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DeneilYeong t1_iyswc79 wrote

No, the wish was a callback to the prompt in that Finneas and Jolene spent centuries not coming up with the third wish, but how to craft and write it up. The third wish was basically to take away the demon's power. The third wish had to be perfect, fool proof so that the demon couldn't find any loopholes.

I kind of winged the whole thing, leaving things more vague than maybe I should have.


kmmck t1_iyt0pzd wrote

I completely understood what you were trying to say bro. I think the other people are just debbie downers. The story literally says that Finneas 'recites the wish he planned with his grandmother'. Its as straightforward as you can get.

As for what the wish actually was, the writing prompt already says it. Torture and then death for the demon.


Notabug255 t1_iytje8l wrote

I thought Debbie downer meant pessimistic?

Anyway, I think they got so carried away by the story they forgot the prompt already states what the third wish is