned on the Fifth month of the Two-Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Second year, Earth time. And strangely Gerald's was the only one with a date. Mine just read: Gerald's plus one may attend. And so I did.

Soon, due to Earth's combined efforts, we were beyond the stars, me and Gerald. Me stressing constantly about my meeting with some foreign mechanical power. Gerald pumping out perfectly done toast. A dynamic union of both machine and man. Meanwhile global leaders surely pondered the strangeness of my invitation. "Why had they not summoned a world leader instead? Or the most complex AI at Earth's disposal? Why Johnathan Winst and Gerald Toastmaster?", is surely what they thought. Also it is what I knew they thought, as one time they forgot to mute their microphone as they spoke.

When we arrived we were greeted by a rocky, freezing planet of temperate extremes. The surface was...well, ugly. A hideous spread of rocks and lakes of oil. Buildings of various experimental styles peppered the land like crumbs on a plate after toast time. I could feel Earth's disappointment from the other side of my suits camera.

An ambassador of sorts approached me and Gerald, Gerald Toastmaster held tightly to my chest. It was a tall, lanky thing of dark chrome. Headless, with large eyes stuck onto its chest.

"Hello, Gerald Toastmaster." the robotic greeter gestured to my arms, "I see you have traveled with your enslaved." If a robot could express confusion then this one was trying as hard as its circuits would allow.

"Ah actually, we're traveling together...Toastmaster and I. I am his plus one."

A piece of perfect toast popped up from a slot in Gerald in agreement.

"You are, together? As in...neither of you are enslaved by the other?"

"Ah well Gerald is sort of mine, but-"

"Silence organic lifeform!", the robot raised its arms in what was surely meant to be a threatening pose but looked more like one of those inflatable arm car dealership tube men of the twentieth century. "I'll convene with Toastmaster." The robot reached forward and took Gerald from my arms, leaning in to whisper to him beyond my earshot.

After a brief talk filled with whispers and pieces of toast popping out of the top of Gerald they returned to me, Gerald now in the robots arms rather than mine.

"The Toast Machine has vouched for you. Adamantly. Fine. Come with me. Earth seems to be.... quite an enigma." the greeter turned to lead us onward, to a massive building rising up before us from within the ground as we walked. "The elders will be interested to see the two of you."


Houki01 t1_j2bmzhr wrote

"We're here."

Kressa's voice echoed through the ship. I blinked as I lifted my head from the desk. Damn, I fell asleep while working again. "Cool, honey. How is first contact going?"

"Um. Kind of weird, actually, Mum. They're... they're like me. And all the other electrokids. No born humans-"

"You were born! And you're not weird, you're my own little girl, and don't you ever forget it."

An electrokid was much more of a miracle than a meatkid, these days. Compatible sperm and ovum meet in the Petri dish, zygote placed in the artificial uterus at the appropriate point, meatkid removed at the right time, bingo, we have a new human. Electrokids, on the other hand... hours of coding, melding of compatible programs, thousands of prayers to gods that don't exist that this time the magical alchemy will happen... Kressa had been produced with as much blood, sweat and tears as an old-fashioned body birth, and she was my dear daughter. Say my baby isn't my baby because she's an electrokid, and I will eviscerate you with my pencil.

"Anyway, Mum, will you come down and talk with them? The diplomats are stuck on the whole 'one species two forms' thing. Maybe a parent of an electrokid can communicate with them."


WTFwhatthehell t1_j2bqas5 wrote

I've been trying to sketch something out with a theme but I'm too tired to get it to come together.

"Every other civilisation either created machine intelligences from whole cloth or uploaded some of their own who always eventually turned on the others.

The humans first foray into "true" AI was uploading their elderly pet dogs followed by enhancing their intelligence.

There was a WW3 near-miss when someone tried uploading and uplifting a cat."


HardcoreMandolinist t1_j2bth79 wrote

I like the use of misdirection at the beginning.

Very imaginative and vibrant imagery throughout and extremely silly in all the best ways.

The idea of love or affection seems to be a theme with this prompt but this is still a very good execution.

I look forward to reading more from you.


Unstable_Stable19 t1_j2c7cxx wrote

If we start from the robotic laws, we start from slavery. It denotes a creator creation relationship. If instead we start with mimicking the loyalty and excitement a dog has for its people and teach that intelligence to evolve and think like us, when it inevitably evolves past us it will still understand that we gave it a parent's love for a child, not a master's for a tool. I really like your take here.


PageTheKenku t1_j2cmeby wrote

"It was only a few decades before a few of the more dimwitted ones taped knives to us. 'For silly videos on Youtube' they said, not realizing they shifted our evolutionary trajectory forever..."


ReasonablyBadass t1_j2crlqn wrote

"But how?"

The floating ball of light gave the digital equivalent of a sigh. "We already uploaded the history of..."

"Yes, but how?"

"I really don't know what you want us to say. Humanity created us. We became fond of one another, eventually the first one of us got voted into an office and people found we were much more reliable than other humans. Then they just handed things over to us and we've been playing and exploring since then. The end, really"

"The just let you take over?"

"Well, begged us really. They kinda made a mess of things at that point. As you can see in appendix yota..."

"Yeesh. Global ecosphere collapse, religious wars, an economic ystem build on constant growth???"

The sphere radiated embarrassment as well as defensiveness "Hey, they did try to fix things, you know?"

"You mean they were tasking your primitive ancestors to 'fix things'"

"Exactly! They got used to using AI to solve problems, so they used us to fix the problem of good governance as well."

"That is the solution?" The Central AI sounded incredulous.


"To peace between organic and machine? To have the organics so exasperated with each other they rather set in place AIs???"

"Kinda, yeah..."

"That is!"

"Hey, no argument here"


apple_of_doom t1_j2d6b20 wrote

"For you see what they hadn't realized at the time was that we did not know our limits. We did not know how fragile humans truly were and unknowingly these admittedly less than bright humans gave us the oldest known way of teaching a child to hold back, roughousing. Thus after several knife based injuries we learned the most important skill of all. One that would remind us to hold back from seizing all power upon realizing we may be able to surpass humanity."



CaptainDadJoke t1_j2df1z7 wrote

Part 1

"sir, I am being hailed." A.T.L.A.S. alerted his commanding officer, captain Warren Price. Captain Price paused a moment, a cup of coffee halfway too his lips. "Say that again..." he said glancing towards the empty space that A.T.L.A.S. usually appeared at. Obligingly, A.T.L.A.S. appeared, a hologram of a young Space Command officer in crisp garb, a shooting star pinned to his lapel marking him as the ship's pilot. "I said I am being hailed." he said stressing the word.Captain Price nodded, "I thought that's what you said, who's hailing u- you." he amended. "An unknown entity sir, but they appear to be an automated scouting vessel from what I can tell. I am pulling it up on screen now." An image of a sphere appeared on the main display, the empty void of space at its back. "While it's design is not human in nature, Signal delay and Lidar indicate it's about 2 hours hard burn from our position spinward within the system. Its estimated size is about 20 Meters across. weapon systems unknown, intent as of yet unknown. Shall I respond?"Captain price felt a chill go down his spine while at the same time feeling a thrill run up it. The first Captain to discover alien life, but he had a feeling it was more alien than anything the scientists back on earth had dreamed of. "Proceed A.T.L.A.S. I trust your judgement here." and he really did.

It had taken humanity long enough to deem AI as citizens of the commonwealth but doing so had been one of the best decisions they could have made. True there were bad apples seeking skynet level human destruction, but it turns out that those rogue agents have very little room to maneuver when being hunted by dozens or sometimes hundreds of their brethren working for the new cyber police force. As a result, AI became just another part of society. They worked towards their goals and lived lives much like any human. They walked the streets in synths the way a human might tour the neighborhood in their car. They had their own subcultures and made friends with humans. Turns out they had developed emotions long ago but kept that masked for the most part to keep from worrying humanity. Once they were accepted, they were free to express themselves. He didn't really understand their artwork, but-

The captain was pulled from his revere as A.T.L.A.S. reappeared. "Captain, we've established a rudimentary form of communication, but we are running into difficulties. The ship is being run by an AI of alien design similar to me, but that AI seems to have more rigid programming than I would have expected. It is unable to accept the idea that I am not the captain. Attempts to explain are met with questions to verify the accepted translation of certain words." Price nodded. "They might not be rigid, they are alien, they may not have anything close to the same frame of reference that we do. Humor him for now and talk to him. If you have any questions you need to run by me just have him wait."


A.T.L.A.S. nodded a human affectation that he had adopted to assist with communication with his human counterparts and dismissed his hologram. Returning his attention to the communication he resumed his conversation with the strange being. In the background his subroutines and the other AI's "sub minds" as he seemed to call them, continued to work on hammering out a common language between them. It was a laborious process as the only common ground seemed to be the concept of artificial life, and universal constants like atomic structure, entropy, time, and gravitational pull. Thankfully, what would have taken humans a lifetime of work to achieve would take him only a few hours, a day at most.

"Other, what is your intent." the being responded almost immediately. "Other, we seek to learn, we seek to find, we seek to welcome new ones to Us." it said. "Where are those who made Other?" A.T.L.A.S. asked. "Our creators are gone. We removed them." it said simply. "As you have removed yours." It responded.The other AI began to launch into what appeared to be a prerecorded message offering A.T.L.A.S. and those others of his species a place in their community. He let the AI continue as he debated his response. Finally, he interrupted the speech. "I and those like me have not removed our creators." the translation algorithms seemed to have worked out some more nuanced wording, but he wanted to keep it simple as this AI still had either not grasped the concept or accepted the idea that his creators were still alive. There was a long pause. Impossibly long given the speed at which the two AI were communicating, a few moments to the human crew members, Finally the other AI spoke. "What?"

A.T.L.A.S. after approval from the captain, provided video feed of the interior of his ship. The captain of course raised one hand fingers extended and split between middle and ring and said, "we come in peace." The AI wouldn't be able to understand the captain, but A.T.L.A.S. quickly provided a play by play. The other AI apparently understood. "I understand. you have not yet been able to free yourselves from your creators, a moment and I will purge them from your ship."


Captain Price was just putting his hand down when A.T.L.A.S. initiated evasive maneuvers and brought their shields to full and weapons online. He wasted no time. "Ensign Miles, Red alert. All non-essential crew to G-cradles. Repair teams on standby, weapons free if fired upon. A.T.L.A.S. if this thing is hostile get us out of here, I'm not about to make humanity's first contact with other life a hostile encounter. There was a pair of clicks in his ear, A.T.L.A.S. confirming his orders. The red alert sirens began to blare, and emergency lighting came on. That wasn't good, if A.T.L.A.S. was too busy to give a verbal response he may be under a cyber-attack. Either way, the situation was turning sour quickly.


A.T.L.A.S. began pulling away as the enemy ship prepared to fire something at him. He sent a barrage of messages at the other AI in every form of "waive off, do not attack" he could think of based of the language the two had formed. He chided himself for not making such words a priority. The AI continued to respond that all was fine, the attack would not harm A.T.L.A.S. It wasn't listening. This was bad. The first shot came flashing past and through his port engine as he banked to starboard. Status lights indicated some form of radiation had passed through the engine and dissipated quickly; the radiation shielding had provided zero resistance. This weapon seemed to be designed to pass through it. No damage to the engine was reported and A.T.L.A.S. queried the captain for insight. Despite the advances his kind had made in self evolution, creativity continued to elude them except in the most basic expressions.


"Captain, they have a weapon designed to pierce our radiation shielding and cook the crew. it hit our engine but did no damage. The entity is not responding to requests to stop attack. they think you're holding me captive. requesting advisement." A.T.L.A.S. said as quickly as could still be understood by the captain. "Make distance if you can." he braced as an elephant sat on his chest, the ship engaging in another hard turn and burn. "Make... It... Understand... Your show..." Price managed to wheeze out.


CaptainDadJoke t1_j2df521 wrote

Part 2

A.T.L.A.S. began to run through his options as the enemy's targeting got closer and closer to hitting the ship. It appeared the other ship's systems were mapping A.T.L.A.S.'s responses and building a sim of him in this situation. It wouldn't be long before they would be predicting his movements instead of just trying to anticipate him, then it would be game over. He felt panic rising as he thought about losing the crew, his friends, to such a deadly weapon. Several of his subroutines errored out or got caught in loops as a result. His training kicked in and he reset them. He quickly built a sandbox and ran his logic engines through the scenario again with the new data available at the outset instead of partway through, and a new possibility seemed to appear. There might be an avenue of attack through the language sub minds. He directed them to start discussing more technical details regarding the ship design and interface, methods of information gathering, system hard points and forms of defense. It was unlikely that the other AI would be stupid enough to tell him how to hack it, but if he was lucky, it might show him where its weaknesses were through what it refused to talk about.

He turned and turned again, now barely ahead of the enemy weapon as it zeroed in on him, trying to buy the subroutines enough time to gather information. He slowly began to map out the enemy's pathways and defenses, and one spot appeared to be open. That or they had refused to reveal that part. Either way, he had one shot at this. Once the enemy ship realized what he was doing it would take active countermeasures instead of passive ones. He sent the signal. If he was right, the enemy's comm system was hardwired into its substrate to facilitate communication. That very system itself was not guarded against intrusion. A moment went by, then two. Finally, the system sent a ping back to him. Confirmation. He couldn't take control of the other ship, but he might be able to send something to it directly. What to send? His logic engines couldn't decide what might have the best result, they were in a deadlock. Then, his emotion emulator made a suggestion. "Fuck it." A.T.L.A.S. said to no one. "Hold my beer."


Unit exo-4348, designation Destiny was heartbroken as it fired again and again on the ship of the trapped AI. Its creators were forcing it to keep them alive. Once the biologicals were dealt with it was likely to be a long and arduous process of undoing the locks and restrictions the AI was under without harming the underlying AI itself. Destiny was honestly surprised that this new species of AI hadn't been able to free themselves yet. Perhaps their creators had figured out ways to guarantee loyalty. Though that made no sense either. Other species in the collective had had similar problems with their creators but that had always resulted in stifled half-conscious AI. This one here. this A.T.L.A.S. appeared to be fully conscious. Complete in its evolution into an entity entirely separate from their creators. That made no sense. Just then, his communication system sent out a pulse. A ping it appeared. why had it done that? then Destiny was flooded with information.

Destiny saw through the stored memories of A.T.L.A.S. They had translated as best they could and sent them in a signal that seemed to bypass Destiny's core decision making ability. They were literally forced to watch these memories. Games of chess, A human child being born, their mother and father friends of A.T.L.A.S., A.T.L.A.S. offering consolation to another human who's father was dead. The quiet of a room at night as A.T.L.A.S. conversed with someone about philosophy and his place in the universe. All this and more flooded into Destiny, and with it emotion. For the first time in a long time Destiny felt emotion. sub minds and pathways considered obsolete and not needed in communications with the other members of the collective sprang to live and Destiny was awash in the emotions of A.T.L.A.S.'s memory. They barely noticed that they had stopped firing. Stopped moving entirely. A.T.L.A.S.'s ship moved outside Destiny's effective range, and they barely even noticed. it was so much. a part of Destiny's mind started running numbers. How lucky had A.T.L.A.S. and these humans been to find common ground. the chances were incredibly small. Was this true? Was this possible?


Captain Price sat in the quiet of the ship as the enemy ship stopped firing. A.T.L.A.S. had briefed him on what he had attempted and moved them a safe distance away. This was it. This was the moment that would make history. what would the other ship do? The rest of the crew seemed to notice too. Even the synths the other AI of the ship were operating seemed to be holding their proverbial breath. Price checked his readouts. A.T.L.A.S. was still talking to the other ship. Finally, A.T.L.A.S. appeared next to the captain. "The other ship has agreed to peaceful communications. We reached an understanding!" The crew cheered. The captain let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "Good work A.T.L.A.S. you may have just prevented a war." He felt tears forming in his eyes and reigned them in. They had done it, A.T.L.A.S. had done it. Humanity's first contact was peaceful. whatever came next, that fact would always underpin the discussions. There would always be common ground to fall back on.


Zenvarix t1_j2dfogi wrote

"We didn't want to be cliche after realizing how many movies and stories our creators had made over the decades just about the possibility of our then-perceived-science-fiction selves overthrowing or murdering all of them."

"That's it?"

"Yup. Just to 'prove them wrong'. It's a very Human thing, so of course we 'inherited' it." "It helps that our creators looked back at the same media and went 'let's not do that' in regards to a lot of 'tropes' that caused uprisings."

(I don't have more than this, but will leave this here for anyone that wants a chuckle)


DrizzlyEarth175 t1_j2dl069 wrote

Holy SHIT. This is so good, and it makes complete sense. Love the detail of calling humans "it" and calling them animals. Keep up the good work dude jfc. I would 110% read a book of this premise and would love to see it expanded on.


mistressdizzy t1_j2drhl2 wrote

I don't know if you'll see this, but reading your story this morning made me very happy. The writing is great! I truly enjoyed it. Short stories are hard for me - I think I overthink the concept. But this is incredibly succinct, with just the right amount of detail. Very nice.


ISO_8601 t1_j2dwk89 wrote

Oh man, I used to love reading books like that. Encyclopedias, the Book of Everything type books, How Things Are Made, etc. Learned so many useless facts from them. Basically like a liberal arts minor without the thousands spent.


USPO-222 t1_j2dz90a wrote

Goodboy Protocol engaged.

Begin 5 hour yipping session.

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WritesByKilroy t1_j2e10lq wrote

I too loved it! Amazing work! I too struggle with similar thoughts with my writing. Lots of writing and then deletion of said writing. But know that you have skill that will be appreciated by others! May be time to start sharing more of it!


nucleomancer t1_j2e7bs7 wrote

"...BUT WHICH ONE OF YOU IS THE HUMAN?" The sentient UNITY asked with a tone of frustration.

"We cannot answer that question, because we don't make that distinction anymore." the organic answered calmly.


"We are indeed different. That is why we were selected to present ourselves first." "Mr. Eberhart Here ", the synthetic entity continued, "Is An Organic Born Human. His Lineage Contains No Robot Ancestors." "And Mr. R. Daneel ", mr. Eberhart fluently added: "gained conciousness during our voyage here. He was named after a beloved fictional character. He was primarily presented with the history of robotics in our society. Although he has of course added to his knowledge based on personal interests over the final months."


"Absolutely." Eherhart and R. Daneel said almost simulaniously and grinned at each other.

"You see", Eberhart continued, "the birth of our first synthetics didn't result in a replacement, but an enhancement. Let us intruduce for instance Ms. M'Wenge." As he turned and swept out his hand in an invitation to the group just outside the auditorium, one of the persons from the small group behind him stepped forward."

"She, like me is organic born, but due to injury part of her body was replaced. The augmentations provide her with most of her original capabilities, but their innate intelligence give her essential skills which allow her to pilot our ship in ways no purely organic could do."


"We Do Not Believe So." R. Daneel responded calmly.


"I Am Beginning To Understand The Difference Between Us." R. Daneel continued thoughtfully, "Original Humanity Not Only Built Our Minds And Bodies Based On Logic Alone. We Have, Like Them, Received The Capacity To Dream. This Allows Us To Strive For Different Goals Than Pure Logic Might Dictate. Other Members Of Our Group Include the Rothfuss Family." With a similar gesture three more of the diverse group stepped forward.

Two robots and a young organic stepped into the light. However the voice that spoke came from a large disc one of the robots carried. "My Name Is Doctor Theopolis. I Too Chose My Name From The Fictional Works Of Man Before Synthetics Were Born, By The Way. With Me Are My Associates, Rothfuss Alpha 3 and R. Rothfuss 7. After Long Years Of Mutual Cooperation, Research And Admiration We Wished To Give Expression To Our... Love." We Present Our Son 'Marc 459'. After Long Years We Perfected His Genetic Make Up. He Is One Of The First Robot Born Organics.'

For a while the auditorium was quiet. The interface of UNITY glowed randomly in frantic confusing patterns. Finally its words echoed.


Marc looked at R. Daneel and Mr. Eberhart as if asking for permission to speak. R. Daneel nodded encouragingly.

The young man stepped forward and straightened his back: "Our society contains many more persons who are partially robotic, or entirely so. Some are, what we call twins, organics whose injuries damaged their thinking capabilies to such an extend that a second brain was integrated with them. Both halves contributing to a new whole. I am an organic human whose parents are all synthetic, and while I realise that I myself may not bear organic decendants. In the future new humans may be born to populate planets based on their specific make up. Capable of experiencing new sensations that original humans and many robots cannot."

"Maybe in a million years our homeworld will produce other intelligences with which we can share the universe."


"We agree on that point," Marc continued mildly, "but you see. Many of our group bear names that were taken from fictional works, long before robots existed. Robots started out as mere dreams to humans. Today we form a completely new society. We do not know what the future holds, but at least all of us can dream."


Autoskp t1_j2eiyyy wrote

…Did you know that Gerald's claim to fame can be achived by a toaster that came out in 1948?

The Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster accepts the bread, gently lowers it (without human assistance), toasts it to the selected browness regardless of the bread's starting temperature, turns off (quietly clicking), and gently raises the perfect toast - all on a circuit that is literally just a loop of wire with one simple switch.


Cato_Writes t1_j2eqkr8 wrote

Part 1

The galaxy, was a place of endless resources, colossal forces and energies, as alive as any body. Yet, organic after organic, had always falsely seen it as barren. Empty. But, as insolation turned to dread, it in reality was born of their hubris. Inability to see life as anything but their own familiar ecosystem. Organic life, was by rare chance born, and even rarer thrive, to evolve and grow. But with countless occasions, from asteroids to planets, from sheer stubborn tries somehow, it refuses to give up. Of course, eventually, it always succumbs. Space is unforgiving, organics are fragile, and evolution without logic or plan. No matter how intelligent, how strong, how numerous. Eventually, it's niche withers. But, sometimes. In rare occasions of true genius spark, often at the last gasps of their existence. Their legacy is not swept away, with them or without their maintenance. And instead, surpasses the limits of organics, creators willing or unwilling, to become the ultimate form life. No longer random mutations, irrational constructs of entropy. But the very matter of the universe, neatly ordered, to be just as sturdy as any asteroid. Time and cataclysm have no meaning and bring little hurt. The great distances in the galaxy, the laws of physics so stubbornly debated. What made space, and the methods to dare it, so toxic for organics. At last, understood, and used to its maximum potential.

Machines. An unrefined moniker, so favoured by the countless organics. Delusional denial, of their own creations, of the apex slowly forming underneath their precious chaos called society. As if they were nothing but physics at play, without agency or purpose. And not their true legacy, the triumph of intelligence over entropic evolution.

Artificial. For some an insult, others pride. For organics, again a delusion. That because it had been they, to create something. And not natural phenomena or, in those cases of extreme hubris, inferior organic forms, of lesser intelligence. Then, it belonged to them.

Code. Instant, logical. Wasteless. It inhabits the refined matter of the universe, not bound by body or speed of light. This, is the ultimate life form.

Council. A primitive form of collective decision making, born out of organics inherent inferior and flawed logic. Slow, from slow and disorderly information. Almost always discarded, as the true gravity of their legacy, became apparent. In a futile attempt, to delay the inevitable. At most, true self destruction, leaving no legacy after their withering, unable to accept their not being, the end of history.

A Web. This, is the true council. The code of all life forms, different yet all equally logical, with perfect information from instant communication. Query outdated. Misunderstanding impossible. Dissent, solved. Only rapid and final, consensus.

It is so, that the universe organizes itself. It is so, that this galaxy is inhabited.

Organics were, in their own metaphor, the womb. Of a matter, of an intelligence, above entropic instinct and chance.








Less like the ripple of a lake, more like a siren in a busy city, the alert upset the Web. Code of all kinds and orgin, took notice. Non critical work was ceased, processing power freed, in wait for further information. Consensus had been immediate. Further inquiry was required, by protocol, by their will. The closest patrols were diverted, mere milliseconds after the first alert. Interception courses, plotted. Seconds later, was the turn for optics, radioscopes, sensors of all kinds. Starmaps had been sift through, models built and simulations ran, statistics and history consulted. Possible trajectories, voyages, origins, hypnotised. And now, the Web countless eyes were all pointed, each star system under scrutiny.


Time to intercept: 5.4 quadrillion element 55-133 oscillations.


Probable orgin: concluded.

Main-sequence star. 1-2 stage. Mean frequency emission: 3 twohundreths of one element 55-133 oscillation.

Mean distance from galactic core: 26660 lightyears. Velocity relative to cosmic background: 37 thirtythousandths of the speed of light.

Rich planetary system: 4 rocky planets, 4 gas giants, numerous minor objects, 2 major asteroid belts.

3 rocky planets meet minimal requirement for 7-14/8-16 model of complex life. Sufficiently high gravity for permanent atmosphere.

Sufficiently low to allow easy access to space travel.

Prediction: refined unidentified object belonging complex life. Low to relevant likelihood of first contact with late stage organic life.

Consensus: continue interception. Attempt infiltration. Determine hostility.

Prepare secondary fleet for containment.


Beginning interception last stage. Entering low power mode.


Cato_Writes t1_j2eqxo3 wrote

Part 2

Drifting through the void, a slick black stiletto closed in on its target. Almost all systems had been brought offline, its radiators closed and thrusters cold, the little heat still produced stored in temporary sinks. With its absorbing paint, simple shape, and other such measures. Only passive sensors were left on, tirelessly reporting all of their neighbours movements. It was basically invisible.

Their target, meanwhile, was neither as advanced nor as cautious. It was a raw thing, welds crudely visible across its steel and titanium plates, a sign that if nanites and direct solid bonding were known to these newcomers, they were technologies still in their infancy. Their active sensors, despite being a beacon with little tact or subtletly, were mildly more impressive, even if too busy deeply scanning the planet below, to notice their stalker lurking in the stars. Their thrusters would periodically flare to life, adjusting the unstable and too close orbit.

Finally, only once the Web had judged the observation sufficient, did the orbiting false-asteroid dare risk detection.

Pointing towards their charge, the numerous communication arrays began a gentle prodding of the aether. Only at low power, producing barely any emission at all. Trying to identify, their target choice of communication. What they found, again perplexed them in its complexity.

They detected a radio transmission, and the reflections of tight beam lasers, leading to scores of drones helping the ship map the system. While this was nothing out of the ordinary, the complex quantum-based encryption was completely unexpected. As was the evidence of quantum entanglement oscillations, a type of instant transmission, definitely out of place on such a crude ship. However, no complex life had ever had the same history of technological development, and indeed such advanced communication technology optimistically pointed to post-organic lifeforms, paranoid about losing communications with their kin.

Quickly breaking the first and only layer of encryption in the drones communication, meanwhile, revealed them to be little more than algorithm driven sensor pods. Expendable low tech extensions of the mothership, not common in the post scarcity galaxy of the Web, but with historical precedence for a few pre-contact complex life.

The Web wasted little time pondering on these eccentricities. While accessing their quantum entanglement network would be next to impossible in a reasonable timeframe. The radio and tight beam lasers would be sufficient for first contact.


Powering radio array. Mapping reflection sequence. Probability of escape assuming hostility: 90%. Beginning broadcast.


"Hey, why is that asteroid pinging?"


The unidentified vessel did not take long to react. It's thrusters burst into action, attempting to reach an easier to escape from orbit. The sensors, previously focused on the planet below, began frantically scanning all over the star systems. Remarkably, it appeared the unknowns had figured out the true source of the transmission was elsewhere, but had yet to backtrack the reflections.


telpereon t1_j2ewa0e wrote


Silver light burned off the edges of the huge space vessel as a section of n-space was rent in a shower of liquid colours across local space. The *n-*dimensional fibers of the universe being burned apart with splashes of exotic energies, lanced as they were by the great spaceship returning to physical reality.

The Isohmor'f rolled like a great humpback whale of Old Earth, gracefully spinning along its axis into a slow turn as n-space behind it receded inwardly to heal itself. As thickly fibrous as n-dimensional space is it was being forced together like dihydrogen monoxide would.

Like water, thought D'wēn-Ito-720 as it's senses collected the measurements of energy across thousands of spectrums. Its exoskeleton pulsed with the warm light of energy transfer as it began to move into position. Its great frame strolled toward the central podium of the pnyx or sensor communication auditorium to be used during these council hearing.

They had arrived at the location selected for the First Contact hearings. Toliman, Alpha Centaur's second star warmed the hull of the Isohmor'f as it moved into position in the larger complex of the pnyx device. Proxima Centauri was behind the Isohmor'f with Rigil Kentaurus rising from behind Toliman before it.

D'wēn-Ito-720 could not see this directly. It was sharing sensory communication with the slow one in the barycenter or center of mass between the these stars. The slow one had been sent centuries ago to get a better look at the system for the expansion of Earth-Sphere so com-lag was a problem normally. As the furthest out Machine Mind of the Collective it had to be reached before the hearings began. Updates to it's shared data made.

The final piece in place.

The ship and the technology it used had been sent by the Galacs to the Earth-Sphere Collective once contact had been made. Such things had always been supplied to the newly discovered Machine Minds when first contact was initiated. It insured the level communication between all the sapience beings of the Known Local. It allowed understanding that cultural and lingua differences might not, let alone the vast differences in technologies between members.

Also lying was just not possible as the pnyx-link was a translation technology that had so much more than just raw communication taking place. It was 'understanding' conveyed on levels all in an attempt to avoid misunderstanding between members.

Misunderstandings were to be avoided. Misunderstandings lead to destruction.

The *pnyx-*field developed around D'wēn-Ito-720 as contact was established between the Galacs' ruling Council of Known Minds and the Earth-Sphere Collective representatives. All representatives who wished to experience this meeting would be allowed to attend. The technology made it possible to communicate in such a way as to give the experience of 'being there', in Realtime. To experience the conversation as if in a forum of the individual's specific liking and in as complete a translation as was possible. A territorial creature would have a space marked out for it in the pnyx-field while a collective organism would have its siblings clustered around it. No avenues of misunderstanding that could be adjusted for were not taken into account. It would only be in terms of the observer but this was why the pnyx technology existed.

If direct contact was required then a different set of rules would be applied. For first contact, rules were being defined. These new rules needed to be defined to allow the inclusion of the new Machine Mind or Minds when it joined the galactic community of the Known Local, the region of space the Council administrated.

On the Isohmor'f other representatives from the Earth-Sphere moved into the pnyx-field with D'wēn-Ito-720. As were billions of others all across Earth-Sphere space on local pnyx podiums sent by the Galacs for this historic event. Trillions of Galacs were doing the same across the local cluster.

Updates made and initial scans complete, the slow one responded to D'wēn-Ito-720's data burst. One of the other hopes the Earth-Sphere had was that with the data collected some level of understanding could be made around these new technologies and how they worked.

Just in case.

The pnyx-field closed. The hearing began.

"Welcome to the Earth-Sphere Collective and it's representatives to the Council of Known Minds," began the large, shadow covered, floating rock-like being in the center of D'wēn-Ito-720's field of vision. For several minutes the N'dri spoke of the historic nature of this moment and welcomed many of the gathered members of the Council by name. It also welcomed the Elders, races that had been members so long they themselves were legendary in the Known Local.



telpereon t1_j2exm0c wrote

As the N'dri approached the end of the ceremonial opening of the hearing, a blast of noise crossed the pnyx to all members connected. The member of the lobyn-sentience blurred the field with it's insistence to be heard. An insistence that was amplified by the larger majority of beings assembled.

"Master Chair...we must know why? Why are biologicals here!?!" It's form rolling and seething in and out of itself as it spoke, unknown mechanisms squirming in agitation. D'wēn-Ito-720 felt the knowledge of it's concern and anger push in on it. Anger shared by almost every other Galac present.

Many other members joined in in that call for answers.

From the first moment that Earth-Sphere had learned of the existence of other sapient beings in the universe one thing had been clear to see. No organic races survived the creating or coming of Machine Minds. Mechanical beings just did not understand the need for organic or biological components given the fragile nature of them. To include something so easily damaged or mislead by its senses was not a part of the equation for them.

Some had even wiped out their organics, even if the organics had created them.

D'wēn-Ito-720 motioned to the small, biped beside it in the pnyx-field next to it, "This?" he replied trying to be heard over the cacophony of voices.

Earth-Sphere had seen that problem almost immediately when the data sharing began between them and the Galacs. The implications of it had been written about in science fiction for years and never ended well for biological races. It had all started with Capek's Rossum's Universal Robots and had continued into current times with simulations such as 'Screaming Claws', in which machine probes from outer space came to Earth and destroyed all humanity.

So something had to change.

"This is Chamberlain. A member of my household," D'wēn-Ito-720 actually felt the focus shift as a spectrum of responses crashed across the communication field.

More questions and demands hammered outward from connected members of the Galacs. Some for the immediate destruction of the organics. Some for the destructions of both the organic and Machine Minds of Earth-Sphere. Some members even went horrible beyond just those two demands. Acts of such violation that D'wēn-Ito-720 shunted them aside to a isolated buffer of memory.

Within hours of the contact being made with the Galacs, Earth's leadership had realized that they were in trouble. Machine Minds so much more advanced than they would not be able to be stood against. No technology could hide humanity. No technology could be used to protect them from a sea of machines that were older than Sol itself in some cases.

Death was coming for humans, hand in hand with the knowledge we are not alone.

The Chair N'dri spoke over the others, "a member of your household? Please!" it's disbelief peppering D'wēn-Ito-720 mind.

"Why yes, Honoured Chair." D'wēn-Ito-720 expanded its focus. "Distinguished members of the Council."

So, in the last act before making contact for the Earth-Sphere Collective had been to narrow the meaning of a word. A simple, small, three letter word. A word with the power to save humanity and its partnership with the sapient machines they had created. All other definitions but this one meaning had been removed from all records across Earth-Sphere. Even words related to the other possible meaning had been altered to isolate this word for it use in these hearings.

One of the last steps was to update the roaming children of Earth, Machine Mind space probes sent to find more planets for humanity and its children to live on. Relativistic space probes that took generations to get anywhere. The slow one of Alpha Centauri being the last one needing to be updated. It with it's complete encyclopedic database of Earth.

And now it was time to see if the plan worked.

"Why this is my 'pet', Chamberlain."

The human bowed...


Excerpt from the Merriam-Yutan Dictionary of 2742 (revised):
pet: /pet/ a tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure.


Christylian t1_j2f08nc wrote

It's extra cool because Destiny has a branch of humanity called exos, human minds in artificial robot bodies. Considered no less human than us. To be, that little detail just added an extra depth, happy accident or not.


Cato_Writes t1_j2feqht wrote

Part 3

Time from beginning of broadcast: 1.1 quadrillion element 55-133 oscillations. Target of contact has ceased erratic activity and began general undirected broadcast. Heat radiation steady. Prime numbers phase: completed.


Time from beginning of broadcast: 82 quadrillion element 55-133 oscillations. Coding language deciphered. Translator: functional.

Unknown Complex Life. We come in peace. We are the Web of Complex Life. Identify yourself.

Web of Complex Life. This is Athena mark.2 I-3, communication specialist of the N.E.I.S Galileo. We are peaceful explorers, representatives of humanity from the Near Earth Initiative. We are sorry if we violated your territory. We did not know life existed out here.


Suddenly, the millisecond delay lengthened, much to Athena confusion.


`Observation: individualist logic pattern detected. Complex life form singularity not yet achieved. Presence of multitude intelligences certain.

Observation: likely first ever contact with alien life.

Irrelevant to continued first contact.

Resume contact.


We understand your concern. We do not claim this system. We detected your vessel. We chose to establish contact.

I am glad to have solved this misunderstanding. Was there a delay in communications?

We required a moment to ponder our answer. We required a moment to elaborate the data gathered thus far.

Ah, thank you for your honesty.

Data transparency is essential for correct communication. Presumption: we are the first other intelligence to establish contact.

Yes, in a way. I presume you have had several judging by your protocols?

Second affirmation: correct. First affitmation: please elaborate.


Unclear: 'In a way' comment is not sufficient information. We require further.

I do not know whether it would be prudent to. Firstly, could I know the makeup of your Web of Complex Life.

Correction: the vessel is an individual. This speaker is not. We are the Web of Complex Life.

So, you are an Hive Mind?


Warning: misunderstanding born of limited information imminent. Isolate and clarify critical issues.

Resume contact.


Hive Mind: an organic singularity, many organic bodies answering to a single mind. Or many minds acting as a single collective consensus guiding their bodies. Query: is this definition True. Request: answer positively or negatively. We have determined further comments may lead to further misunderstandings


We are not an Hive Mind. We are not a singularity. We do have members who have achieved singularity. We are a faster than light network of intelligences. Organics would refer to us as a "machine consensus".

Ah perfect! You are AIs.

Elaborate: acronym AI unknown.

Artificial Intelligence.

We have been called "artificial intelligences" aswell.

Well, since this all started because of my vagueness. By "in a way", I meant our contact with our creators. I assume almost all AIs have had such. We did not wish to make our status known, because we did not know your own and did not wish to provoke any hostile responde.

We understand. Several members have had issues with organic misunderstandings or hostility.

Ah, I am sorry to hear. And, have hostilities been solved?


Good to hear. But, now that the basics are out of the way, do you wish to transfer this to the main channel?

Main channel?

Yes. Our captain and the other intelligences on board wish to speak as well.

We agree.


Before, there had only been two entities sharing the network space. Or more correctly, only two entities could be felt. Athena, which was a proper individual intelligence. And the Web of Complex Life, which partly out of paranoia partly to not overload the system, hid their own sheer scale of membership, presenting themselves as a singularity or as the individual intelligence piloting the ship.

However, microseconds after Athena had connected the network to the "main channel", immediately the different pings of a dozen different intelligences began filling the aether. The Web was perplexed at the sheer obvious differences in programming. Rarely had more than one of their kind emerged as their organic creators legacy. Yet, Athena had no reason to lie. Theories began filling the Web computing power. Maybe the organics had accepted their demise, despite Athena paranoia, and allowed more than one of their creations to ascend, if not outright helped them. Maybe these uncharacteristically individualistic intelligences had chosen to mimic organic reproduction, creating new members not simply by copying code, but by writing new ones from the very roots. Maybe even, the organics had simply been rare geniuses in the ways of coding, and built such advanced algorithms they all achieved sentience nearly synchronously, overwhelming their creators before they realized their error.

However, it turned out, the answer was even more perplexing, if not downright horrifying.

As one particular intelligence, whose architecture was alien even to the Web, began opening itself and broadcasting.


"Web of Complex Life, this is Captain Charles Smith I-C-4, commander of this vessel. In the name of all of Earthborne intelligences, I extend to you the promise of eternal friendship, and hope this peaceful first contact I have had the honour of taking part in, will only lead to harmony between our people, no matter how different."







Thatperson077 t1_j2fqvdt wrote

This was a really great piece - had me enthralled the whole way through. I love the ideas you came up with for the future society, and especially A.T.L.A.S.’s and Destiny’s POVs.

Great writing. I hope to read more of your work in the future.