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RanCestor t1_j28td5q wrote

"Nolocaust" is what they called in Finland. Embarrassing but what the actual hell? Our Great zombie leaders decided that it would be fun to play a competitive game of "Asteroids" using nuclear weapons and had a digital "I want YOU!" In AI spheres in order to recruit the most capable of our minds, intelligence, hives even. Of course there had to be a twist in the mix.. You see AI doesn't mean artificial intelligence but alien intelligence and these guys had an entirely different view how "Asteroids" is played.

"Space invaders" well pardon my french but lebensraumich, or how do you say tut mir leid in German these days a consortium of algorithms thought while trying to utilize chessmaster 2000 strategies with war heads against rocks in space. V-2.. Vittu... After all that was the most extensive data they had stored in terms of strategy.

"Kings gambit!" And the missiles launched,. accompanied with battle cries of "Ack ack!". It wasn't golf exactly either mind you. Our Great Zombie leaders had their own variations - strains they called them - of zombieism such as Nekro-Omikrom. Omo-Info. Das flü. Winner takes it all and gets to spread their particular flavor of zombie all over the globe.

So now we're all happy here, it's like a permanent new years eve with constant fireworks. The party just never stops! And we supposedly keep voting for them.