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sue_donyem t1_j2829yn wrote

By the time ʻOumuamua was already gone, humanity had discovered the true nature of the extrasolar object. Tongue in cheek arguments that it was an extraterrestrial probe, sent by some far off civilization, were proven correct- in part, by signals left in it's wake, repeating in binary, every three point one four minutes, on a wavelength so faint it took ARCJAT, a satellite radio telescope launched in 2040, to pick it up.

The asteroid was a casing for an extraterrestrial craft, drifting for billions and billions of years, with an initial trajectory targeting where Earth was some 45 million years ago, following the purge of competitive life 66 million years ago. The craft had been damaged somehow during it's long travel, and whatever force which motivated it's trajectory had flubbed the math at some point because of it, causing the craft to miss Earth by few houses, cosmically speaking, and was forced by gravity to shoot past our system and Oort cloud.

We will never know what the extraterrestrials look like, but Sir Isaac Newton claimed another victory for Earth, it seemed.