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February-Aquarius t1_j0jl9uz wrote

An automated voice roared to life; "A destination has been reached. Initiating cryogenic release in 3... 2... 1."

What followed was the hissing of depressurization of ten illuminated chambers, each containing a perfectly preserved human encased within an artificial womb of sorts. The chamber doors slowly lifted, breaking the seal and allowing them to be able to lean upwards and to climb out with a burst of fluid.

Of the ten, only six emerged to take a deep breath. One of the six was seemingly incapable of being able to catch their own breath, and another began to profusely vomit over the side of the chamber. The remaining four were unable to be recovered from cryosleep and had no reported vitals, as indicated by the blaring alarms that echoed throughout.

"Please make way to the cockpit to engage the landing sequence."

A man groaned as he slipped out of his chamber. He was shivering and cold, and a wet slime dripped off of him. He took a look around the hall and yelled, "Hey! Something's wrong here!"

"An estimated fifty percent of those cryogenically frozen do not survive. Some of the surviving may also suffer complications, such as severe cellular damage. Everything seems to be in order."

"No, this is definitely not in order!" He said, moving along the wall until he came upon an oxygen cylinder. He rushed to the other's side to help, but even with the assistance, they still choked.

"Oh God... My stomach..." Croaked a second man.

"It appears that two of the crewmen are suffering from organ failure caused by cellular damage. Please report to the medical wing."

"Come on, let's go!" Spoke yet another, this time a woman. She and another woman moved to guide him out.

"Reminder that we have reached a destination. Please make way to the cockpit to engage the landing sequence."

"For fuck's sake! There's people dying here!"

"A crew member has died in cryogenic storage."

"What?" The man looked back at the struggling woman, whose face had gone pale-- "Damn it!"

"They're all dead..." Mumbled a third man.



It was then that the crew became aware of their dire situation: one of the six to emerge had already perished, another was soon to follow if he didn't receive immediate medical attention, and among the four that were unable to be recovered was the commanding officer. Someone would have to be elected for captaincy.

Those that remained were each eligible candidates, but only one would be able to man the ship and give orders to the crew. They would be tasked with foreseeing the colonization of the planet and forming a new society. It was no simple task.

Of the two men that were gathered, one looked up to a camera positioned in the corner of the room. "AI, initiate the election program."

"Initiating election program... The remaining candidates are; Armanda Taylor, personality archetype - "the explorer." Isandro Tomas, personality archetype - "the everyman." Yi Zemin, personality archetype - "the ruler." Luisa Violante, personality archetype - "the caregiver." and Lazare De La Fontaine, personality archetype - "the hero." Please announce your vote."

"Hah," Yi chimed, "everyone would be stupid not to pick me since I'm classified as the ruler. Yi Zemin!"

Lazare glanced away from the camera to Yi, "Yeah, well... I'm voting for Armanda Taylor."

"I'm voting for Luisa Violante." Armanda said with a nod, as she emerged in the doorway "we need someone to look after the crew."

"Final vote submitted. The elected candidate is Armanda Taylor. Please report to the cockpit immediately."

"She'll make for a fine doctor then."

Yi seemed to grow flushed upon hearing the results, though he masked it by giving Armanda firm handshake. "Congratulations, captain."

Armanda shook his hand, grinning widely as she glanced between the two. "I promise to guide us to success."

"I believe in you!" Lazare said with a smile.

Armanda separated from the pair and headed down the seemingly endless hallway of the ship. She followed a gold line that was etched into the wall, running past the other colors that ultimately lead to the departments of the ship, until eventually she had come across a door with a handprint scanner. She placed her hand upon the device and allowed for it to read her palm. Suddenly, the door had unlocked itself to allow her entrance.

Once inside, she found herself standing in a luxury suite. She continued past the self-serve bar and the sofas, and made her way toward the console closest to a vast window, where she found herself struck with awe. She could see the planet, and a few that were distant. It was a sight to behold.

"AI, send a broad length signal... I want to see if we have any neighbors."

"Pinging any nearby stations."

She watched closely as a nearby terminal began to ping, though nothing appeared to happen. Several minutes had gone by and no one seemed to respond. She noticed a date in the corner of the screen and figured that it must've been incorrect. Her eyes had to have been deceiving her.

"Uh.. AI, what is the current date?"

"The current date is January 1st, 1970."

"Would you mind explaining how we've somehow gone back in time?"

"It has been 500,000 years since the year 2022. Due to no more than four allocated slots in a MM/DD/YYYY format, the year is 1970."


February-Aquarius t1_j0jlhrn wrote

I've got an interesting story in mind, including a betrayal. I just might polish this up and write a book out of this.