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Rikoro-Denrim t1_j0hl793 wrote

Formally fourth this request


Rou2_Rambo t1_j0hv1gs wrote

informally please please please please please part 2 please


noesser t1_j0hwem6 wrote

Informally Please please please do this


A_Simple_Polyhedron t1_j0iijim wrote

I informally make threatening gestures towards you with my network crowbar to get you to make another part.

Please do not resist.


russrussrussrussruss OP t1_j0kd4m9 wrote

Informally enter the spawnglock19 command, watch as it spawns in front of my face and falls, jump when it fires at my feet, pick it up, put the safety on, and stand menacingly next to the guy waving a crowbar demanding a part 2, to ensure you don’t resist.