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PM_ME_SMALL__TIDDIES t1_iyszsln wrote

I dont know if thats the idea you intended but... Its funny how the genie still ruined the guys life anyways with the last wish, as he will never do anything other than stay here watching him suffer. If it was intended, absolutely genius writing.


photoshopper42 t1_iyt1pxa wrote

There was a sprinkle of that in there, I'm glad you caught it :)

Thank you for the kind words!


RectangularAnus t1_iytd0ff wrote

I feel like he inflicted that last bit on himself and that makes it so much better. Mutual destruction - the genie brought him to the edge and he jumped over taking the genie too - but they don't have the mercy of a hitting the bottom.


Average64 t1_iyx4e51 wrote

But if the guy is immoirtal won't he outlive the genie?