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photoshopper42 t1_j0ind6r wrote

The ratio was about 80/20. That is to say the ratio of actors who are playing superheroes to the actual superheroes. The vast majority of the people are people putting on playsuits and playing pretend. I am one of the few in the League of Justice who actually has powers.

It was a big shock really. When I was joining the League, I was kinda confused as to all the secrecy and paperwork that was involved. It was pretty weird, I had to sign an NDA... I mean I guess there were definitely secrets involved in this, people obviously have weaknesses and secret identities and thinks like that. But it just seemed weird the way they were presenting it as official. And it turns out the reason was that they were not hiding weaknesses, they were hiding the fact that it was all big show-business production for the gods.

I can't say that I am not disappointed. Here I was stopping crime and fighting evil on the streets, and I always had this big goal of one day being worthy of joining the League of Justice, and it turns out it is a big jerk off. People playing pretend on ropes in front of greenscreens, shot to make it look like found footage. I always wondered why when I saw a battle in New York on the news, I would go there the next day and it looked brand new. I figured the clean up crew was just amazing.

I thought about exposing the whole thing. Letting the people know that the people they looked up to were all frauds. Lets live in a world where people knew the truth for a change! But then I thought about it... What would actually happen if the league disbanded? The gods would get bored and destroy the Earth... right?

I thought about everything I have done. Stopped guys with knives mugging old ladies. Punched bank robbers as they tryed to run away with giant canvas sacks of cash. What have I never done? Stopped eldritch beings from destroying every living human on the planet. Never done that. I guess these actors might actually be more hero than I am.

Doesn't stop them from being obnoxious narcissists though.


TheThrowawayMoth t1_j0j2ceu wrote

Thus begins the descent into villainy


cwx149 t1_j0j8ydp wrote

Now I'm picturing like wwe plotlines designed by directors for the heroes


Dracula101 t1_j0k49gc wrote

Eldtrich beings comess down to earth as their cloaked leader approach

It's me Austin! It was me all along


Montalve t1_j0jf7mq wrote

Wouldn't be surprising that the less liked heroes or those most mocked like Aquaman, were the few with actual powers? I mean he fought Dagon at the beginning fo 52.


rfresa t1_j0lpidd wrote

Reminds me of Cabin in the Woods