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waltjrimmer t1_iytc9p0 wrote

The genie actually did tell him the entire spiel of rules for the spells when he first emerged, but there was so much else going on that the wisher didn't hear or notice it.

Imagine if someone was trying to discuss the syllabus for a graduate-level university course with you in the middle of a fireworks show.


Royal_Bitch_Pudding t1_iytl638 wrote

That should still result in an unused wish. Since he was already told, he just doesn't remember.


waltjrimmer t1_iytlqlr wrote

No, the genie fulfilled the wish. The genie had told the wisher earlier.

If you're saying that they didn't do something now to fulfill the wish since the request had already been filled, good luck arguing in genie court that the genie didn't use temporal magic to have done that in the past after the wish was wished.